Fall 2023 Accessory Trends

Fall – Do not Forget the accessories

Autumn is the season when you can afford chic and sophisticated outfits. Which is, let’s face it, wonderful. Indeed, as the temperatures are mild, there is no need to hide behind layers of sweaters, coats and hats! But it allows more fantasy unlike summer, when you rarely have to wear more than denim shorts and a T-shirt. Therefore, in autumn we indulge in various mid-season looks, where every detail is important – fall 2023 accessory trends.

Small Accessories


To complete a look, there are several essential accessories. The watch, for example, is one of them. Sporty, chic or casual, it adapts to your own style. For example, it will be highlighted with a cape that will reveal your wrists. If you are more casual, prefer a watch with a leather strap and a fairly minimalist round dial. This is a general rule, which of course can be violated, but only in certain situations. If you fell in love with a certain watch model, you should know that you can wear it anytime, anywhere, but we also have some rules here. It is also important to appreciate if we match our watch depending on the outfit or if we choose the watch to be the main piece of the outfit. Match the type of watch to the activities in which you are involved every day. If you are not sure of the activity you will carry out, match it with what you are wearing. The sports watch with athletic outfits, the elegant watch with business outfits, or the simple watch with casual outfits. For women, the wristwatch can be a piece that completes any clothing style and offers a small detail about the personality of the wearer. Therefore, it deserves to be chosen carefully and especially in accordance with the outfit.

Watches for business outfits – As a rule, watches for formal outfits stand out for their simplicity and minimalist details. You can opt for a model with a metal or leather bracelet that has a white, medium dial.

The right watch for casual wear – Casual outfits are not too pretentious, but we can’t include them in terms of sportswear either. The classic casual watch model is usually one that has a wide leather or metal strap and an analog or digital working principle. Because we are talking about a casual outfit, perfect for outdoor walks, for shopping sessions or going out with friends, then the watch we wear must be just as comfortable. You can choose a watch with a medium or small dial, with a leather bracelet, which sits as comfortably as possible on the wrist.

Stainless steel bracelets match almost anything from business to casual style, while leather straps match a more specific outfit. Women’s watches are based on these basic truisms in such captivating and revealing ways, especially when we consciously use these tips to amaze those around us with a truly unique style. Have you ever seen a luxury watch worn under your sleeve? The way such a watch shines in the light means half of its attraction – if you pair a luxury dial with a sleeveless dress, you see how an accessory watch becomes an indispensable piece. The style of women’s watches is varied, so don’t be afraid to experiment a bit until you find your own style.

Fashion connoisseurs debate the theme of diamonds and crystals on the dial of a watch – some prefer the subtle elegance of a single diamond, others want all the brilliance, the truth is that in the world of fashion everyone’s preferences are respected. Whatever watch you choose, it will be perfect if you wear it with confidence, at the same time it will say a lot about your personality. Get inspired, pay attention to what kind of watch models attract you and build an outfit starting from there. These watches looks great on the wrist and are designed to be noticed. Look for contemporary watches that are engraved, sculpted or have unique metallic components to add more glam to your dress.

Some leather watches are distinguished by shiny details that add style to this conventional look. You can choose watches with stones, crystals and precious stones for more brilliance on your wrist and your personality. Wearing a watch with an evening dress Women’s watches are made in different styles, so don’t be afraid to embrace bold designs. The evening dress should be worn with a glamorous watch to complete the overall look. For this you need to replace the day watch with something that adds a plus to the dress.

Watches can be worn on the right or left wrist, but usually on the dominated hand. For example, if you are left-handed, you will wear the watch on your left hand; if you are right, it is recommended to wear the watch on the right. Wearing a watch involves several rules of fashion and common sense. If you thought it was so simple to just grab it by the wrist, find out. Should you wear the watch on your right or left hand? On the dominant hand or on the non-dominant hand?

RULES for wearing a women’s watch:

  • Should you wear a watch to bed? If you wear a quartz watch or a light watch, these watches will release radiation that will damage your nervous system, and if you wear the watch in bed, the watch is magnetic, and if you keep the same sleeping pattern overnight, it will hurt your body.
  • Which side are you wearing your watch on? The majority rule is to wear the watch on the wrist opposite the dominant hand. For three-quarters or more of the world, the right hand is dominant. Those people would wear their watch on their left wrist. At a time when watches were regularly wound, it made sense to wind them with the dominant hand.
  • Why do the ladies wear watches on their right hand? On some occasions, women use watches more as a fashion accessory than as a necessity, so this may be the reason why they wear them on the right hand – to draw more attention to their style. …
  • If you wear a watch, you should wear it so that it fits your comfort. People usually wear it on the non-dominant hand.

