Are Cardigans In Style 2023

About the cardigan

The cardigan is a piece of clothing, usually made of wool, that covers the upper body and arms, fastened to the front with buttons and usually worn over other clothes. The regular cardigan has buttons, but modern versions of it come without. A more modern version of this item of clothing has no buttons at all and when worn, hangs openly on the silhouette. Women’s cardigans are those items of clothing that we find in every woman’s wardrobe, also new models are a must-have in our wardrobe. Surely, we are going to see if are cardigans in style 2023?

Origins of the Cardigan – The cardigan has a vivid and fierce historical provenance. Its namesake inventor, James Thomas Brudenell, 7th Earl of Cardigan, was a lieutenant general in the British Army. He was an arrogant and capricious person, according to historians, but also rich, elegant and seductive. As evidence of his smoky tastes, he spent £10,000 a year dressing his regiment in extravagant new uniforms. The earl must also have had a fearless spirit (or suffered from a mid-life crisis) because in 1854, aged 57, he led the famous charge of the Light Brigade at the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War. Cardigan was a man with nothing to lose and nothing to gain. However, it survived without a scratch. He returned to London at the head of his troops, receiving a hero’s welcome and even a reception from Queen Victoria at Windsor. The cardigan then became a very popular garment during the earl’s brief heyday. As a testament to the practicality and durability of the cardigan, it soon began to be industrially and commercially produced in factories, keeping thousands of Britons warm. Although this coat now bears the name of the Earl of Cardigan, the beginnings of its history go back even further. In the 17th century, British and French fishermen adopted this garment to keep warm on cold winter days at sea. The cardigan was also used in the United States, and in 1865, the Harvard University baseball team added the letter “H” to the front of their jerseys, and the V-neck cardigan, also with letters on the chest, became the favorite on campuses across the country. Coco Chanel revived interest in the cardigan among women in the 1920s. A decade later, cardigans became very popular both in men’s formal wear and on the golf course.

Not missing from a woman’s wardrobe

An indispensable piece of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe is also called the lady cardigan, a kind of sweater that is worn over a shirt or blouses in the cool evenings or mornings of spring and autumn. Depending on the model, cut or color, it is recommended both for office or casual outfits and for the most elegant ones, in the evening. From the model’s point of view, they can be long (above the knee), up to the middle of the thigh or up to the waist, with buttons or open, straight, wide, asymmetrical, with fringes, sleeves or vest style. The material from which it is made is diverse: synthetic yarns and fibers, woven or knitted cotton, mohair, natural or ecological wool, mercerized fibers. For the correct choice, the stature, conformation, clothing and destination – office, day or evening are taken into account.

The personality and silhouette of the wearer impose the style of the cardigan

As with all clothing items, in this case too, the personal style, physical conformation and situation for which this piece is worn will be taken into account. A short and fuller person will not wear in any form a short and tight cardigan or with a wide collar, so as not to accentuate the imperfections that will be masked. The designers who deal with their creation compete in creating the most attractive models to meet all the requirements and tastes in the field. The specialized districts of the big shopping centers as well as the virtual stores sell a multitude of such garments, being practically impossible not to find a certain model, color or cut. The usefulness of a cardigan cannot be questioned. Whether you go for a walk, to work or stay at home on the couch, this article is always useful. Warm, practical, comfortable, but also elegant, refined, feminine – it can meet several requirements simultaneously. Prices differ from one product to another being adapted depending on the quality of the material and model. One made of fine lace or natural wool cannot have the same price as another made of cotton, knit or synthetic yarn. So quality makes the difference. Consequently, the recommendations and suggestions mentioned here are useful to all ladies who should not miss the cute, practical and comfortable cardigan in the wardrobe.

Differences between cardigan and women’s sweater, when choosing the cardigan?

