How to Match A Kimono In The Summer

As it is known, the Orient is always an inexhaustible source of inspiration for fashion. Especially this season, when China and Japan were the protagonists of the prints and materials borrowed from their culture. One of the key pieces, which perfectly preserves the oriental tradition, is the kimono.

This summer you have plenty of clothing options, and your wardrobe is probably already populated by the coolest pieces of the season. The kimono is one of the pieces that you may have missed so far, for the simple reason that it has just entered the collections of the big retailers. Here’s what you wear a kimono in a top-ten outfit, which is more than appropriate for a confident fashionista.
Tailored in the form of the letter T, fitted at the waist with a wide belt (ob), with long and wide sleeves and sleeves, with the hem to the ankles, the kimono extends its presence outside the country of origin and the formal appearance.
Currently, in the simplified form with its derivative, the Jinbē, the kimono is a versatile piece, which can be worn in various environments.
If you want even a richer combination of layering outfit in the summer, you can use the kimono made of thin, upholstered material.

The kimono can be integrated into outfits:

Put on a semi-transparent kimono over your bathing suit, add a straw hat, a beach bag / basket and waterproof espadrilles and you’ll instantly create a chic beachwear outfit.

If you want to give your casual outfit a chic look, wear a kimono with floral, ethnic or psychedelic prints along with a pair of high-waisted shorts, low-heeled sandals or chocolates; for a spectacular effect, you can add a hat.

If the job doesn’t require a formal outfit, you can try to anonymously wear a simple outfit, wearing the kimono with a straight-cut dress or a pencil skirt, straight pants or panties.