Fall Jackets Men 2023

Essential piece

Fall jackets men 2023 will always be essential in anyone’s wardrobe, especially if you live in areas of the country where the weather is often cool.

The arrival of autumn officially means the weather is cooling down. You can protect yourself from the cold by wearing a quilted piece of clothing on top to keep you warm. You can choose the jackets according to the season. That’s why in autumn you turn to quilted and waterproof clothes to keep out the wind and rain, in winter you choose a thick and hooded garment and in spring you opt for light college-type jackets.

Orient yourself towards the look that enhances you

Of course, you have to take into account the clothes that benefit you, so choose what you wear according to this criterion as well. In order to achieve a business and elegant look, we recommend long jackets from the strip in dark colors or quilted ones of a medium length. If you’re looking for something more casual, a men’s semi-padded jacket is perfect for you, and there are plenty of colors and patterns to choose from. To be more sporty or casual, a navy semi-lined jacket with a hood or a jacket with various material combinations is the best option.

Length matters on cold days

Maybe you haven’t considered this aspect yet, but the length of a jacket matters a lot. When the days are warmer you can venture with a thin and shorter jacket, but in autumn and winter it would be preferable to choose warmth over any other aspect. So a long swoosh jacket with a goose down lining and a stylish look will help you look stylish while feeling comfortable.

Fleece jacket

So-called polar fibers are used in clothing of the same name (fleece which can be short “hair” and long “hair”, but also in soft-shell jackets. There are also pants, gloves and fleece hats. Fleece is also sometimes used as a lining in some garments. Fleece fibers are usually made from polyester, PET (polyethylene terephthalate) and other synthetic fibers (sometimes recycled). Thick versions have been flying off the shelves like machine guns for several years, many fashion houses have released their own interpretation. There are many vintage versions of that jacket. We love fleece because it adds texture to outfits and is great for layering. It’s also comfortable and ideal for those autumn days when the weather is neither hot nor cold. It’s surprisingly versatile when it comes to styling too, but we love it best with classic outdoor pieces like cargo pants, work boots and down jackets.

How to wear the fleece jacket with style? – Basically, there are two ways to wear it: comfortable and sporty. However, there are certain models that fit perfectly with elegant and flirty outfits.

What are the benefits of a fleece jacket?

-Dries very quickly: a natural ability linked to its breath-ability

-Insulates very well: even when wet, a fleece jacket is a real thermal barrier

-One of the best weight/insulation ratios: certainly the lightest garment that provides such a feeling of insulation from the cold

-Inexpensive: an accessible product with a sustained quality/price ratio

-Very easy maintenance and washing

-Resistant: product very difficult to damage and has a long life expectancy

-Very compact: it takes up little space in the luggage and weighs very little

-Adapts to all styles: it can be worn everywhere, on sports grounds, in the countryside or in the city!

Denim jacket

The denim jacket is a legend. Comfortable under a coat, yet robust enough to double as an outer layer, it’s perfect for the changeable autumn weather and you’ll probably be wearing it in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Our go-to style will always be a jacket from raw denim. It’s a classic garment with a mid-century chic look that gets better with every wear and goes with almost anything. It’s a must-have in our eyes and one of the best fall jackets out there. Wear it over a white t-shirt with cream trousers and a pair of Converse, or dress up with a parka and knitwear on colder days.

The denim jacket is an ever-present item in a man’s wardrobe. A timeless classic that can be combined in so many looks and create practically perfect outfits! Back in vogue in recent years on catwalks around the world, this garment has returned in force in many stores, especially these weeks with the arrival of summer. And in 2023, men’s denim jackets are also full of glamour: not only the classic trucker version derived from the iconic Levi’s model dating back to the 1960s, but also new versions, from the denim jacket for men indigo to tie-dye , with tears, in sherpa version or with embroidery and applications.

The denim jacket is a piece of clothing that you should invest in, because it keeps very well and you can combine it with different clothing items. Even if you think that there are chances that you will get bored of it, fashion designers think that it is good to have it in your wardrobe. In addition, the denim jacket can be worn in any season. For example, you can wear it on cool spring or summer days and you can also wear it in autumn or winter, with a casual jacket or another jacket on top. It is very important to keep in mind a few simple rules when it comes to layering and you will certainly not make a mistake. The denim jacket is a must-have piece in any gentleman’s wardrobe, and the best part is that you can find it in different colors.

Men’s Denim Jacket + Neutral Color Outfit: Hyper Chic – The most chic men’s denim jacket outfit of 2023 is a combination with neutral or all-white clothing. For a touch of glamour, don’t forget the moccasins! With Plaid Shirt – Plaid outfits with denim are a timeless country style. Plaid shirts are nice and easy to match and are very popular under any kind of men’s jean jacket. A tip: wear a t-shirt with a bold character under the shirt to give your outfit a trendy touch, or if you like a more country look, wear the plaid shirt to hide the t-shirt.

