How do you wear a skirt in winter?

The quintessence of femininity

Skirts are the quintessence of femininity, but worn in winter, they can create a feeling of discomfort, due to the low temperatures.

If you choose the right skirts, you can turn wearing these clothing items into a pleasant experience. So, How do you wear a skirt in winter?

Choose the right skirt for winter

Choose a skirt in a thick material such as denim, wool, leather, velvet or heavy cotton, as thin materials such as polyester, satin or silk will not keep you warm.

Choose the right length:
• Long skirts, up to the ankles, are very warm and comfortable to wear in winter, with thin or thick tights.
• Knee-length skirts offer flexibility and are fashionable, but you must wear thick tights to protect yourself from the cold.
• Short skirts are chic, but can be uncomfortable in winter.

Choose a suitable model:

o Dark colors are the most suitable in the cold season.
o Choose skirts with geometric shapes, classic prints and horizontal stripes.
o Avoid flowery models and pastel colors, because they are appropriate in spring and summer.

. Cover your legs

Nylon stockings and tights are very important in winter, because they warm your legs and give you a feeling of comfort, if you wear skirts.
Wear nylon stockings of different colors:
o Black nylon stockings offer a conservative look and slim your legs.
o Stockings in a neutral color go with any clothing style and any skirt model.
Wear tights, because they keep you warm better than nylon stockings, being made of cotton, blends with polyester or spandex and being available in a multitude of colors.

. Choose the rest of the outfit

A warm sweater and a thick layer of clothes will keep you away from the winter cold, if you wear skirts.
Choose the right sweater. The thicker it is, the better it will warm you. Sweaters go perfectly with denim and wool skirts. Sweaters are also a good clothing option in winter.

. Choose warm clothing:

o Wear woolen coats, elegant, in bright colors, which will keep you warm.
o Wear hats made of thick materials and in bright or dark colors, according to your preference, so that your head will not be cold.
o Wear thick or thin, long or short, colorful or neutral scarves to keep your neck warm.

.Choose an appropriate shoe:

• Ankle boots go perfectly with knee-length and long skirts.
• Thigh-high or knee-high boots match any skirt model.

Other winter skirt trends

Winter gives pride of place to skirts. You can set your sights on other key models of the season, such as the denim midi skirt, the long pleated skirt or the knit midi skirt.
If you choose a denim skirt, don’t forget your trusty warm tights and a perfecto for rockers or a long coat for active women. Below, choose shirts and don’t forget to tuck them into the skirt for a bloused effect.
Do you prefer long pleated or draped skirts? Very feminine, these skirts go well with wool sweaters, turtlenecks and blazers. Add a pretty little handbag to your outfit, and you are transformed into an accomplished Parisienne!

Before putting all your skirts in the closet, know that they are very easy to wear in winter (provided you have a pair of warm and comfortable tights) and that they can even become the trendy part of an outfit! Between the 60s or 70s skirt, the leather skirt, the printed skirt, the denim midi skirt and the long draped or pleated skirt.

How to wear skirts in winter without going crazy with the cold

He wears high boots
The easiest way to cover your bare feet in winter is to wear boots as long as possible. And this season, you really have plenty to choose from. Both in terms of patterns and colors. So, if you don’t have one in your wardrobe yet, take action and don’t keep the skirt for the unworn reason. Ideally, however, the skirt you choose for the boots should be one that ends just below the knees, so that the skin is only slightly exposed to the cold, or, even better, slightly above them – if you want them to last even longer nice warm

TIP: Add leggings under your boots to keep your feet relatively warm.

Choose a long coat

So that we can afford to give you advice that your mother won’t like too much, we must definitely recommend a long coat, which will keep you warm a little better. That way, you can also choose a slightly shorter skirt. A chic trench coat or a thicker coat will go very well with a fitted skirt. However, if you’re feeling brave, don’t let us stop you from choosing a shorter coat.
Switch to tights

But if you don’t dare to leave any part of your skin bare, in the cold outside, no worries. You can easily wear a pair of thicker tights to keep you warm all day long.