A cardigan is a type of sweater that has a front opening. This front opening is the essential difference between a cardigan and a sweater because all cardigans have a front opening, while some sweaters do not have front openings, it’s simple. The cardigan is a piece of clothing, usually made of wool, that covers the upper body and arms, fastened to the front with buttons and usually worn over other clothes. The regular cardigan has buttons, but modern versions of it come without. The cardigan is one of the must-have pieces in any wardrobe. All women should have at least one cardigan in the closet. There are cardigans in all colors, shapes, cuts and textures. The cardigan was named after James Brudenell, the 7th Earl of Cardigan, a major general in the British Army who led the Light Brigade Charge at the Battle of Balaclava during the Crimean War. It is designed after the knitted wool vest, which British officers wore during the war. The legend of the event and the fame that Lord Cardigan gained after the war led to the growing popularity of clothing. Many people think of the cardigan as a button-down sweater. Cardigans and sweaters are two similar items of knitted clothing that are worn over the upper body. Sweaters can be either cardigans or sweaters. A cardigan is a type of sweater that has a front opening. This front opening is the essential difference between a cardigan and a sweater because all cardigans have a front opening, while some sweaters do not have front openings, it’s simple. Sweaters, like cardigans, are often worn over another item of clothing such as a T-shirt, blouse or shirt. Sweaters can be worn without the need for anything underneath, but cardigans cannot. Both items of clothing are good to choose if you want to have a light outfit.

Types of cardigan that deserve to be in the closet

Fluffy cardigan – The fluffy cardigan is comfortable, very pleasant to the touch and is fashionable. You can opt for classic, colorful colors or prints. Such a cardigan will give your outfit a funny and very beautiful note. You just have to combine it with skinny jeans or high-waisted shorts and a nice T-shirt. You will look incredible. Where you can wear a fluffy cardigan – It seems that almost every style blogger has some sort of opinion on where this beloved garment should be worn best: Wear them over skinny jeans or leggings as a layer between layers. This way, you get all the warmth while still keeping things sleek. If you want, throw on a pair of booties underneath if you have long legs instead of high heels. You might also consider tucking the cardigan into your pants so there’s no visible hem line. The idea here is to create clean lines for your outfit. If you don’t own any sweaters, but would prefer something more dressy than a hoodie, try pairing this cardigan with a statement necklace and earrings. Don’t wear these babies with dresses unless you plan on doing laundry later. They take up too much space once they’re untucked! You can always wear these babies open or closed. That’s totally personal preference.

Wearing a fluffy cardigan can be a cozy and stylish choice for various occasions. Here are some reasons why you might consider wearing a fluffy cardigan:

  1. Comfort: Fluffy cardigans are often made from soft and plush materials that provide exceptional comfort. They offer a cozy, warm, and snuggly feeling, making them perfect for chilly days.
  2. Warmth: The fluffy texture of these cardigans adds an extra layer of insulation, providing warmth during colder seasons. They’re like wearing a warm and stylish blanket.
  3. Textural Interest: Fluffy cardigans add texture and depth to your outfit. The tactile nature of the fabric creates visual interest and makes your ensemble more visually appealing.
  4. Relaxed Style: Fluffy cardigans have a relaxed and casual vibe that’s perfect for a laid-back look. They can be paired with jeans, leggings, or even joggers for a comfortable yet stylish outfit.
  5. Fashion-Forward: Fluffy cardigans have become a trendy fashion item. They offer a contemporary and fashionable look that’s in line with current style preferences.
  6. Layering Piece: Fluffy cardigans work well as layering pieces. They can be easily thrown over various tops, allowing you to adapt your outfit to changing temperatures.
  7. Cozy Chic: The combination of coziness and style makes fluffy cardigans a staple for achieving a cozy-chic aesthetic. They can be dressed up or down, depending on how you style them.
  8. Statement Piece: A fluffy cardigan with its distinctive texture can serve as a statement piece that elevates even the simplest of outfits.
  9. Versatility: Fluffy cardigans come in various lengths, styles, and colors, making them versatile additions to your wardrobe. They can be worn with different outfits, from casual to slightly more formal occasions.
  10. Casual Elegance: A fluffy cardigan can add a touch of elegance to your casual outfits, making them suitable for both everyday wear and social gatherings.
  11. Mood Lifter: The tactile and warm nature of fluffy cardigans can have a positive impact on your mood, contributing to feelings of comfort and relaxation.
  12. Travel Companion: Fluffy cardigans are great for traveling. They’re perfect for keeping warm on planes or during long journeys, and they can double as cozy layers for exploring new destinations.
  13. Playful Style: Fluffy cardigans exude a playful and youthful charm. They’re ideal for embracing a carefree and fun-loving fashion approach.
  14. Seasonal Style: Fluffy cardigans are particularly popular during the fall and winter seasons when staying warm and stylish is a priority.
  15. Feminine Touch: The soft and plush texture of fluffy cardigans adds a feminine touch to your outfit. They can be paired with dresses and skirts to create a balanced and stylish ensemble.

