Are Jean Shorts In Style 2023

Short history

The oldest known shoes were discovered in Fort Rock Cave, Oregon (1938). Made from woven sage bark, they have been radiocarbon dated to at least 10,000 years old. A simple platform (made of fabric) with toe and heel attachments (ropes) woven from rope. Longer than the leg, the front was folded into a pocket to protect the toes and the sandal tied to the leg with a strap. Rabbit fur and pine needles were sometimes added for comfort.

The seafaring Phoenicians (1550 BC to 300 BC) ensured dyed footwear became fashionable throughout the known world, i.e. Ancient Egypt (3200 BC – 343 BC), India (2800 BC BC – 1500 BC) and China). The Babylonians (1696 – 1654 BC) preferred scented sandals made of fine goatskin and dyed red. The footwear was also decorated with trinkets and bling.

The Persians (600 BC) wore platform sandals made of exotic wood (paduka) with a toe separator between the first and second toes. Wooden sandals were encrusted with pearls and other semi-precious stones and were commonly worn in baths and harems.

What actually are platform sandals

Platform sandals are a type of footwear with which you can create many outfits. They can be easily integrated into an outfit composed of a pair of shorts and a T-shirt or a pair of flared jeans and a blouse. Platform sandals are a perfect way to walk because they add some height without causing you difficulty walking. One thing I really love about these shoes is that they are exceptionally fashionable, they can suit any style from extreme elegance to those who love to wear them on a variety of occasions and still look absolutely beautiful.

Platform sandals: how to choose them according to the outfit

Unlike heels, where you have to walk on your toes to keep your balance, platform sandals support your entire sole. Where else do you put it that saves you every time the ballet flats are not elegant enough to be integrated into an outfit and the heels are a little too much? In this article, you’ll learn how to incorporate platform sandals into various outfits to inspire you to create the perfect summer looks.

 Platform sandals - how to choose them according to the outfit
     How to choose platform sandals according to the outfit
         Casual attire
         Elegant outfit
         Office outfit
         Preppy outfit
         The glam outfit
     How to choose platform sandals - other selection criteria
         How accustomed are you to walking in heels?
         Wide or thin foot?
         Tall or short?
         Orthopedic sole or simple?

Casual attire

You can easily integrate platform sandals into a casual outfit by choosing a pair of ripped jeans and a puffy blouse on the shoulders, to which you can add an oversized white bag with brown handles.

Another casual outfit idea could be a pair of high-waisted shorts, a loose printed T-shirt tucked into the trousers and a denim bag to match the trousers. Accessorize with some long earrings and a wide bracelet that scrunches around your hand, add some black platform sandals and you’re ready for the hot summer days!

Elegant outfit

To create an elegant outfit, you can choose Saint Laurent platform sandals with a heel, to which you can add a flowy black dress with a “V” neckline, which you can accessorize with a plunging pendant to enhance the cleavage. Platform heeled sandals will elongate your legs, as will the all black outfit, so choose a discreet black bag to complete the outfit.

Jeans Shorts

Jeans shorts are an extremely versatile piece of clothing that only benefits women with beautiful legs. Denim is always in trend, so jean shorts should always find a place in your wardrobe. Pre-washed, cut, printed, with lace or various details, short jeans are a must-have for any summer. As every year, shorts are essential pieces for the warm season, and shorts are always the best option. In the summer of 2023, Bermuda shorts, which reach above the knees, stand out. Fashionistas seem to have become a real obsession with outfits that include these pants. Unlike very short jeans, which have a teenage look, knee-length pants are easier to include in sophisticated day outfits. Are jean shorts in style 2023?

Types of denim shorts

How to wear bermuda-style denim shorts

Do it with relax and do it casual, being sure that you surely feel comfy and casual.

Wide cut denim shorts

It offer s you a a lot of comfortable options for any look.

White short jeans

If you try your hand at white denim shorts, opt for a fairly wide model with darts or bermuda version for maximum elegance.
We thus dare the total white look by associating it with a vintage t-shirt or an immaculate oversized shirt or we imagine it bohemian with a flowing top, a big belt and high boots.

Black short jeans

With black denim shorts, we dare the total black look in town, for a less beach and more rock effect.
At the top, the combo with a white T-shirt or shirt is also ideal, but more versatile, so don’t forget to put on a more colorful piece as a complement, an orange crochet sweater or a color block jacket/ pastels for example.
For more fantasy, you can opt for a model of denim shorts embroidered with black sequins.

