Denim Dress

The Denim Dress – More And More Popular

The denim dress is becoming more and more popular and is a must-have in the summer wardrobe. Spotted on celebrities or girls in vogue, you can be inspired by their way of wearing this emblematic piece of clothing for the ’70s.
As the trend of the ’70s and their style compels, the denim dress presents a reinvention and reappearance of the most surprising. Cool and very casual at the same time, just like a pair of jeans, the denim dress is the dress to wear everywhere this summer.

How To Choose It?

If the denim dress has a wide choice of cuts and models, there is one that does not leave the trend of jeans: the shirt dress! Shirt version open to the bottom, up to the waist or up to the hips, it is as timeless as it is comfortable. Better yet, it comes in simply by changing accessories, take turns rock, sports, classic or casual.
To choose a good denim dress, prefer long sleeves, which go up in summer and cover for winter. Station with shirt dresses open all the way down, especially with snaps: they run the risk of untimely opening, and rarely desirable. The perfect model? A shirt shape, with an opening up to the waist or even at the hips, long sleeves or three-quarters.
Does the shirt dress tire you? Explore the range of denim dresses that change style! In the first row, the strapless dress, guaranteed retro pin-up effect. Take the time to try it, on the other hand, to check the ease and softness of the bustier. The tunic dress, on the other hand, delights the comfort lovers, displaying a straight or flared shape, but little adjusted. Choose it above the knee and short-sleeved or three-quarters, to compensate for its width.
As for opting for a versatile dress, focus on simplicity! The more sober the denim dress is, the easier it is to play with its volumes and accessories.
A model of flexibility, the denim dress adapts easily to seasonal changes. Boots and tights under a big vest in winter, sleeveless with belt and sandals in summer… she knows how to do everything, or almost! The real choice is at the material level: good jeans can sometimes lack flexibility.
Do you plan to wear your dress on the skin? In the case of strapless dresses, in particular, check the interior finishes and seams. Real denim has thick seams that can irritate sensitive skin.

How To Wear a Denim Dress With Style

In retro version. With a higher collar and long sleeves, the maxi jean dress, with a more country style, will make you stand out. You can modernize it with a pair of summer boots in shades of gold and with a more messy hairstyle.

In the Bardot version. That is, with bare shoulders. The denim dress with bare shoulders and ruffles is very popular this summer. Paired with Ray Ban glasses and a Panama hat, it can become the ideal outfit for the beach.

Male-female version. Contrary to what we might think, the denim dress can also be the key element of a very edgy androgynous look. For an extremely urban summer look, you can wear it with a pair of white moccasins. Simple but effective.

In the Coachella version. With a “Wild, Wild West” ambiance, the denim dress looks best in a more folk ambiance. You can wear it with suede boots, a fringed bag and other camel accessories.

In girly version. The jeans dress also has a bustier version and looks great. But you can change it a little if you don’t want to be too girly and wear it with a pair of boots and a leather jacket.

The denim dress is one of the must-have pieces in the women’s wardrobe. Timeless and timeless, the denim dress hasn’t wrinkled and reinvented itself over the course of collections with increasingly feminine cuts.
To wear a stylish denim dress, all you have to do is keep an eye out and learn how to pair the right pieces with the right colors.
From the casual look to the chic look, there are many different cuts of dress. The cuts are endless and it’s easy to create your own style.

Denim is king of casual looks. With its casual look, jeans are perfect for a casual style. However, there are many ways to wear the denim dress in style.

Contrary to popular belief, many jackets will easily match your denim dress.

Choose the cut of your dress according to your dress style.

– For a rock look, you can opt for a perfecto.
– For a casual look, turn to knitwear by elegantly superimposing the layers.

A slightly oversized colored cardigan can add a real touch to your outfit.

What vest with a denim dress? The knitted vests go very well with the denim dress. But be careful to choose the right length! Your vest should neither be too long nor too short.

What shoes to wear with a denim dress? In summer it’s easy! We put on a pair of sneakers or sandals like spartans or espadrilles and voila. Pretty camel wedges will go perfectly for a neater look with light jeans.
In winter, we opt for boots! Boots, ankle boots, heeled boots, thigh high boots.

If you find that your look with your denim dress is too casual, you can add a chic touch very easily with accessories. A beautiful leather belt, an elegant hat, a scarf, etc.
Think of the patterns to bring a touch of freshness. The floral prints go very well with denim. The leopard is also very interesting if it is used sparingly.
This must sublimate your look and be in line with the clothing style you have chosen.

If you’re wearing a light shirt dress denim dress in summer, accessorize it with a pretty chic wicker basket.
If your outfit is already sophisticated, opt for a leather handbag.

The denim dress is a flagship piece of the Neo-bourgeois look. Does that surprise you? We explain to you!

To gentrify this outfit, which is more of a casual style, we choose very raw jeans. The dress must be structured with a Madame-style cut emphasizing the size. So you should choose a dress with a trapeze or skater cut that stops below the knees.

To add the chic touch you want, just belt your dress with a leather belt and wear high boots. You can even try the beautifully tied scarf on your neck or the felt hat to look even more sophisticated!

Denim Dress Reviews:

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C/Meo Collective Women’s Sleeveless Fit and Flare Denim Peripheral Dress with Button Front Detail

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