Tribal print cardigan – Tribal print is a big trend that deserves to be incorporated in our wardrobe. It is a funny and original print, very fashionable, which can be adapted to our outfits. So, dare to wear a colorful cardigan or in classic combinations such as black and white. This print will give life to your outfit, and you will look very trendy.

Wearing a tribal print cardigan can add a unique and culturally-inspired element to your outfit. Here are some reasons why you might consider wearing a tribal print cardigan:

  1. Cultural Expression: Tribal prints often draw inspiration from traditional art and patterns of indigenous cultures from around the world. Wearing a tribal print cardigan can be a way to appreciate and express cultural diversity and artistry.
  2. Visual Interest: Tribal prints are known for their intricate and bold designs. Adding a tribal print cardigan to your outfit can create an eye-catching focal point that adds depth and visual interest to your overall look.
  3. Statement Piece: A tribal print cardigan can serve as a statement piece that defines your outfit. Its unique and distinctive pattern can set the tone for your entire ensemble.
  4. Boho Style: Tribal prints often have a bohemian or boho-chic vibe. Pairing a tribal print cardigan with flowing skirts, denim, or other relaxed pieces can create a stylish bohemian look.
  5. Cultural Appreciation: When worn respectfully and with awareness of the cultural significance, tribal prints can be a way to appreciate and honor the artistic traditions of various communities.
  6. Personal Style: If you’re drawn to bold patterns and enjoy incorporating unique elements into your wardrobe, a tribal print cardigan can reflect your personal style.
  7. Pattern Mixing: Tribal prints can be mixed and matched with other patterns to create a dynamic and fashion-forward outfit. Just ensure that the patterns complement each other without overwhelming the look.
  8. Seasonal Transition: A tribal print cardigan can be a versatile piece for transitioning between seasons. It can be worn over lighter outfits during cooler months or serve as a lightweight layer during spring and fall.
  9. Festival and Concert Wear: The vibrant and eclectic nature of tribal prints makes them suitable for music festivals, concerts, and outdoor events. They capture the free-spirited essence of such occasions.
  10. Bohemian Traveler: If you’re traveling to exotic destinations or embracing a nomadic lifestyle, a tribal print cardigan can enhance your bohemian traveler aesthetic.

Maxi cardigan – The maxi trend is all the rage. In addition to being trendy, the maxi cardigan is comfortable and attractive. It can be combined with a pair of skinny jeans and some ankle boots. This way, you will create an incredible and effortless outfit. You can opt for a wool maxi cardigan for the winter season. In the spring you can opt for a cotton cardigan. Undoubtedly, the cardigan is a versatile item of clothing that should not be missing from your wardrobe. What do you think about these cardigan styles? Do you like? What is your favorite? What would you wear in this new fall / winter season? For me, I have to admit that I like all these styles of cardigans.

Wearing a maxi cardigan can be a stylish and versatile choice for women. Here are some reasons why you might consider wearing a maxi cardigan:

