Cargo Pants For Women 2024


Cargo Pants For Women 2024 are among the must-have pieces of clothing of the season. After their fulminant success in the 90s, they disappeared for a while from the preferences of fashionistas, but nowadays they are back in the spotlight and are much more feminine, trendier and more comfortable than ever. There is such a wide variety of patterns, colors and textures that it will be extremely easy for you to integrate them into a casual outfit. Find out how stylists advise you to wear women’s cargo pants and what mistakes you should avoid when building an outfit with this super cool item of clothing!

Cargo pants were designed for the British military uniform, but entered mainstream fashion and were originally worn by men. Because they are super comfortable and look great, they were quickly adopted by women’s fashion as well. Cargo pants generally have a soft-to-the-touch fabric and loose fit that doesn’t restrict your movement but gives you an aura of confidence. A defining feature of this type of pants is the pockets. Originally, they were intended to store tools, maps, ammunition or other items, but today they have only an aesthetic character. However, to be considered cargo pants, there must be at least one side pocket, positioned about mid-thigh.

Women’s cargo pants are very versatile. Depending on their model (loose or narrow at the ankle) and material, there are countless possible outfit combinations. But, before seeing some original outfit ideas with these pants, here are some style rules you must respect:

-Cargo pants go best with tank tops and fitted shirts

-To achieve a balance in your outfit, combine them with short tops

-Since these pants are a statement piece in themselves, they should be paired with a simple top -Use accessories like sunglasses and bandanas to get an original look

-Experience all models of cargo pants (wide-leg, tight at the ankle, high or low waist, colored in several shades, etc.)

Original outfits with cargo pants for women

With a simple top – The most popular clothing combination of women’s cargo pants is with a simple crop top because this way you get a balanced, relaxed and clean outfit. Basic t-shirts, in neutral colors such as white, black or cream allow the trousers to stand out, but you can also create a monochromatic outfit, in shades of beige or khaki.

With a short oversized top – You can never go wrong with oversized tops. It can be a t-shirt, short hoodie or a super cool shirt. For a wow effect, apply a simple trick: tie the shirt in the front or back, or tuck the center front half of the shirt inside the pants for a rebellious look.

With a fancy top – For an original outfit, you can choose a t-shirt with a graphic print or a bright sweater or a geometric pattern. Make interesting color combinations like brown with pale blue or forest green cargo pants with a strong purple top.

With feminine blouses – On days when you want to be comfortable, but not lose your femininity, you can opt for a pair of cargo pants in a thin and soft material and combine them with a delicate blouse. If it’s summer, opt for an off-the-shoulder top in light colors. To complete the look, go for cool accessories and refined footwear.

With heels – When you want to add seriousness to your look, you can wear slim cargo pants, matched with a simple white shirt and heels. Complete the outfit with a large shoulder bag and silver jewelry.

With scarves – A very cool option is to enhance your look by adding different scarves or bandanas to your outfit. These accessories will add glamor and bring you out of anonymity.

Arguments to wear cargo pants

There are several arguments in favor of women wearing cargo pants. Here are a few:

Functionality: Cargo pants are known for their practicality and functionality. They typically feature multiple pockets, which can be incredibly useful for carrying items such as keys, wallets, smartphones, and other everyday essentials. These extra pockets eliminate the need for carrying a bag or purse, providing convenience and freedom of movement.

Comfort: Cargo pants are often made from durable, breathable fabrics such as cotton or twill, which provide comfort throughout the day. They typically have a relaxed fit and offer ample room for movement, making them an excellent choice for active lifestyles or outdoor activities. The loose-fitting nature of cargo pants can also be more comfortable for some women compared to tight-fitting pants.

Fashion statement: Cargo pants have become a fashion staple over the years, and they can add a unique and edgy touch to an outfit. Many fashion designers have incorporated cargo pants into their collections, giving them a trendy and fashionable appeal. Wearing cargo pants can be a way to express personal style and make a bold fashion statement.