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Until the 19th century, the whole of Europe wore nightgowns, tailored similarly, but with small details differ in the models for women than those for men. In general, both variants were straight, knee-length and split on the side, with long, curly sleeves and a chest adorned with various embroideries. Beginning in the 1870s and 1880s, British colonialists stationed in India adopted the wearing of garments called “paejama”.

Well, it seems that this question – what women are allowed to wear in the bedroom – has given rise to public debate and moments of moral panic, especially in the Victorian era. Those long unisex and oversized nightgowns, which the collective consciousness visualizes due to the screenings after Dickens, Tolstoy, Eyre or Zola, dressed the women in a kind of shapeless bag, which completely covered any physical feature, turning them into pseudo – children: arms, shoulders, breasts, knees, ankles, back, everything was completely covered.

And then, because it is not in vain that we associate France with seduction, l’amour and frivolities, women’s nightgowns began to be adorned with French Chantilly lace. With ivory, mother-of-pearl, enameled or ebony buttons. With satin and velvet ribbons.

In her essay entitled A History of Sleepwear, Yvette Mahé writes that the above-mentioned frivolities were not well received by the pillars of society, who interpreted these extravagant women as a sign of their moral depravity. In other words, nightwear became an awkward issue of morality, because it made men think about what women do in the bedroom and therefore what most people do in bed. On the one hand, sleep is the most innocent activity. However, progress was inevitable, censorship was done only by the eyes of the world, and the late 1890s also meant an explosion of Victorian pornography (photographs, books with erotic illustrations, engravings) to all of Europe, but also a fashion of kits. The bride, in which the nightgowns become translucent, has a cropped or bare back and are variously decorated.

In parallel, the suffrages, and the first indications of female emancipation appeared, it is too early to call it “feminism”. But by 1920 women gained the right to vote, earn a living on their own, could travel and live in the city without being married. The First World War, then the Second World War, showed that when men “disappear” from society for a while, women continue to do just fine, thank you very much. At the same time, “the flapper girls” appeared, who danced until dawn, drove cars, drank cocktails, smoked and blushed in public, but especially wore straight dresses with fringes, which revealed their knees and thighs to the rhythm of Charleston. Young women who were too poor to drink champagne or buy satin dresses and those who lived too far from bright and effervescent cities were content to go to the movies and catch a movie with Clara Bow. Which, for them, had become a landmark of the new femininity because she was a sort of Carrie Bradshaw of that era.
Fashion continued, throughout the twentieth century, to move in sync with the waves of feminism. Each time, the style – lengths, cuts, volumes – was adjusted accordingly, whether we are talking about the fashion of the steamy and exotic caftans from the ’70s, or (no further than last year) of pajamas worn on the street.

The way we sleep influences the beginning of the next morning and affects the way we feel throughout the day, so it is very important to sleep well every night. And when we are looking for comfort and warmth for the rest, no matter how hard it may be to believe, we must keep in mind that this depends on several factors such as a good mattress, a fluffy pillow and of course excellent pajamas. If we do not get enough rest because pajamas keep us cold or make us sweat all night, our mood will suffer and this will affect the vibe of the whole day. Therefore, good pajamas play an essential role in our lives, even if we do not give them any importance. But between us, when a busy day ends, there is nothing more pleasant than getting home and after a relaxing shower to put on your favorite pajamas.

Materials suitable for pajamas for women:

What is the most comfortable material from which best womens pjs 2023 can be made?

Cotton – It is not a pretentious material, it is not expensive either, we find it in a lot of products that we wear every day. The fact that it is so common should not make you avoid it, on the contrary; is the most friendly, comfortable and easy to maintain option that you can enjoy. Cotton allows the skin to breathe because it encourages unhindered air circulation. Thus, it absorbs perspiration quickly, but also releases it just as easily. Wash in the car, without too many precautions. Being a natural fiber, cotton is very well tolerated even by people with allergies, atopic dermatitis or other sensitivities. However, regular cotton is not very effective for people who sweat profusely and is not the preferred option in the cold season or for people who like to sleep in cool rooms, unless you have an efficient blanket to keep warm.

Cashmere – Would you have thought that there were cashmere pajamas? Well, as unlikely as it may seem, they exist and have an absolutely unique and unmatched texture, soft and silky. Its function as a thermal insulator is also spectacular. The elasticity makes cashmere an excellent comfortable material. And finally, cashmere is water resistant so you are free to sweat no matter what.
Of course, there are disadvantages. The cost of the material is much higher than others. Obtaining cashmere is done through a cruel process against animals. And maintenance is difficult and involves manual washing or dry cleaning.

Silk – Probably the material that best inspires the idea of ​​luxury and sophistication. Excellent soft, it allows air circulation, being one of the best choices for the warm season. Being so cool, silk is avoided in the cold season, so such an option for pajamas is absolutely seasonal.
Another important advantage of silk is its appearance: by absorbing bright colors, the material seems to shine in the light. But there are also some disadvantages related to this fiber: it does not resist ironing well, changing its color, and the material tends to degrade when you sweat regularly. In winter, you can choose to invest in a full-length women’s pajama set, so that you are covered and the silk can do its magic completely.

