How to Wear Chinos

1. What are chinos?

If you are wondering what the chino model means, it can be defined as a pair of cotton pants, designed to be worn with casual outfits, but also with office ones. They appeared in the men’s wardrobe for a very long time (half of the 19th century) and continue to be part of it more and more often nowadays.

Chinos can be made in different ways, with various seams and colors, they can be worn even for a city outing or added to a shirt, to outline a more elegant look.

If you wear chinos, you have a lot of options with which you can match them, it being difficult to make a mistake with whatever you choose. You can make countless combinations, but you have to be careful when choosing the colors.

These days, chinos come in all shapes and sizes, but they typically have these characteristics:

 #Flat front (no pleats)
 #Concealed stitching
 #Slanted front pockets
 #Jetted back pockets
 #Zipper fly

We will see how to wear chinos in the best way possible.

2. How do you wear chinos?

Chino pants or chinos are very similar to army style pants, the only difference being that the first ones mentioned do not have clips. As a rule, they lend themselves to the warm season, spring-summer, considering that they are not very warm.
The material from which they are made is 100% cotton in most cases, but there are also pants made of a mix of cotton and polyester (which, however, we do not recommend, because they are not of very good quality). By far the most solid argument for purchasing this type of pants is their versatility. They are very comfortable, and, in addition, they are available in many shades, from the most classic to the most extravagant, precisely to satisfy any clothing preference.

3. Should you cuff your chinos?

It’s not like trying to cuff your wool dress pants. It’s more like cuffing jeans (even easier in many cases).
But just because you can roll up your chinos doesn’t mean you should roll up your chinos.

This is because it shortens your pants and exposes your socks or ankles. It’s a slightly more bold and fashion forward look than non-cuffed chinos.

Also, many guys say that cuffing your pants makes you look shorter and that short men should avoid this at all costs.
There may be some truth to this, but done correctly, I don’t think cuffed chinos make you look shorter.

4. Why chinos are versatile

In terms of formality, they represent the bridge between jeans and elegant trousers. Basically, a neutral shade of chinos can help you increase the level of formality of the outfit, and a colorful pair to tip the scales towards casual. Additionally, if your outfit is too dressy, you can add a pair of chinos to tone down the formality. You can play even more with these pants. If you want to integrate them more easily into your office outfits, you can wear them with stripes. And in the warm season they can be rolled up to fit the context. Chinos can be worn with t-shirts, shirts, and various jackets. And on your feet you can wear anything from moccasins, loafers, boots to sports shoes.

Although these pants are very versatile, we do not recommend wearing them to formal events such as weddings.

5. What shoes do you pair with chinos?

The shoes you wear with chinos can add value to the outfit or, on the contrary, can completely compromise it. In principle, Loafers, Oxfords and sport-casual shoes are the most suitable choices for this type of pants. Chinos will match equally well with a pair of Adidas tennis shoes, if you want a slightly more casual outfit combination . However, you should avoid matching them with boots – especially since these pants are often worn folded at the hem, i.e. with the ankle bare. Also, it’s good to forget about sandals, no matter how casual this option seems to you. They are not at all a good option if you are anywhere other than the beach!