Maxi Sweater 2015-2016

Versatile and very chic, the maxi sweater looks great and can make a huge upgrade on your look.

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One of the handiest options is the one that involves pants that follow the leg’s line. They don’t have to be necessarily denim jeans, any other fabric can work depending on the temperature outside. Indeed they are very useful and can be worn in various moments. Of course you should be careful on combo’s and inspiration is for sure important.

Maxi sweater is extraordinary and you can complete your outfit successfully with a pair of over the knee dress and heels if outside is cold and you will for sure look stunning.
This type of sweater is not just versatile but also very warm and comfortable. It can be the base for a very chic and special combo, being able to upgrade your look in any circumstance. Even for a night out in a club or a party. Have you ever thought about that? To wear a sweater at a party can seem very dull at first sight but that shouldn’t be the case. It depends on you if you are able to accessorize it properly and to match it right. For example, you should match it with a pair of leather pants or a light dress.
Still, when going to the office, is it suitable this type of sweater? Well, yes, it can be. Of course it depends a lot on your company’s dress code. If it is allowed then you can try to match it with a long skirt and a pair of boots. Add a thin belt in order to emphasize your waist and you will have a special look.
No matter the combo you decide to choose, the main advantage is the fact that you will feel relaxed and comfortable.