Fall 2023 Accessory Trends
Fall 2023 Accessory Trends
Fall 2023 Accessory Trends
Fall 2023 Accessory Trends


In the same way as the watch, jewelry is a key element of an outfit. Consider overalls to wear over a buttoned shirt or a simple top, so as not to overdo it. Jewelry has not only completed an outfit, but can outline your features. If their choice is not an inspired one, I can highlight those features that do not benefit you. That is why it is advisable to know a few tricks in choosing the right jewelry. And, among the elements you need to keep in mind when doing this are the chromatic, the shape of the face and the shape of the neckline. It all depends on what you wear. If you choose a monochrome style in neutral colors, you can opt for both earrings and a necklace and a ring. However, if the rest of the outfit is very visible – for example, due to the bright colors or characteristic patterns – choose only a pair of simple earrings, for example a screw-type pattern. The answer to the question of how to choose the right jewelry for an outfit also depends on the nature of the styling itself. If you like to dress in rock or boho style, nothing prevents you from completing the outfit with a few bracelets or rings. For a more formal outfit – business or evening – limit the number of shiny accessories so as not to divert attention from the rest of the styling.

Fall 2023 Accessory Trends
Fall 2023 Accessory Trends


The history of the glasses is not very clear, but it is assumed that they appeared during the Roman emperor Nero, who would have watched the gladiator fights in the arena through polished emeralds. It is also known that there were glasses from ancient times that would protect the eyes from the sun reflected on the snow, they were used by the Inuit. The glasses were, in fact, made of ivory, and the wearer looked through a crack that offered a much clearer image, partially protecting from the sun’s rays. With the passage of time and the evolution of humanity, the sunglasses came to be used by more and more people, in Asia it seems that flat smoky quartz lenses were used, even from the twelfth century, but it seems that their role was not one protection, but more precisely the concealment of facial expressions by Chinese judges. Somewhere from the 18th century, James Ayschough came to a conclusion that would revolutionize the concept of sunglasses. He discovered that the blue or green colored lens helps the patient and gives him increased visual comfort. As we well know, the twentieth century is dominated by cinema and also by the invention of silent film, this generated the desire to develop sunglasses, movie stars were the promoters of sunglasses, because they had red eyes from the strong lights. The Foster Grant company, founded by Sam Foster, mass-produced sunglasses for the first time in America. Bausch & Lomb were the ones who provided green lenses glasses to American soldiers during the war. From here, practically started the fashion of the famous model of aviator glasses, used especially by American pilots. Thanks go to Edwin H. Land who invented the polarized lens. Sunglasses are not only a fashionable accessory that gives you visual comfort, they are really useful because they protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the eyes and over time can cause serious eye damage. Moreover, sunglasses also protect you from wind, dust or various particles that may enter your eyes and even from micro-trauma. Thus, the most important features of sunglasses are protection from ultraviolet rays; the quality of the lens, ie to provide a clear, undistorted image; the resistance of the lenses so that, in case of an accident, they do not hurt; appearance. For sunglasses to help you with all of the above, they must be original, quality, not counterfeit. In fact, counterfeit sunglasses are more dangerous to the eyes than if you didn’t wear them at all. Why? It is about the natural reaction of the pupil when it is exposed to light.

Just because it’s autumn doesn’t mean the sun hasn’t come out! So, think about sunglasses: whether they are classic, round, square, graphic or extravagant, they will add style to your outfit. In addition, they have an essential practical role because they protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. I’ve come across many cases where people don’t wear sunglasses because it’s cloudy outside. A very big mistake! Ultraviolet (UV) rays are just as dangerous all year round, including on cloudy days. Vitamin D is assimilated in our body due to the sun. When it is sunny outside, we feel full of life and energetic. But when the sun’s rays reach the maximum level of radiation, they can seriously affect our skin, lips, hair and even our eyes. Each of these parties needs protection. For hair there are special conditioners and hats, for skin and lips – sunscreens and blasphemies, and for the eyes, sunglasses are absolutely necessary. Many of us wear sunglasses just so as not to be disturbed by the sun’s rays that enter our eyes, sometimes forgetting that the lenses of the glasses should not help us look directly at its rays, but provide us with the necessary protection. The shape and quality of the glasses say a lot about us. On vacation or on a trip, extravagant little things are allowed – boldly colored glasses in bright colors. At work or at a formal meeting, we will only go with glasses of a neutral color, with a model that benefits us. The appearance of sunglasses is very important. It is not allowed to have glasses with dusty or dirty lenses, scratched or even broken and glued improvised. If such an accident happens while you are on the road, give up your glasses. No excuse can justify wearing glasses with a cracked frame or chipped lens. If you want to wear matching glasses to your outfit, choose the matching item to be the frame of the glasses, not the lenses. Glasses with red, pink or orange lenses are of a dubious taste and do not even protect your eyes as they should. The dark colors of the lenses are the most suitable.

Fall 2023 Accessory Trends
Fall 2023 Accessory Trends


Always accessorize your face, so you may think about the hat. In addition to being very fashionable again for a few years, it is also an asset for the little ones among you, because it helps to lengthen the figure. Be careful, however, to choose the shape and size according to your face, because not everything fits everyone. There is a design for every occasion and, in addition to protecting you from heat or cold, hats will add style to any look. A beret, a Borsalino hat, a straw hat… the list is endless!

