Spring Cardigans

Spring Cardigans


By better understanding the history of certain clothing objects, we should think about how often clothes have influenced our lives, becoming true symbols. Even though it may seem like a simple sweater that we used to hang in the closet, the cardigan is the cornerstone for fashion that has imposed the most popular styles of our day.

Spring cardigan is still a fashionable item. It can be worn with jeans or light colored pants, and some women’s cardigans can also be worn with a dress or shorts on a cold evening. This extremely versatile coat is suitable when you have been cold but the season does not allow you to wear a jacket or sweater around your neck.

When the cardigan appeared

The story of the cardigan sweater begins in the mid-1800s during the Crimean War. James Thomas Brudenell was the 7th Earl of Cardigan – hence the name of this sweater. It was this British military commander who fought on the front that introduced the cardigan sweater into popular culture. Being made of more durable materials, such as wool, these sweaters were provided in front with buttons or other elements that could be completed. Some cardigans will later have zippers instead of buttons.

The cardigan who saved a life

In America, the cardigan was associated with the television man Fred McFeely Rogers (doll, songwriter, writer, and American activist), known for the television series “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” (1968-2001) dedicated to preschoolers. The success of this show, made generations of young people to associate the cardigan with the one who made their beautiful childhood. Mister Rogers changes his cardigan at the beginning of each TV show to show his passing over time. For many who grew up with Mr. Rogers, this sweater has become a beautiful part of their childhood.

There is also a story in which a cardigan prevented an assassination attempt against a Bulgarian radio editor. It seems that a secret agent tried to inject the radio man with poisonous castor, but the substance did not penetrate the skin because the cardigan in the wool he was wearing was too thick.

Definition Of The Cardigan?

A cardigan is a knit garment that can look like a jacket or a sweater, a garment that is open in front. It can be with or without buttons, and sometimes it can have a short zip on the top. A more modern version of this garment has no buttons at all and when it is worn, it hangs open on the silhouette.

How Did The Indispensable Cardigan Appear?

“The legend and fame of the indispensable Cardigan” has led to the increase in the popularity of clothing. Coco Chanel revolutionized fashion and popularized the “Women’s Cardigan” because “she hated how tight the men’s sweaters were around her neck and she always grabbed her hair when she pulled them over her head.” The cardigan has regained its popularity even today.

How To Wear The Cardigan In The Spring

  • The long cardigan to the waist can be worn finished or unlocked, with skirts with high waist or with dresses and shirts.
  • The cardigan is fashionable, but it cannot be worn with wide pants, overalls or boyfriend jeans, but rather with fluffy jeans or tights.
  • The long cardigan should not be worn with a short skirt, but rather with a pair of dark pants to elongate and highlight the figure.
  • The boyfriend cardigan is not worn in the spring or in any other season with dresses or long skirts but rather with skirts to the knees and shorts.

In the spring, a cardigan for women should not be missing from the wardrobe of ladies. This is, perhaps, the most important piece that completes any spring outfit, a very fashionable, popular and easy to match clothing item. The outfits must be tailored to the situation, and the cardigan can be short, oversized and boyfriend, office or knitted. Ladies and girls can choose what suits them from the specialized online stores. The cardigans are different depending on the silhouette of the carriers, the outfits to which they match, being ideal for the cooler days of spring and even of early autumn. They are chic, elegant and manage to enliven the wardrobe.

When And In What Style To Integrate The Cardigans


Clearly, there is no better way to dress casually than in a pair of jeans and a cute top. To tie the look together, add a cardigan that fits on your hips or sits even lower. It keeps the look interesting and adds an extra layer to the overall ensemble. Opt for a monochrome color scheme or highlight the rest in a thick braid with a bold color.

Business casual

From the cafe to the office in a cute cardigan. Keep it simple with a pair of black pants and a shirt or change your pants with dark denim jeans. Rather than pencil skirts, why not try a long pleated skirt, and mark your waist with a thin strap? There are so many ways to wear a cardigan at work and you can try on a different outfit each day with the same knitwear.


Whether you’re attending a wedding or going to the opera, a cardigan is an easy way to tie an outfit. From a bolero style to a long duster, this outerwear is an ideal way to keep warm in the colder months. Add an elegant look with a monochrome look or go wild with oversized knitwear. It is also a fast and classic way to turn the semi-formal outfit into something suitable for a high event.


Reasons To Wear A Cardigan :

  • Can replace a jacket – When you don’t know what to put on your shoulders, you can rush to a cardigan, especially those thick ones that are so warm that they can replace a jacket.
  • Great versatility – There is a cardigan for each context. If you don’t think that means you don’t have enough models in your dressing room. Knitted cardigan, thick and warm, for your casual outfits, zippered cardigan for a sport-inspired outfit but also cashmere cardigan for elegant or office outfits. Basically, you can pull over any outfit and you can be sure that it looks great, integrates perfectly and makes you feel good.
  • It can also be stylized – It is not a piece of clothing that you should pull on and forget about its existence. Think of a cardigan as a piece of clothing that can help you do styling. And he can wear it with sleeves or fastened with a thin belt.
  • Timeless – Even worse is the fact that it is outdated. A cardigan can be worn season after season until the first signs of wear begin to appear. Even then you can find another use. You can wear it in the house, pulled over your favorite t-shirt and a pair of training pants, when you go out on the terrace to enjoy a hot chocolate at sunset.
  • Because they come in different shapes and colors.
  • They are suitable for both elegant outfits, as well as casual outfits and even sports.
  • They are effective
  • There are a statement pieces of an outfit.
  • They can be the color of the outfit, in memory of the hot summer days.