Mens Suits 2023


It is indisputable: the costume embodies seriousness, respect and style. And without consciously noticing, I somehow respect a man in a suit more than I would in any other outfit. Perhaps this is because such men seem to be more confident. No wonder serious bankers or lawyers wear suits right in the middle of summer, when outside temperatures exceed 35 degrees. Of course, a men’s suit is also a sign of adaptability and conservatism and an essential part of a world that is ruled mainly by men. But where does the suit actually come from? At first, it was the French who adapted to the new fashion, and later, it reached all of Europe where simplicity could finally prevail. Stylish people were no longer interested in colorful and eccentric clothes. The dark suit was “born” and was in vogue like no other item of clothing, already embodying men’s style and fashion. Men didn’t just wear anything. Rather, they followed the etiquette and standards that were set in this elegant world. For formal occasions, men wore a special suit tailored to them. If there was an evening reception, the perfect choice was a tailcoat.

Tricks on how to wear a suit properly

When buying clothes, it is important to take into account certain things. Being a man is very practical when you are going to acquire any piece. But that doesn’t mean you should choose whatever. We will give you some tips that will help you have clothes that fit you well. Buy clothes of your size: A mistake that many men can make is to buy clothes that are either too big or too small. If you like a garment, but it doesn’t fit you, discard it unless it can be fitted. Less is more: Simple and light outfits are always ideal. Knowing how to dress for each occasion is not just wearing a casual or formal outfit depending on the meeting. In many cases, opting for sobriety and the classic is not synonymous with being boring, rather it is a guarantee that there will be no mistakes. This rule also applies to accessories, I don’t want to abuse them. Although they can give a different touch to your outfit, it does not mean that you should take all the accessories in your closet and use them together. Be guided by trends: If something is fashionable, it does not have to be the same as buying or wearing it. Well, not everything that is in trend will look good on you, it may even, but it is not among your tastes. And if a garment makes you uncomfortable, it will automatically look bad.

Learn how to recognize if a suit doesn’t fit you as it should. If you see that your jacket rises to the shoulder, as in the picture below, it means that it is much too wide.

It is always acceptable to close your middle button when wearing a three-button jacket. But don’t forget that if closing the button on the top is optional – it’s up to you whether you want to close it or not – the button below should always stay open. Under no circumstances close this button. If you have a four-button jacket, the first and last button must always be unbuttoned, and if you have a single-button jacket, it is worn closed. Remember another rule, it has more to do with the code of good manners than fashion: when a man sits on a chair he must sit with his buttons unbuttoned, and when he gets up he ends them, as I explained in the above.

When it comes to length, the sleeves should reach the knot on the thumb of the hand (ie the trapezius bone of the carpal bones). Of course, this rule needs to be adapted. It also depends on the size of your hand. This is the basic rule, but it also depends on how you look in the mirror, if you feel that the length suits you, how you visually perceive this suit.

When you sit down, always unbutton your suit. If you leave them closed, you will destroy your buttons and it is very possible that the shape of the suit will change.


For a business suit that is often worn regularly, consider wool blends as the fabric will be more durable, for example wool and polyester blends.

For more formal occasions, you can look for 100% wool, these are finer threads that will give a more luxurious look and are best when worn less often.

Poly viscose is also a popular choice for those looking for a trendier product at a good price. This is a durable fabric and often has a stretch for comfort and movement.

Velvet – is actually a combination of materials; silk, cotton and nylon. The first impression will be that it is luxurious and if you want some kind of jackets for everyday use, it can be perfect.

However, there are disadvantages. Due to the fact that it contains nylon, it is not the most airy material. It means that these velvet suits are more suitable for cold periods.

Polyester – in recent years, this is a material that has definitely entered the public eye much more often. Polyester is made from synthetic materials and, without a doubt, is of a much lower quality than the natural alternatives.

In general, polyester is combined with something similar to wool, as manufacturers try to reduce costs. Therefore, for anyone operating on a budget, this is always a good choice. Silk. In contrast to the previous material, the next one on our list is silk. Oddly enough, this is an animal protein used by moths to build their cocoons.

Considering this, it will not be a surprise to hear that silk is much more expensive, but at the same time it is a luxury fabric. As for the specifics, silk is one of the most breathable fabrics and that means it is excellent at different temperatures. For example, if it is cold, it will help the body retain heat, while allowing heat to escape if the temperature rises.

Some might suggest that silk is too luxurious for informal events, but for anything else, it is certainly ideal. It can be used all year round, and the material fits pretty much every body type.