Panama hats

It is a straw hat and, despite its name, they are original from Ecuador. Their name is a mystery, there are theories that they were called Panama, because during the construction of the Panama Canal, US President Roosevelt sent 5,000 hats from Ecuador to improve the working conditions of workers, and the press assumed that this is the country of origin. What we know is that they are perfect to protect us from the heat, they offer elegance and versatility. Most Panama hats are shaped like Fedora or Tribly, but they are made of woven palm leaves or straw, instead of felt. The flexible fabric can be bent and still retain its shape and, unlike most straw hats, can withstand a lot of moisture and drying, without distorting the shape.

Trilby hats

Initially, this hat was designed for men. This accessory gave a seductive look to the dress. But nowadays, women also use this model with which it gives a masculine look to their appearance. Trilby is a widely used hat. Wear it in any season, whether it is cold or hot, it will protect your head from the sun or cold. Choose the material you like and combine it with any of your clothes.


Quite popular today is the brand with the world name “Borsalino”. The hat of this brand has become a kind of mascot for modern dandies. This European brand has always had a high status and did not need an introduction. After fifty years of activity of the company, the production has produced about one million units of hats. The hat of this legendary brand is a rather interesting hairstyle, with medium-sized fields. A distinctive feature is the detailing of the decoration in the form of a ribbon.

Floppy hats

Or the style of the sixties. It is a wide-brimmed hat that falls at eye level. The peak of popularity of this type of hat was in the 1960s. The hippy and bohemian air of this hat made it a classic. Events such as the Coachella Music Festival allow us to enjoy this accessory again, thanks to the choices of celebrities who wear them in very different colors and materials.

Fall 2023 Accessory Trends
Fall 2023 Accessory Trends


The scarf can be an exceptional accessory for autumn. The colorful scarf on the head is the source of inspiration for many fashion designers and bloggers. Whether you go in a convertible car, on a hot day, or simply your hair, one morning, did not want to sit still, the scarf gives an elegant note to any hairstyle. A scarf is an accessory that we should wear more often, it is that piece of material so elegant and timeless! Apart from the obvious color and beauty it offers to an outfit, scarves are not only cute – they are also extremely practical! You can use it in so many ways. You can use women’s scarves around your neck, you can tie your hair or you can even tie it around the handle of your bag! Maybe that’s why all the ladies of the Golden Age of Hollywood wore these stylish women’s scarves, with an unforgettable glamorous air. Regardless of budgets or tastes, there is really something for everyone and it is easier to find cheap women’s scarves that look exactly the opposite than to find a cheap pair of shoes that look more than it cost. Choose bright, cheerful colors or pastel shades – you want something that separates your clothing from your face and offers a bit of style or at least offers a complementary contrast with skin tone. We believe that nude scarves are difficult to wear because they “mix” with the color of the skin! Pay close attention to detail. If you like sequins, embroidery or textures, make sure the threads are not loose and all the details are securely fastened.

Also, choose your decorations wisely. There is no point in buying a scarf with glued rhinestones, because the washing machine will take care of them! Choose a variety of lengths, shapes and thicknesses. You will see that this will help you use scarves in various combinations and patterns.

There is a fabric and a material for each season. Cotton, silk and so on – even thin and fine wool is great for spring and fall. Beware of synthetic fibers, such as polyester and nylon – these are not very good for sensitive skin.

Fall 2023 Accessory Trends
Fall 2023 Accessory Trends


When it comes to fashion, opinions are divided, there are some people who follow the trends, while others are a little more temperamental in this regard. The same goes for accessories. But, because I kept mentioning them, what do you think is that irreplaceable accessory for a woman? No, it’s not the watch, the chain, the bracelet or the scarf. The answer is simpler than you might think: it’s about bags. Indeed, leather bags are a “must” for women, because they are also practical, but they perfectly accompany any outfit. It has always been said that, at some point, what was in trend in a certain period will return to the present after a period of “shadow”. And, apparently, the statement is confirmed, at least when it comes to women’s bags. There are countless models of women’s bags that were fashionable in past seasons, were “forgotten”, and then return in force. You may smile in disbelief, but experts have all agreed that we need classic handbags, genuine leather bags, shoulder bags, leather shoulder bags, and even those in unusual shades, are just some of the models that will bet. The chain strap, in a shadow cone for some time, has returned to trends, and the great fashion designers have decided that it has not yet said its last word in terms of fashion. If such an accessory can be found in your wardrobe, then you can consider yourself lucky, because you are “on the wave”.

Even if this trend seemed at first sight only a summer one, here that for the autumn-winter season it remained in trend. Some time ago, it was a real hysteria to wear leather bags, women’s handbags, shoulder bags or other accessories from the same “family”. Black, silver, gold, blue, red… are colors that do not fail when it comes to women’s bags. Brown? Isn’t that too much? Does it fit or not? These are some of the questions you have, fully justified. During the presentations of the big fashion houses like Dior or Coach, the handbags in brown shades have already made their presence known and it seems that they are very successful. Not every shade of brown is in trend for this fall-winter season, so it would be good to turn your attention to those reminiscent of mahogany, walnut or even chestnut. As for the model, here you have a little more freedom, you can choose the simple, minimalist, but also the modern ones.

Fall 2023 Accessory Trends
Fall 2023 Accessory Trends