  1. Layering: Maxi cardigans are excellent layering pieces, especially during transitional seasons like fall or spring. They can be worn over various tops, such as T-shirts, blouses, or sweaters, to add an extra layer of warmth and style.
  2. Comfort: Maxi cardigans are typically made from soft and cozy materials, making them incredibly comfortable to wear. They provide a sense of comfort and warmth while still allowing freedom of movement.
  3. Versatility: Maxi cardigans come in a range of styles, colors, and patterns, allowing you to find options that suit your personal taste and match various outfits. They can be dressed up or down, depending on the occasion.
  4. Style Upgrade: Adding a maxi cardigan to your outfit can instantly elevate your overall look. It adds a touch of sophistication and flair, making even simple outfits appear more polished.
  5. Casual Elegance: Maxi cardigans strike a balance between casual and elegant. They can be paired with jeans, leggings, or even dresses, creating a versatile ensemble suitable for different settings.
  6. Camouflaging: A maxi cardigan’s length can provide coverage if you’re looking to hide certain areas of your body. It’s a stylish way to feel confident and comfortable in your outfit.
  7. Seasonal Transition: Maxi cardigans are perfect for transitioning between seasons. They can be worn over summer dresses to extend their wear into fall or paired with lighter clothing to add warmth without being too heavy.
  8. Statement Piece: A bold or unique maxi cardigan can serve as a statement piece that defines your entire outfit. It draws attention and showcases your fashion-forward sense.
  9. Travel Companion: Maxi cardigans are ideal for travel. They can serve as cozy blankets on flights, and their versatility means you can create multiple outfits using just one piece.
  10. Effortless Chic: Maxi cardigans provide a relaxed yet chic aesthetic. They exude an effortless sense of style that’s both comfortable and fashionable.

Short Cardigans – Bolero – In general, these models are made of thin and lace materials, arched at the waist and often have a hook or buttons on the front, but can also be opened or accessorized with a strap.

This type of cardigan is the easiest to wear because it suits every type of figure. It can be matched with jeans or a pair of tapered trousers and will inspire femininity even to a simple casual outfit that, at first glance, would have nothing to stand out.
You can choose it in a nude version to be able to match it with any type of clothes or in a warm shade or simply in several colors, depending on your own tastes. There are no restrictions on the colors of a cardigan, the important thing is that it represents you.

Asymmetrical cardigans – If you are a bolder person and you want to look different than usual and stand out through clothing, then you definitely need to add an asymmetrical cardigan in your wardrobe or why not more models with such cardigans. Asymmetrical cardigans with draped lapels are comfortable, special and very elegant. Just like other pieces of clothing of reference in the female wardrobe (such as an elegant jacket, an occasion dress or a pencil skirt), the women’s asymmetric cardigan-women’s cardigan is essential for every self-respecting lady and young lady.

Nowadays, we are no longer talking about the classic, simple women’s cardigan, but about the women’s cardigan with personality, found in the most diverse designs and textures, simple, asymmetrical, with or without sleeves, in vibrant colors or nice tones, with prints or embroideries… Thus, if you don’t want to have the classic women’s cardigan in your wardrobe, you have a variety of more and more attractive options to choose from. A complete seasonal wardrobe needs at least two women’s cardigan models. That’s why, in addition to the elegant cardigan, make sure that your wardrobe is not missing an asymmetric cardigan with a casual touch, which you can wear in combination with any everyday clothes you need.

Wearing asymmetrical cardigans can bring a unique and stylish touch to your outfits. Here are some reasons why you might consider wearing asymmetrical cardigans:

  1. Distinctive Style: Asymmetrical cardigans stand out due to their non-traditional and unconventional designs. They add a distinctive element to your outfit that captures attention.
  2. Visual Interest: The asymmetrical hemline or design of the cardigan creates visual interest and adds an element of dynamism to your ensemble.
  3. Modern Aesthetic: Asymmetry is often associated with modern and contemporary fashion. Wearing an asymmetrical cardigan can give your outfit a fresh and up-to-date look.
  4. Play with Silhouettes: Asymmetrical cardigans allow you to experiment with different silhouettes. The varying lengths and angles can create unique shapes that add depth and dimension to your outfit.
  5. Layering: Asymmetrical cardigans offer opportunities for creative layering. You can layer them over tops, dresses, or even other cardigans to achieve a fashionable and unique layered look.
  6. Balance and Proportion: Asymmetry can help balance out your outfit, particularly if you’re wearing fitted or structured pieces elsewhere. It adds visual weight and can create a more harmonious overall appearance.
  7. Flattering: Depending on the design, asymmetrical cardigans can be flattering to various body types. They can draw attention away from specific areas and emphasize others.
  8. Edgy Vibe: Asymmetrical designs often exude an edgy and fashion-forward vibe. They’re perfect for those who want to push the boundaries of traditional fashion.
  9. Elevated Casual Look: An asymmetrical cardigan can elevate your casual outfits by adding an element of sophistication and intrigue.
  10. Transitioning Seasons: Asymmetrical cardigans are versatile for transitioning between seasons. They can be worn over lighter outfits during transitional months and provide extra warmth when needed.