Cotton – This is one of the most popular fabrics when it comes to suits and, again, it is naturally derived. More precisely, it comes from plant fibers and the end result is that it is breathable and will fit your body very easily.

The disadvantage of cotton is that it is a material that wrinkles easily. However, cotton is a material that is suitable for most body types and will suffice for both work and semi-formal events. Usually, it is not good for cold weather, but for autumn, spring and summer it is indicated.

Bow tie

An easy way to bring character and personality to any costume is to opt for a bow tie. While many formal occasions will restrict the creativity of your style, a tie or a bow tie of an interesting material will add a subtle artifice to the chosen outfit. Just as choosing the right suit depends on the season, the bow tie should be seasonally appropriate. For spring / summer, consider light fabrics such as cotton, Chambray and knitted silk, then switch to heavy fabrics such as tweed, wool, flannel and velvet during the colder months of the year.

Who says bow ties are just for formal occasions? With the right pairing, a bow tie can add a touch of sophistication to any man’s outfit. Keep reading to learn how to wear a bow tie like a pro.

There’s no right or wrong way to dress up–unless, of course, if you’re headed to a formal event! Bow ties come in all shapes and sizes, and by understanding the different types available you can pick just the right one for any occasion. It’s all about preference when it comes to deciding between a classic-style bow tie or a self-tied one. Classic styles come already tied and are typically smoother with minimal texture or patterns compared to their self-tied counterparts. Self-tied bow ties feature more fabric to allow you to shape them exactly as you’d like. For this reason, they tend to be a little bulkier than their ready-to-wear siblings and often also feature prints or textures for added visual interest. Whether you’re looking for something that makes an understated statement or want something that stands out from the crowd–bow ties are the perfect accessory!

When it comes to dressing your best, the bow tie should not be overlooked! Choosing a bow tie that both complements and contrasts with the rest of your outfit will ensure you make a timeless statement. To pull off this smart look, try matching the colors of your shirt and tie – bold colors or prints can be striking when paired together. Let the texture of fabrics provide contrast – by choosing a heavier fabric for one piece in an otherwise light ensemble, or vice versa. Additionally, choose patterned ties that are smaller than those used on conventional neckties in order to create subtle interest. With these simple tips under your belt, you’ll be looking sharp as ever when sporting your bow tie!

How do you choose the color of the suit?

The color of the suit depends on the style of each client, and because we are talking about a custom-made suit, the client’s personality must be highlighted in the smallest details. The color depends equally on the circumstances in which it will be worn. Whether at the office or at an evening event, all of these are inescapable features for master tailors. The recommended colors for business suits are gray or blue and the shades associated with them. The colors in the case of a tweed or casual suit must be earth colors, namely gray, brown, khaki or a combination of them if the material is multi-colored. Ceremony or special event costumes are generally black, white or very dark in color.


  • The color of the suit “good for all”. People who have only one suit in their personal wardrobe do not usually wear it regularly, but only occasionally. Most of the time, it is about weddings, baptisms, funerals or similar events, where wearing a suit is mandatory. So, the best choice in this case is a neutral suit, such as black or dark blue.
  • Suitable colors for the office suit. Most of the time, at work, you have to approach a conservative and elegant outfit. Thus, any wardrobe should contain a selection of dark colored suits, as they are suitable in almost any circumstance.
  • Light shades. Suits in light shades, such as light blue, pink or red, are not suitable for any occasion. You can wear a casual suit in a light shade for a romantic date, a fashion event or a day at the office, if you do not have scheduled business meetings.

What accessories do you choose for the suit?

Accessories for a custom suit can be countless items of clothing, from the well-known tie, to the bow tie, or the scarf, the possibilities are endless in colors and shapes. One important detail, however, is in a Black Tie event, wearing a black tie in a classic collared shirt, and in the case of the White Tie outfit, the white bow tie in a sweater collared shirt. The shirt is perhaps the most important accessory for a tailor-made suit. Formal or formal attire is most often accompanied by buttonhole shirts that require cufflinks, these elegant accessories of a special masculine outfit. Depending on the specifics of the event, but especially on the type of outfit, the pants or straps can be worn with trousers. There is no limitation on wearing a belt or straps, which are present both in business or casual outfits and in outfits dedicated to special events. It is important to note, however, that the two accessories (belt and straps) are never worn together, regardless of the style of the pants.

