Chino Pants 2015-2016

Chino pants are a well known type of pants. They are also very trendy during the latest years.

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For the ones who don’t know, the name Chino is the Spanish term for Chinese and it refers to the cotton twill fabric that those pants are made of in China. They were adopted by the American fashion a long time ago.
The chino pants are very comfortable and easy wear in any season. They look very chic and can be a great option for a pair of denim jeans.
Chino pants are a versatile option that can make you look very chic on every occasion.
This type of pants is a staple in the men’s wardrobe for a long time ago. Originally, they were worn in the army. Some specialists are placing the chino pants somewhere between khakis and dress pants.
Chinos are amazing, this is obvious and, as I was saying above, they are an excellent option to denim jeans. Indeed, they truly are a step up in dressiness. Chino pants are great for semi-formal occasions like a walk in the park, a romantic dinner or a night-out with friends. All are great places to wear chinos. They can easily create a casual business get-up if you pair them with a simple formal shirt and a sport blazer. It’s all up to you.