Are Pleated Skirts In Style 2023

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It’s back in trend, it’s a great alternative to jeans this season and it helps you achieve all kinds of interesting combinations. If you want it to remain the centerpiece of the outfit, wear the plaid skirt with items in neutral colors or with a shade found in its print. For an original look, combine it with striped pieces or other types of checks, different from those found in the skirt. Thick tights, ankle boots, tall boots or boots, large bags, wide scarves and hats are accessories that will complete your outfit. Always choose the model that best suits you. So are pleated skirts in style 2023? Even though the pleated skirt has been around since the early 1900s, the answer is yes, pleated skirts are still in style in 2023! The pleated skirt is a timeless piece that you’ll wear over and over again. I definitely recommend adding it to your wardrobe.

Pleated skirt types

Short – Wear with high boots or ankle boots. It looks good with knitwear of any kind, worn over a skirt.

Midi – Helps you easily create a look with retro influences. This type of skirt looks good when the focus falls to the waist, so wear it with blouses, jumpers or short jackets or tuck the blouse/shirt into the skirt.

Long – The floor-length skirt with a high waist will visually add a few centimeters to the figure. If you choose a loose model, put on a belt, wear a blouse and complete everything with a casual envelope or cross-body bag.

Where do you wear it?

You can wear it with a thick sweater to tuck into the waist of the skirt or a loose sweatshirt to leave on top. They go perfectly with socks and loafers for a cool, modern look. The plaid skirt is equally suitable for office or casual chic outfits. A checkered midi or maxi skirt will look great paired with a pair of heeled ankle boots and a high collared leggings.

Outfit ideas to include the plaid skirt

Plaid skirt and jacket – The jacket is one of the simplest and at the same time stylish options to complete an outfit with a plaid skirt. Choose a midi or maxi skirt and complete the look with a pair of boots or heeled ankle boots.

Grunge-Inspired Outfit With Plaid Skirt – Wear a short plaid skirt with a printed T-shirt, a casual jacket and a pair of combat boots to create an original, retro-grunge-inspired outfit.

Plaid Jacket and Skirt Set – Another great option to wear a plaid skirt is to go for a plaid top and skirt ensemble. Fashionistas have taken this trend to another level and are increasingly choosing three-piece sets, which include a top, or jacket and skirt.

Plaid skirt and turtleneck top – A turtleneck sweater can perfectly complement a plaid skirt, regardless of its pattern or length. Don’t forget to tuck the blouse under the hem of the skirt to highlight the waist.

Plaid skirt and hoodie – You’ll create an interesting contrast of styles if you pair an elegant plaid skirt with a hoodie. Fashionistas often opt for such a style to achieve unconventional and modern outfits.

Which patterns to choose for a pleated dress?

Even if the return of pleats makes the majority of women happy, it is important to dress well. A school skirt can be worn in town as well as in the office or on a special occasion. But when talking about a pleated dress, the choice of pattern should be considered carefully. The pattern can indeed define the personality of a woman, can highlight her outfit or the reverse. We must therefore pay attention to the choice of the pattern. But there are still many parameters to consider.

For a summer outfit, for example, floral patterns are unanimous. A pleated dress with a fitted top, you can opt for a striped pattern. Other patterns will appeal to modern women such as prints or slightly ethnic styles. The choice is practically vast but it will depend on the occasion, its preferences, its size but also the season. But if you really have to decide, it is better to opt for a gathered skirt or a plain pleated dress without a pattern. In short, a pleated skirt joins the best pieces of clothing of modern times. Even if they have been revisited to integrate our era, they still remain timeless pieces.


Although it may seem easy to integrate into day and evening outfits, you have to be very careful when wearing the pleated skirt, because if you don’t take into account certain aspects, it will not benefit you at all, on the contrary, it will accentuate small imperfections and will add pounds. The pleated skirt can be worn in various ways, being suitable both for casual, everyday outfits and for elegant outfits. However you choose to wear such a skirt, you need to know a few rules if you want it to benefit your body: If you’re petite, choose a high-waisted pleated skirt.

The pleated skirt can be any type of waist and any length when worn by a tall and slim woman. But if you are short, it’s good to wear a short or midi pleated skirt with a high waist. In this way, you ensure that your legs will be visually elongated. If you choose a long or low-waisted pleated skirt, you will appear shorter and even plumper than you are. Always wear it with short blouses or tucked into skirts.

A pleated skirt worn with a slouchy blouse on top of it won’t do anyone any favors, ever. The pleated skirt will be worn either with a top showing the abdomen, i.e. very short, or with a bodysuit or with a blouse tucked inside. In this way, the feeling of an hourglass silhouette will be created, the waist being highlighted.