Fall dress 2023

Can you wear fall dresses?

Once the scorching temperatures are replaced by cold and rain, walking the streets in a denim mini-skirt becomes a complicated task. In casual mode with a sailor top, a long trench coat and sock boots. But Don’t forget fall dress 2023.

How to wear dresses in the fall

The dresses are easy to layer and dress up and down, making them a staple in the fall wardrobe. Transform your fall dresses by layering them with tops and outerwear such as sweaters, jackets and coats. Add some cute cold-weather accessories, like a scarf and hat, and complete the look with a pair of smart shoes. Wear your fall-winter look with confidence!

How do you wear colorful dresses in the fall?

Autumn-winter does not necessarily rhyme with grayness. You can also bet on a single piece, like the winter coat, which you choose pink, green or even yellow. The color block trend promises to give your wardrobe a healthy dose of vitamins.

How to wear a bohemian dress in fall?

The retro trend will continue to be emulated this season. Bohemian and flowery, the trendy autumn dress clearly borrows the codes of the 90s. If it is considered a super comfortable piece of choice to adopt during very hot days, it is also very popular during the cold months.

Bohemian Dress Features: To recognize a bohemian dress, observe the following points:

#There is no predefined length: the boho dress can be made short, approaching the tunic, like adopting a midi or maxi length.

#The cut is fluid, even loose to be able to move as you want

#The fabric is aerial, playing with transparency or creating ruffles. But it can also be thick and structuring to give relief to the outfit, with a lot of lace, crochet, knit…

The bohemian dress, a real must-have of the moment, can be recognized by the romantic and effortless allure it gives to the wearer. Light and fluid, it flatters your curves without molding them and is always comfortable. This is indeed the secret of the bohemian style: comfortable clothes and accessories, which leave you free to move but which remain, despite everything, very feminine. It is also important to choose pretty materials for your bohemian dress, but we will come back to this!

Leopard print dress

If we had to name the star prints of the autumn-winter season, then the animal print style and especially the leopard style would undoubtedly be in first place. And the options in which you can wear it are countless: from coats, jackets, shoes, purses, dresses and even accessories.
Leopard print takes all forms this season, and dresses with such a pattern are a good option in which you can wear it.

If you decide to wear a leopard print dress, get ready for it to turn heads and for you to be the center of attention. Even if it is a bold decision, with the help of the right accessories, you can calm it down.
For an evening outfit, choose a short or midi dress with thin straps, which you can wear with boots or white sneakers. Add a leather or denim jacket and your look is ready.
The daytime version would be a dress with a length up to the leg, with a decent cut, even austere, which you can wear with ankle boots or medium heels.

Velvet dresses

Who doesn’t love velvet? This precious material lends itself to the cold season and you probably couldn’t wait for autumn to wear velvet clothing. Dresses made of this material can be worn both during the day and in the evening, depending on the cut and the way they are accessorized.

Thus, for the evening we propose an occasion dress made of black elastic velvet with glitter and fringes. As you can see from the image below, it has a very interesting cut, right, that follows the lines of the body. In the front of the dress, immediately below the waist, a band of silk fringes begins, which continues to the hem. Also, the dress has a discreet slit in the front, which gives it extra elegance. The silk fringes are also applied to the sleeves, and at the waist the dress is accessorized with a black velvet cord with glitter.

Knitted Dresses

Most of the ladies choose to dress in a knitted dress. Because, no, knitting thickens anyway and reads the body more like latex.
That being said, you will complain about how hard it is to find knitted dresses that do not look like a mat, ending with a slap behind the bottom. I know, I also look for and I rarely find an oversized dress or an A-shaped one that falls easily on the hips, not to present me in all its splendor. But, let’s not lose hope, there are solutions to the great offer that is for sure. You want to create more curves than the ones you already boast about.

Avoid tubular knitted dresses and try on those that have a lighter shape, but not necessarily oversized. There is a danger of looking lost in a sea of ​​knitting, if the dress does not have any shape. Thicker knitwear, of course, adds volume, as do those with twists or ruffles, various decorative motifs that stand out.