Glam and casual

They are usually high-waisted, which makes them perfect for creating the visual effect of elongated legs. For a mature, glamorous look, it is necessary to opt for feminine or sexy tops, which manage to contrast with the simplicity of short jeans. For example, tops with bare shoulders, those with ruffles or even corsets are ideal for a sophisticated look with shorts up to the knees. Accessorize with woven handbags and heeled shoes or sandals to perfectly complement the outfit.


Short jeans in basic outfits – Jeans and a white shirt are two basic, neutral pieces that should not be missing from anyone’s wardrobe. They go great with almost anything and save you from situations where you are afraid of making mistakes, because they are a safe choice. She wears jeans shorts with a white shirt, and definitely gives the outfit personality with an oversized necklace.

White denim shorts and striped shirt – Nothing is more comfortable on a hot summer day than a light, thin cotton shirt. Pair a striped shirt with white shorts to create a comfortable casual look. Complete with a coin pendant necklace.

Jeans shorts in glam outfits – If you want to create a glam look, all you have to do is combine jeans with a shiny top or jacket. It is an outfit that is suitable for all day activities, but it also goes to the terrace or a club in the evening. But be careful, do not use shiny accessories, one such item is enough. Let the top or the jacket be the center of interest and, for the rest, keep the look as simple as possible.


With a blouse with puffy sleeves – The trends are clear in terms of tops: this summer blouses with puffy sleeves, in cheerful colors or with feminine floral prints, are worn. Wear this kind of top with confidence with a simple pair of short, blue or black jeans.

With a white shirt and boho sandals – Do you love the boho chic style? Wear your frilled or cropped shorts with a thin, white, diaphanous shirt or blouse, and a pair of brown eco-leather or suede sandals with straps and buckles. Add a tote bag and the outfit is complete!

Denim shorts, white t-shirt and ballet flats – One of the easiest ways to wear shorts. Pair them with a white t-shirt and nude ballet flats for a comfortable casual outfit. Don’t forget to tuck your t-shirt into your pants to show off your waist.

White Shorts and Striped Shirt – Nothing is more comfortable on a hot summer day than a loose, thin cotton shirt. Pair a striped shirt with white skinny jeans to create a comfortable casual outfit. Complete with a coin pendant necklace.

Platform Sandals – Tips and Tricks

The right silhouette

Sandals with orthopedic heel are the perfect choice for voluptuous ladies with solid conformation. Sandals visually slim down and help proportion the figure. If your feet are thick or tend to thicken during the day, it is recommended to opt for women’s sandals that do not have an ankle strap. The barrette will only draw attention to the problem areas, so this aspect should be avoided.

Colors Matter

The colors of the sandals can affect the outfit. That’s why, depending on your height, it is recommended to choose different shades for your favorite pair of ladies sandals. Thus, shorter ladies and young ladies can choose nude, neutral, skin-colored colors. The sandals will not stand out, thus offering an elegant, uniform visual transition. For taller ladies and young ladies, colors are not so problematic. Tall women can choose sandals in any color, even multicolored ones.

Appropriate outfit for platform sandals

Being created especially for warm weather, platform sandals offer the advantage of easy combination with various types of clothing. Thus, the most recommended outfits include shorts, short dresses or mini skirts. Short dresses, made of airy material, are also a perfect choice to complement the shoes. And if short outfits are not to your taste, you can opt for a long maxi dress or skirt. Light, airy, this outfit is advantageous both from a thermal point of view – it will keep the heat at a distance, but also from an aesthetic point of view – it will hide small imperfections.

Modern and Stylish

The models of women’s leather sandals with orthopedic soles harmoniously combine leather with soles made of various materials. Perfect for both more elegant and casual outfits, this type of platform sandals are durable and long-lasting. Thus, you will be able to use them next summer as well.


Platform sandals are some of the most beloved sandal models among both ladies and young ladies. Easily adaptable to various outfits, casual, smart-casual and elegant, they offer versatility in combining the outfit. Moreover, it offers those extra centimeters to visually create the perfect silhouette. Thus, they are a must-have model in the wardrobe of women regardless of age.


Jeans shorts are on trend this summer, and fashionistas have discovered how to wear them so as to create sophisticated outfits with their help. Indeed, jeans shorts are an extremely versatile piece of clothing that definitely benefits women with beautiful legs. Denim is always on trend, so jeans are good to always find a place in your wardrobe. Pre washed, cut, printed, with lace or various details, short jeans are a must-have for any summer.

Jeans shorts are a key piece in your wardrobe. Not only are they extremely light and comfortable, but the versatility with which you can combine them with various outfits makes them a must-have piece for summer. Indeed, they do not suit any woman, because you must have beautiful legs, without cellulite, but there is always the option of long jeans.