You can wear the most expensive suit in the world, but if you do not pay attention to details and do not take care to give the outfit a perfect shape, you wasted money on it. Accessorizing a men’s suit is an essential step in getting the perfect look, but many people do not think that small details deserve to be taken into account. A stylish man, eager to have an impeccable image, will always know how to accessorize his suit to give it the perfect finish.

Tie, bow tie or ascot, the indispensable accessory on the neck.

Just as women are accustomed to accessorizing their evening dresses and business attire with statement necklaces, so men should become accustomed to wearing neck accessories when wearing a suit. Among the most suitable men’s accessories for the upper body are the tie, the bow tie and the ascot. The classic tie can be worn with any type of men’s suit, whether it is a day suit or an evening suit. Of course, depending on the suit you are wearing, you can choose different tie designs: narrower, wider, longer, monochrome, printed, striped, etc.

Watch out for socks

Many men choose black socks when wearing a suit, but this does not always have to be the case. If you wear a gray plaid suit or a beige suit, the socks may be in tune with the suit or may have a contrasting shade. However, to make sure you don’t make a mistake, choose a shade that matches the suit. There are also situations in which this accessory for the suit may be completely missing. The white summer suit and some casual suits can be worn without socks, especially if you choose a pair of loafers as shoes.

Handkerchief, for extra color

Another accessory that can perfectly complement your suit is the handkerchief. This may be in a contrasting shade to that of the jacket. For men’s formal suits, it is good to use a simple white handkerchief as an accessory.

Everything is important: the suit, the tie, the shirt

If you bet on a navy blue suit, which is a basic, it does not mean that you are conformist, rather that you are confident and that you have good taste. Of course, try to make this suit have a well-defined cut in this color and of course try to wear a matching tie. If we don’t know what tie to add to this type of suit, you can opt for a maroon or burgundy tie. The tailoring of the tailored shirt for men is also a very important element. If you opt for a tailored shirt with a white collar and colored body, you can’t go wrong. Although the white shirt is the queen in these cases. It is more of a business look, but one that can be worn in any situation. Beware of sharp contrasts. The tie must be well adjusted. We already told you in one of our articles the importance of wearing the tie knot well. No puckering, no half-adjusting. That it is well tied is a sign of style and that you like to take care of your presence. If you wear a suit you do not do it to stand out, your intention should not be to outshine anyone. You must do it simply and soberly, but at the same time with elegance and above all with style. Don’t forget the accessories. They are elements just as important as the suit or shirt itself. When you use certain accessories you are also showing or transmitting your own personality. I just want to remember a simple “tie clip”. It is an accessory that has become very rare to see among men.

A 2 or 3 piece suit?

Classic elements of a men’s suit, jacket and pants are not the only ones to think about. In choosing the right model, you will have to decide if you also want a vest. Although 3 pieces may seem too formal, during the summer, for slightly more relaxed outfits, the vest can easily replace the jacket. This gives you more flexibility and can encourage you to opt for a vest suit. You will be able to wear it completely, making sure that the vest is visible only in the lapel area, when you have the jacket closed at the buttons, or decomposed, giving up the jacket, when the situation allows it.What you should know about the jacket? – This men’s costume guide would not be complete if we did not discuss a little about each of the 3 pieces. Regarding the jacket, don’t forget that the models can have buttons arranged in one row (one, two, three or five buttons) or in two rows. The two-row ones are more elegant, especially suitable for tall and slender people and are never worn open! Models with one row and one or two buttons are more classic choices, with more flexibility to wear. Whether you are looking for a men’s suit to wear to a wedding or just want to make your day look casual with a casual suit, we have what you are looking for. Do you want something different from the usual black, gray or navy blue? We have men’s suits in almost every color that allow you to express your individuality. From timeless tweed suits to trendy oversized styles. We invite you to browse our collection of men’s suits to find a style that suits you.


If you still want to know your options for mens suit fashion 2023 keep in mind that:

💙 The classic jacket covers the back, and the short one stops somewhere in the middle of the back;

💙 The jacket may not have a slit at the back or, if it has, it may have one or even two;

💙 The lining can be matched with the jacket, but also in contrast to the print or in plain contrast;

💙 The lap can be straight, round or semi-round;

💙 And the buttonholes and the pocket can be ornamental or classic, completely usable.