Oversized cardigans – Fluffy and warm, made of knitwear, oversized cardigans are ideal to complement any day outfit, be it casual or smart-casual. Avoid wearing them if you have a slightly more rubensian figure, because they will not help you from an aesthetic point of view.
If you are petite and want an oversized cardigan, then combine it with a pair of ankle boots with a thick heel and you will get a stylish outfit.
Another secret of this type of cardigan is the combination with fitted garments. Don’t put on baggy pants or a loose blouse, try to create a balance, because you risk looking dressed in clothes that are not your size.

Unlike the jackets characteristic of the warm season, the cardigan is much more affordable. You can even get it at a bargain price if you make a habit of visiting online outlets. Yes, cardigans are most often used in spring and autumn, when it is neither hot nor cold. Without thinking, you throw a cardigan on the run. If you can’t afford a new cardigan, wear the same one, but find many combinations so you don’t see yourself repeating the same piece of clothing.

Here are some reasons why you might consider wearing an oversized cardigan:

  1. Comfort: Oversized cardigans are typically made from soft and cozy materials, providing a high level of comfort. They offer a relaxed and comfortable fit that’s perfect for lounging or going about your day.
  2. Layering: The generous fit of oversized cardigans makes them excellent layering pieces. They can be worn over various tops, such as T-shirts, blouses, or even lightweight sweaters, adding an extra layer of warmth and style.
  3. Versatility: Oversized cardigans come in a range of styles, lengths, and materials, allowing you to find options that suit your personal taste and match different outfits.
  4. Effortless Style: The oversized silhouette creates an effortlessly chic look. It adds a touch of laid-back elegance to your outfit without requiring much effort in styling.
  5. Casual Vibe: Oversized cardigans have a casual and relaxed vibe that’s perfect for creating easygoing and comfortable ensembles.
  6. Cozy Aesthetic: The larger fit of oversized cardigans enhances the cozy and snuggly aesthetic, making them ideal for fall and winter fashion.
  7. Statement Piece: An oversized cardigan can serve as a statement piece that captures attention and defines your outfit. Its generous proportions make it stand out.
  8. Play with Proportions: Pairing an oversized cardigan with more fitted bottoms can create an interesting contrast of proportions, adding depth and visual appeal to your outfit.
  9. Warmth: Oversized cardigans offer plenty of coverage and warmth, making them suitable for cooler seasons or chilly indoor environments.
  10. Transitioning Seasons: Oversized cardigans can help you transition your wardrobe between seasons. They can be worn over lighter outfits to extend their wear into colder months.

How to wear a cardigan with style?

A cardigan is a very versatile and flexible element and offers a lot of combinations. It is much more flexible than a sweater, more feminine and, in general, more pleasant. A cardigan can help you dress up a sexy or daring outfit, it can be used in a layered style, effortlessly, and it can draw attention to a super cute top instead of covering it up. A cardigan is one of the most essential pieces in your wardrobe, regardless of style or age. You should get a bunch of basic cardigans in solid colors (a black one is a must) and a few cute colors.

Keep an eye on the trends

Just like any other item of clothing, cardigan fashion changes and evolves. Current trends bring to the attention of fashion lovers, cardigan models that highlight the figure and flatter the shapes no matter what they are. However, it is important to choose a model that suits you and fits your personal style. Long cardigans are in trend this season. But if this model does not suit you, you can opt for a midi cardigan up to mid-thigh. A spectacular combination is the one with the graphic print t-shirt and the long cardigan, this juxtaposition will be a really refined one, based on only simple pieces. Complete the outfit with some chic boots and you will get a complete on-trend look with which you will attract all eyes.