Where Sandals Resort

Having fun and feeling comfy

Sandals have come a long way from the simple flip-flops of summer past. The latest trends take your feet to another level, and there’s no reason you can’t look stylish while you’re at it!

While many people would agree that wearing sneakers with jeans or shorts looks like absolute sacrilege (and they aren’t wrong), there’s something kind of cool about looking put together without trying too hard. And what could be easier than slipping on some flip flops? It doesn’t matter if you’ve got killer legs underneath them — everyone needs shoes for their feet. But when it comes to fashionable footwear, things get more interesting.

Nowadays, sandals do so much more than simply keep your toes warm during those hot summer months. They’re not only cute, but versatile enough to wear all year round. In fact, according to experts, sandals actually make quite an appearance this season. There’s definitely been a shift towards sophisticated styles over basic ones, which means we can expect to see even more options available to us now than ever before.

Guide for women who love sandals

Sandals are the perfect choice in terms of footwear for the warm season. They are comfortable, beautify your outfits and allow your feet to enjoy the feeling of freedom!

During the warm season, you can let your feet breathe with the help of this type of footwear. A pair of summer sandals made of a high-quality material, such as natural leather, will be your best friend on hot days. It will help you create impactful outfits and provide maximum comfort!

And because they are so loved by the representatives of the fairer sex, in this article we decided to offer more details about these pieces of footwear.

Summer sandals can be worn all year round! – Yes, you read it right! A pair of sandals can also be worn during the cold season, but only at events organized in a closed space, because, otherwise, you would be too cold. Even if when you say “sandals” you automatically think of summer, they also fold up for the cold season.

Jeans – Match the platform sandals on our website with your favorite pair of jeans and you’ll get an ideal daytime look! Regardless of whether your pants are made of blue or black denim, Mom fit or skinny, you can create an outfit that passes the test of time, adding a pair of platform sandals and a white t-shirt or a white button-down shirt.

Dresses – By matching the summer sandals with the dresses in your wardrobe, you will create outfits that will never go out of style! For example, on hot summer days, you can match the low sandals with an A-style dress for the day to achieve a relaxed but noteworthy look.

Clog sandals

Sandal wedges are similar to ballet flats in terms of size, but function completely differently. Instead of providing a platform for your toes, wedge sandals serve mainly to heighten your profile. As such, they’re best suited to daytime events. Pair yours with neutral colored pants and a buttoned up blouse for the ultimate laid-back vibe.
On the upside, sandal wedges boast plenty of functionality. Not only are they generally comfortable, but they also offer protection against harsh elements thanks to rubber bottoms. Since they’re open toe, you can easily slip them on and off whenever needed.

Moreover, unlike traditional sandals, wedges are made from sturdy materials that won’t bend under pressure. Finally, if you’d like to explore additional design possibilities, pick up a few pairs of matching wedges in various colors. Then, you can coordinate outfits using either black, tan, or nude tones, allowing you to mix and match any number of ways. This model of sandals is preferred by women of good seasons and this is because it offers both comfort and height and an air of elegance.

You can wear them with shorts to highlight your tanned legs at a beach party. But you can also wear them in a boho dress for a relaxing dinner by the sea. Wedge-soled sandals – cork, twine, rubber or leather – are essentially casual footwear but can be integrated, with a little imagination, into a more special outfit. This model of sandals is preferred by women of good seasons and this is because it offers both comfort and height and an air of elegance. You can wear them with shorts to highlight your tanned legs at a beach party.

Stiletto heels sandals

Heeled sandals stand out on their own. So, it’s good to be careful when you want to match sandals with heels to your outfits. When wearing platform flip flops, the main thing to keep in mind is balance – a balance between trends and physical proportions. However, personal style is a matter of preference. When it comes to heeled sandals, simple and mostly monochrome outfits look best, especially since these sandals are a trendy pair of shoes. If your style is more adventurous and you’re feeling confident, try chunky heeled sandals. Personal style is always about your confidence. There is no right or wrong way to wear these shoes – or any other outfit.

Nothing is more delicate and expresses femininity than a pair of heeled sandals, of course if you can walk in them for more than 10 minutes. If you are among the women who love to wear shoes or sandals with heels, but foot pain often prevents them from opting for this type of footwear, here are some tricks that could help you in the fight with high heels. Choose the appropriate size. The first step, very important by the way, is to choose the shoe size very carefully. It is possible that the size that usually fits you is not the size of the new brand from which you decided to buy a pair of sandals or high heels. Also take into account the sole, carefully analyze if the foot fits well, otherwise you will suffer when you start wearing them. If you try on a pair of women’s leather sandals, you have the opportunity to see in detail how the foot fits in them and you can make the most suitable choice. Use insoles. If you notice that after a short time since you started wearing sandals with heels, your soles start to hurt, you can use insoles to avoid the intense pain that may occur later. Use muscle exercises to your advantage.

Walking on heels can be made easier by warming up the leg muscles. Stretch your calves periodically, by lifting the foot from the sitting position and walking in a pair of ladies leather sandals will become easier. Don’t lean forward too much when you walk. Small steps are the secret of many women who frequently wear heels. Even if when you wear ballet flats or sneakers you are an agile person and take very big steps, think a little before doing this in heels. Take this aspect seriously, because it is even possible to dislocate your ankle.

Reasons to wear sandals

The spring-summer season is characterized by airy, light and comfortable clothes. As for shoes, many people prefer to wear women’s sandals, because they let the foot breathe and ensure stability. At the opposite pole, there are people who have not yet tried to wear this type of footwear, although the advantages are numerous. There are several reasons why they should have at least one pair of sandals in their footwear collection, especially in the warm season.

A pair of women’s sandals ensures thermal comfort

With a distinct design, the sandals were designed to ensure thermal comfort on the hottest days of the year. The high temperatures of hot summer days can be successfully avoided by wearing the right sandals. If the foot is not ventilated and stores heat, the whole body will feel a feeling of discomfort. In addition, the sandals keep the foot dry during the day, thanks to the cut-out and holes characteristic of this type of footwear.

Sandals fit in formal and informal contexts

Sandals are extremely versatile and can complete both casual and elegant outfits. In a formal context, for example, you can choose a pair of heeled sandals, which go with long or short dresses, as well as with an elegant suit. Many people are of the opinion that sandals with heels are more comfortable than shoes, because they provide better support for the foot and do not cause pain even after wearing them for a long time. These are ideal for an outing in the city, for an outdoor party or for any other event.

The sandals keep the foot in a correct position

People who choose these sandals can walk with confidence, having the possibility to choose orthopedic sandals, which are already popular for their health benefits (relief of back pain and foot pain). Therefore, sandals are a type of footwear suitable for warm spring and summer days, due to the comfort offered and last but not least, due to the versatility that allows the creation of special outfits in the hot season.