Black suit

It may seem strange that this color appears only in 5th place in the ranking of colors recommended for a suit. But the reason is simple: black is not as versatile as before. Black does not “work” for all skin types. A black suit will fit very well on a man with darker skin and brown hair. A black suit is, in theory, indispensable in terms of formal attire. Is it difficult to wear? Yes, but only because it is such a common choice. A black suit takes you out of anonymity when worn correctly, but it can look really awful when worn incorrectly. You can’t hide behind a badly modified or tailored black suit, because you will be categorized as careless. An inappropriate black suit is among the most common clothing mistakes, along with inappropriate shoes, wrong haircuts and “fake” designer clothes. Tips for Wearing a Black Suit Properly:

1. The cross is the most important. If you are going to wear a black suit that does not have the right size, you will need adjustments. If you need to adjust your black suit from your wardrobe, here you can find the best adjustment and modification services in the city. The jacket should be arched at the waist to follow the line of your figure. Also, the length of the sleeves is very important, the cuff of the shirt should be seen with an inch, preferably, under the sleeve of the jacket.

2. Choose a light wool or cotton fabric, as this will help regulate your body temperature when you wear it and will also dress the wearer much better, providing good lightness in movement.

3. Match matching black or slightly contrasting shirts such as white, gray or navy to the black suit, but which should fit the jacket accordingly (eg slim fit jacket, slim fit shirt), to avoid a surplus of visible material. unsightly underneath.

4. For less formal occasions, you can add a handkerchief in a strong contrasting color, polo shirt or a pair of black loafers, made of suede.

5. For formal occasions, you can wear the black suit with a white shirt with black buttons, black bow tie and a pair of black Oxford shoes, which can be an alternative to tuxedo, if you do not have one in your wardrobe.

Dark brown suit

A dark brown suit is suitable for a man with dark hair and olive skin. It can also be worn by certain blondes and redheads. The advantage of a dark brown suit is that it can create an effective image by adding color. It is not a suitable suit for formal situations – never wear it to an event where you are asked for an elegant or business outfit.

There are many and varied reasons why brown is not seen much in the world of work wear, but we believe it is the most underrated color in the world of menswear. Suffice it to say, however, that gray and blue were considered work clothes for the 19th and early 20th centuries, while brown was considered more suitable for country wear. As proof of this, we don’t need to look any further than that old-fashioned saying “no brown in town”. And in this case, we would say so much the better. If you’re going for a full suit in this color, go for a darker shade. It will be easy to create contrasts in your looks that will highlight it. It will go particularly well with navy blue or green.

White suit

If you are not a personality or a star, approaching a white suit can be considered eccentric. A white suit immediately draws attention to him. May be suitable for events where white is specified as a color code or for making a presentation. But a white suit is not a necessity and no priority for a man, which is why it ranks last in the top colors of the costumes you need to have in your wardrobe. The white suit is a rather pretentious piece of clothing, but it should not be missing from a man’s wardrobe. It is suitable for periods when the weather is warmer, because it is harder to maintain and the stains are immediately noticeable. However, this type of suit should not be missing from a man’s wardrobe.

Although it has often been associated with themed or very elegant events, clothing designers believe that this suit can be worn lightly and in a casual outfit. If you are wondering how you can wear the white suit, find out that you have several options available, but it is important that the end result benefits you. Choosing a white suit for your outfit is not as easy a choice as when you opt for a gray or black suit, but you can give life to your outfit and stand out. First of all, if you do not live in an area where temperatures are high all year round, it is essential to opt for this type of suit during the summer, when the temperatures are quite high and there is no chance of rain. Regarding the location or the event for which it is recommended to wear the white suit, the fashion designers recommend that it be worn at outdoor parties. You can also wear this suit if you are invited to a wedding, because avoiding white outfits only applies to women. The white suit is not recommended for going out to the restaurant or for the

The navy suit

The navy suit is a bit more common, with all shades of navy blue included, from the lightest to the darkest. The navy suit is a timeless classic for men, and for good reason. It’s versatile, stylish, and flattering, and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. If you’re looking to invest in a quality suit that will last you for years to come, the navy suit is a great option. Here’s everything you need to know about the navy suit for men. You will find a navy suit in any costume store, this color being ideal for men who simply want to be present through elegance and good taste. It’s a simple, assorted, direct color. Buy a navy suit, choosing a pleasant shade and you will always go straight to the target. The navy suit is a staple in any man’s wardrobe, able to provide the perfect look for any formal or semi-formal event. It is the go-to fashion choice for business events and more conservative social gatherings, as it can be easily accessorized with a crisp white shirt and a tie to create a timeless style. On weekend occasions when a polished, yet slightly more casual look is desired, the navy suit can be paired with a colored shirt, patterned tie and pocket square to add subtle vibrancy. With its versatile looking and easy pairing options, the navy suit will always remain an iconic article of clothing.