2023 Dress

About it

Continuing the journey through the technical notions of clothes, I advanced towards 2023 dress. There are some classic constructions and their variations, but apart from the shape, when choosing a dress we also take into account the shape of the neckline, length, where the waist is placed, etc.

Dresses are the most loved pieces of clothing in women’s wardrobes. Not surprisingly we would say, given that they can be worn in any season and on various occasions. In addition, due to the fact that we are talking about a lot of types of dresses available in different styles and cuts, they benefit us regardless of the silhouette and lend themselves to any stylistic preferences.

Which dresses suit you according to your body shape

A correctly chosen dress highlights your qualities and hides body imperfections. Choosing clothes becomes much easier when you know your body shape. Although the dress is, without a doubt, the most versatile piece of clothing in existence, we must be aware that we cannot wear them all. Of course, always respecting everyone’s freedom to wear what they want, next we will talk about a theory of the study of proportions and how stylists and designers work to highlight the strengths of each body type.

Triangle Body Shape – It is a very cute and interesting silhouette if you know how to take advantage of it. The dresses we recommend are those that have wide skirts, because they are the best to emphasize this type of figure and that have a simple neckline. Also, avoid models with volume at the top.

Dresses for the hourglass body shape – This is the ideal figure that all women want to have, because the bust harmonizes with the hips, and the waist is well defined. It is the typical body with shapes and, at the same time, the most feminine. With this body type you can wear almost all styles. Dresses fitted to the body, with prints and dresses that mark the silhouette, are ideal. Most dresses look good on this body type, but try to wear dresses that define the waist.

Apple body shape – The apple-shaped body stands out because it has a lot of volume in the waist and abdomen area. Also, the legs are thin proportionally speaking in relation to the volume of the body, with slightly rounded and voluminous shoulders. The best dresses for this body type are dresses with an empire cut, as they tend to elongate the figure which is voluminous by nature. Also, avoid dresses that are too tight at the waist or that are reduced at the level of the legs. Cocktail dresses are ideal for you. Highlight your legs and arms, because they are usually thin. Try to wear clothes that are not tight on the torso, simple colors work very well. Try not to wear large prints. You can see these elegant dresses in shades of gold or navy blue for a summer wedding.

Categories of dresses

Knitted dresses, perfect for everyday wear

Who said dresses only have to be sleek and glam? This year’s spring-summer dress fashion trends confirm that a dress can be comfortable while still looking amazing. That’s why knitted dresses were created, which perfectly combine simplicity with style. Fortunately, they are ideal for the spring season, especially since they can be worn with any type of shoes, from boots to sneakers, ballerinas or even heels.

After the popularity of maxi sweaters, today, knitted dresses are a versatile proposal, perfect for all occasions. After all, there are so many reasons to include knitted dress patterns among fall and winter must-haves. These articles of clothing are original, different from “ordinary” clothes; they are very warm, perfect even for the coldest days. They are available in different styles, for the office, leisure time, even for an elegant evening. Suitable for everyone, choosing the most suitable model based on the shape of the body. Last but not least, they are fashionable. All the main clothing brands have proposed numerous knitted dresses, short, long, oversized, with a waist belt, in the collections of recent years. As already mentioned, there are no “contraindications” to wearing a knitted dress, the important thing is to choose the right model to emphasize the body, masking the flaws and emphasizing the qualities of the silhouette.

Empire dresses

Empire silhouette, Empire line, Empire waist or just Empire is a style in clothing in which the dress has a fitted bodice ending just below the bust, giving a high-waisted appearance, and a gathered skirt which is long and loosely fitting but skims the body rather than being supported by voluminous petticoats. The outline is especially flattering to pear shapes wishing to disguise the stomach area or emphasize the bust. The shape of the dress also helps to lengthen the body’s appearance.

The empire dress is another clothing item that many women simply adore! Characterized by the high waist, which reaches below the bust, it offers a lot of stylistic benefits to the wearer: it visually enlarges the bust, covers wide hips and gives voluptuousness to the androgynous figure. In addition, due to its cut, the empire dress is ideal even for pregnant women, being very comfortable and is one of the most popular types of summer dresses. Did you know that Empire dresses were worn by ladies in the Greece-Roman world? Ever since then, women have opted for fine and elegant materials, which we recommend you do too.

Silk could be an option worth considering, as it adds an extra touch of femininity and sophistication. If you are wondering how and when to wear this dress model, our advice is to bet on maxi lengths for special occasions, highlighting the neckline with a string of pearls or a statement necklace. On the other hand, for a romantic daytime look, choose an empire cut dress with a floral print and thin straps.

Office dresses

Office dresses represent the most inspiring stylistic maneuver for career ladies who do not want to fall into the trap of banality when it comes to choosing work outfits. You can easily recognize them, by the classic cut, in simple lines, usually available in a fairly “decent” color palette. Moreover, since the corporate environment and the office style in general impose some rigor, office dresses give up excessive ornaments, deep necklines or other such design elements that can be considered ostentatious in this context.

Office dresses can be difficult to choose and between a successful dress that meets the general requirements and a dress that is more suitable for a daytime event than in the office, it is quite a fine line. As you probably already know, fitted dresses, dresses in bright colors or with very obvious prints do not fall into the category of office dresses. But how can you specifically choose the best office dress for you? To help you, here are some tips on choosing an office dress. As you probably already know, apart from the straight cut or the loose one, the rest cannot be suitable for any figure.

If you want to look perfect at an interview, at a meeting or everyday, at work, we suggest you choose the perfect dresses for your figure. If you are tall and slender, we recommend dresses that emphasize the waist, dresses that follow the lines of the body. But be careful: fitted dresses are not suitable for such occasions. If you are petite or if you have voluptuous shapes, choose dresses with a straight or loose cut, and if you want, you can emphasize the waist with the help of a brooch or a cord or belts. Avoid horizontal stripes, because they will create the impression of a more voluptuous figure than in reality. Opt for neutral colors in terms of the dress and add more color with the help of accessories. For an office environment, it would be ideal to choose neutral colors or pastel colors, which do not stand out too much, but which still sweeten the outfit.

The shirt dresses

La robe chemise, as the French call it, refers to this type of dress with buttons, very similar to a shirt. The shirt dress is an extremely comfortable clothing option (including for pregnant women) and can be integrated into both day and evening outfits. For daytime, choose a denim or cotton shirt dress with a straight cut, which I match with a pair of sneakers. For evening, choose an A-line satin shirt dress in a dark shade and pair it with a pair of gold or silver sandals. This type of dresses have become very popular precisely because they are very comfortable, easy to wear, in various contexts, from smart casual office outfits to beach outfits.


A well-chosen dress simply transforms you, you feel how it gives you confidence and makes you glow. It’s not about any magic in the middle, it’s about choosing that type of dress that suits you. The anatomy of a dress that works for you is actually not that complicated and can often be boiled down to a few features. First of all, you need to know your body shape very well, know what are the strengths and what are the imperfections that you want to hide. Then, you must know that there are completely different types of dresses, not only because of the design elements and color, but because of the cut and the way they dress your body.