What Wear In A Sauna

About a sauna

A visit to the sauna is not just a wellness procedure, but a whole communication ritual. Traditionally, it is customary to go to the sauna with friends. But even visiting the steam room exclusively for cosmetic purposes in absolute solitude implies the presence of special clothes or the so-called bathroom set.

One of the main items needed in the sauna is a wide towel. It serves both as clothing if it is wrapped around the body, and as a seat cover that prevents the most delicate parts of the body from coming into contact with the bench. By the way, the towel is completely replaceable with a thin sheet, which also allows the skin to breathe, absorbing sweat.

Look out for a traditional bathing cap. By the way, fashion designers have turned individual copies of such hats into design gizmos made of natural felt. This special hat protects your head from heat stroke and effectively protects your hair from heat. If you don’t have a bathing cap handy, you can wrap your head in an ordinary cotton scarf or a thin towel.

Other important pieces

A terry bathrobe is also useful in the sauna. Of course, in the steam room itself, these clothes will be inappropriate, but the bathrobe will replace more than a large towel when leaving the sauna. Slippers are just as important in the sauna. It is better if there will be rubber slaps, and yours personally, and not issued by the staff. Foot fungus is perfectly transmitted through the surface of the sole, benches, floor.

What clothes to wear when leaving the sauna?

When you come out of the sauna, you are generally relaxed, and it would be a shame to destroy this feeling of relaxation because of uncomfortable clothes. So remember to take comfortable clothes and shoes with you to prolong this state of calm as much as possible, and think about the weather. Take a pair of sneakers, jogging pants, leggings or any other loose and/or comfortable pants that are easy to put on. For the top, choose a t-shirt with long or short sleeves depending on the season, and possibly a sweater or a comfortable sweatshirt.

Look out!

It is not recommended to wear a bathing suit in the sauna. Synthetic materials will cause discomfort in contact with steamed skin and may cause irritation. It is also impossible to wear a swimsuit or swimming trunks with metal rivets and details in the steam room – when heated, they will burn the skin. For the same reason, it is recommended to remove all metal jewelry before visiting the sauna.