With polo shirts or ties – Polo shirts and ties under denim jackets are not to be underestimated! In this case, we will have a casual combination, ideal for Friday at the office or for all those less formal situations. In conclusion, the men’s denim jacket is a very versatile piece of clothing for the man who likes to look always on trend, stylish and always has something to say. A real must have that cannot be missing from a man’s wardrobe!

Harrington jacket

The spring allows us to wear many thin and versatile jackets that go for various occasions. Many of them have stood the test of time and as a reward is still produced and marketed today. One of these jackets is the Harrington one which has a beautiful story around it and makes it suitable for most men. Although over time it has been called a jacket, golf jacket, foil, etc. Harrington Jacket has two button pockets on each side of the lower front and a full front zipper opening. The collar is a straight one and ends with two buttons. Many of them have passed the test of time and as a reward is still produced and marketed today. One of these jackets is Harrington, which has a beautiful story around her and makes her fit for most men. Although over time it has been called blues, golf jacket, foil, etc. I keep saying that a man looks well dressed if he wears classic pieces.

This jacket can transcend smart and casual, depending on how it’s worn. This universality can be attributed to the Harrington jacket’s functional, original purpose. A jacket genuinely useful when worn in the great outdoors. Originally boasting a water-repellent poly-cotton blend shell with a rear-vent to dispel rainwater away from the wearers trouser. The two slanted flap pockets with concealed buttons and an elasticated waistband and cuffs ensured not only your torso was kept dry, but so was whatever you were carrying in your pockets too. The collar is a double – button, stand-up, which can be closed to stop the entry of inclement weather. This, alongside a central fastening zip and you have a lightweight jacket capable of battling the elements.


Most windbreakers and raincoats have a relaxed or even oversized fit. Indeed, these rain-wear is designed to be worn comfortably with warm clothing and therefore different layers of clothing underneath. Often mid-length or long, the length of these rain-wear can go down to mid-thigh. Windbreakers and raincoats are mostly unisex and can be worn by every member of your tribe.

Your daily essentials (keys, wallet, etc.) will accompany you everywhere thanks to the many zipped or press-stud pockets, preventing rain and moisture from entering. The cuffs are adjustable, either by elastic or by press studs, thus allowing better insulation against wind, cold and humidity. Breathable, these rain wear has eyelets and ventilation panels under the armpits or in the back which will allow you to be protected from hot or cold blows and to manage sudden changes in temperature well because if we believe the famous adage: “after the rain comes the good weather”.

Useful and indispensable in case of showers, the following sun rays will never be a problem because the windbreaker is very light and easy to carry.

Breath-ability – The breath-ability of a fabric lies in its ability to evacuate water vapour. Over the course of a day, body temperature varies and the body sweats. The same is true for outside temperatures, especially during the off-season. In order not to suffer from changes in temperature, whether external or bodily, your garment can be breathable up to a certain point. Water vapor and humidity are evacuated more or less quickly depending on the breath-ability of the fabric. This breath ability is expressed in g / m2 / 24h; in other words, the quantity of water vapor evacuated per surface of 1 m2 of fabric in a period of 24 hours.

The higher the breath ability rate, the better the breath ability of the fabric. To stay safe from heat and cold, your rain wear can also include ventilation eyelets, most of the time located discreetly under the armpits, but also ventilation panels in the back. For example, the Vrai Claude 3.0 from the K-Way brand has a breath-ability of 3000 g/cm2 and has a ventilation panel in the back for more breath-ability.

Being a man with an economical and versatile wardrobe is not a simple task. You need to know what you want to wear and how to invest in order to have the right pieces. And one of them definitely has to be the windbreaker, also known as the kway. Windbreakers are jackets made from lightweight, waterproof fabrics that protect you from wind and light rain. They still exist in these four styles, closed jacket with or without a hood and open jacket with a zipper in the front with or without a hood. Tight cuffs serve to keep cold and water out. Since they are so varied in terms of design and color, it can be difficult to choose what to wear with them. So if you’re looking to buy one, change yours, or add it to your wardrobe, here’s how to wear a windproof jacket for any occasion.

The aviator jacket

Originally designed to keep military pilots warm at high altitudes, this favorite item of clothing has completely integrated into civilian life. It features a round neck, a cropped length, cuffs, a hem and a front zipper. The classic versions are made of shiny nylon fabric and have a zip pocket on the sleeve. Traditionally, a bomber jacket is best worn casually with things like jeans and simple t-shirts. However, there are luxury options that make it possible to style it in a more elegant manner. For this, opt for a premium material such as suede or leather in a dark color and combine it with fabric trousers, knitwear and business casual shoes.

One such coat that has endured in history and that can be found in a wide range, is the aviator jacket. It was worn for the first time by pilots in the Second World War. This jacket prepares you in the fight against wind, rain and snow. It became popular with the movie Top Gun, but I think Burberry had the biggest influence in popularizing the bomber jacket. Aviator jackets can be easily recognized by the overweight fur collar. At Burberry, you can find both the long and the short version. In addition, these models have double overweight collars. The aviator jacket, like other iconic pieces that have endured over time and thanks to military influences, brings an extra touch of masculinity.