Quartz vs Automatic Watch

Character And Budget

Depending on our personality and budget, we have our own criteria when choosing a watch. While some of us are looking for the perfect watch that reflects social status, for others its usefulness prevails. Whether we remain loyal to a certain brand because we appreciate its history or we are immediately convinced of the special design, when it comes to mechanism, watch wearers are divided into two camps: pro automatic mechanism and pro quartz mechanism.

The mechanism of the watch is practically the engine that puts it into operation. Currently in the market, there are two types of mechanisms, quartz mechanisms and mechanical mechanisms. In turn, mechanical mechanisms are divided into two categories: automatic mechanism and manual mechanism. I will not discuss manual mechanisms in this article because they are very rare in new watches, manual mechanisms were found decades ago and involved the tension of a spring. The tension of the spring practically set the clock in motion, the disadvantage of this type of mechanism was given by the tensioning capacity of the respective spring. Basically, the watch needle had to be tensioned (turned as the buns said) daily to keep the mechanism working.

Automatic watch

Quartz vs Automatic Watch
Quartz vs Automatic Watch
Quartz vs Automatic Watch

With a long history, the automatic watch is a symbol of refinement. You recognize him by looking at the secondary. If the movement of the pointer is fluid and advances smoothly, it is definitely a clock powered by an automatic mechanism.


– An automatic watch is distinguished by its unique appearance. Usually, these models allow the mechanism to be viewed through the Open – Heart dial or through the transparent case cover. Automatic mechanical watches can have interesting design details – often the back cover or dial has transparent openings, so that the mechanism becomes visible.

– Recharging with energy is done by simply moving the hand. It is reliable. Properly maintained, an automatic watch can operate for more than ten years.

– The finishes are excellent, often superior to a quartz watch, usually mass-produced.


– If the watch is not worn, it stops when the energy reserve is exhausted

– They are less accurate than quartz watches (± 15 seconds a day).

– They have a higher price.

– They need an overhaul every few years.

Quartz watch

Quartz vs Automatic Watch
Quartz vs Automatic Watch
Quartz vs Automatic Watch

The quartz watch managed to quickly surpass the automatic watch, offering precision at a low price. You recognize him by the jerky movement of the secondary. If it advances in steps of one second, it is a clock based on a quartz mechanism.


– They are more accurate, the battery costs a little.

– They’re lighter.

– Quartz watches have several types of display. They can have an analog display or a digital display.

– The price is much more affordable.

– They have several functions.


– The battery must be replaced every two years.

– There is a risk of the battery leaking and the mechanism being damaged.

– It wears out faster, the service life is shorter.

– They are not so spectacular.

Automatic Watches vs Quartz Watches – Conclusion

Automatic watches win, through the mechanism, the story of each element, the established technology and the exclusivity through which it offers it. However, for people who rely on the appearance and accuracy of a watch, quartz watches are recommended. Given the low prices of mechanisms and parts, as well as the speed with which they can be put together, the budget allocated to the design of the dial, case and bracelet are diverse. If you have a slightly lower budget or you want a simple quality watch that indicates the correct time, then you do not have to spend extra money on an automatic watch. Quartz watches are more accurate than automatic ones, they do not stop if you do not wear them, they cost much less so for a person who only wants a watch than quartz watch is the solution. Instead, if you want a watch that is at the same time an elegant accessory, then the only option is the automatic watch. It really costs more than a quartz watch, but the mechanism inside, in most cases, is a real work of art, and art pays dearly.

Collectors appreciate the art behind the mechanism, which is hundreds of years old. In addition, they work on the basis of pure energy, without battery, only by the natural movement of the hand.