Bamboo – Bamboo textiles are in vogue today, being marketed as coming from an intensely renewable resource and being a natural fiber. It is true, as it is also true, that their texture is very pleasant, comparable to that of Supima cotton. What you need to know about bamboo is that it allows good ventilation, does not absorb moisture, but contributes to its evaporation, is hypoallergenic and seems to have antibacterial properties. Unfortunately, in the production process, cotton fiber is often contaminated with all sorts of chemicals that are no longer eco-friendly at all. Because the production process is very polluting, the use of bamboo for textile production is considered unsustainable.

Flannel – Flannel is a fiber that, in the past, was obtained from wool scraps; At present, wool, cotton or synthetic fiber is used for the production of flannel. It is a soft and fluffy material, thanks to the twisted fibers, so it is preferred for pajamas, bedding and other types of underwear.
Due to its fluffy structure, flannel is very effective in maintaining body heat, therefore it is the most suitable option for winter. You will find it in many pajamas with themed prints and it will embrace you with its pleasant and warm texture. It is the best choice to laze at home, to drink cocoa, milk wrapped in your favorite blanket, in the most comfortable place on the couch, in front of the TV or fireplace. And flannel pajamas can also be an inspired gift around the winter holidays.

How do we choose pajamas

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, so if we say things by name, it really matters how you choose your pajamas. And nowadays, it is all the more difficult as there are so many models, materials, sizes and colors, that it seems like you would always prefer to stay with that wide T-shirt you had in high school and a pair of yoga pants. But there comes a time in any woman’s life when she needs and deserves a real pajama, which is both comfortable and beautiful. But how do you choose the perfect pajamas, when you have so many options at hand? Well, if you follow the tips in this article, you will be able to choose the perfect pajamas for you in just a few simple steps!

Material – the most important asset

Your sleep should be peaceful, and you should feel extremely comfy, therefore, your pajamas should be made of a soft, pleasant to the touch material, which will keep you warm and let your skin breathe. Cotton, silk or flannel are some of the most popular materials that meet all the conditions for a good and restful sleep. A cotton pajama will successfully protect you from the cold during the night, and in the morning you will not wake up sweaty or irritated. A light silk pajamas is perfect for summer nights, and flannel pajamas will be the ideal choice to combat the winter cold.

The size of the pajamas

If you also think that a wider pajamas, with two larger numbers, will be more comfortable, well, nothing more fake. The night pajamas must be chosen according to the size you are wearing. Thus, it will not be too tight and uncomfortable, and during the night it will stay well on your body and will protect you from the cold.

Disturbing details

When choosing pajamas, your comfort must come first. So avoid pajamas with oversized labels, buttons or staples as much as possible. All these details that may seem insignificant, will have a huge impact and will irritate and disturb you when you try to find the perfect sleeping position.


It is very important to have summer pajamas and winter pajamas. If we want to sleep well, we have to adapt to the temperature of the season. Nobody likes to wake up frozen in the cold or sweating in the middle of the night. We need to wear appropriate pajamas.

The pajama pattern

Night pajamas are one of those intimate garments that you can wear without prejudice. So the model you choose is in line with your nature. You can choose a cute print with animals, with cartoon characters, or you can opt for minimalist, geometric prints or, why not, you can choose a simple pajamas, in one color.

Your sleep pattern

What you wear in bed can seriously affect your sleep, so it is important to choose exactly what suits you. If you are a colder person, who jumps between the covers at any breeze, then you definitely need a thick pajamas, made of flannel or plush. If you can’t stand the heat, you sweat and you feel like your pajamas are sticking to you, a satin or silk pajamas is the ideal choice.

Model of pajamas for women:

Pajamas with shorts – we are talking about models of summer pajamas with shorts, above the knee or very short. The difference is made by the top depending on the season. For summer you will choose pajamas with a top with thin straps or a T-shirt, and in the colder season you will choose long-sleeved blouses or shirt-type blouses.

Best Womens pjs 2023
Best Womens pjs 2023

Pajamas with long pants – In this category of pajamas, the emphasis is on pants regardless of the material. Often these pajama pants for women, because they are very comfortable, are more used at home around the house and not necessarily for sleeping, especially if the house is warm. Pajamas with long pants are preferred by people with cold or poor circulation, by people with temporary health problems, such as colds, pregnant women.

Best Womens pjs 2023
Best Womens pjs 2023

Pajamas without pants – This category includes nightgowns, from very sexy to very simple. And here there are summer and winter variants, from “spaghetti” straps to long sleeves. And depending on the season, the materials differ from thin cotton knits, with possible messages or funny designs, to more or less transparent silk or satin pajamas, with lace inserts.

Best Womens pjs 2023
Best Womens pjs 2023

Lesser known benefits of pajamas

Classic pajamas – This model of pajamas is the most common. Every season, thousands of sleepwear brands reinvent the classic pajamas using different materials, shades and prints because it does not go out of style. There is a fairly simple reason that explains their popularity and the fact that we never get tired of them – they simply serve their main purpose – pajamas exist because we felt the need to wear more comfortable clothes during sleep. And the classic pajamas, usually made of cotton (attention – for maximum comfort and safety, we want to opt for organic cotton), makes our sleep much more restful. Its cut is usually a little loose.

Steamy pajamas, such as silk or viscose – Steamy pajamas are, in fact, an experience. An experience that every woman should have at some point. This model of pajamas does not bring as much femininity as it brings refinement. It is a more refined, more elegant and more delicate way to sleep. First of all, the experience we have when wearing such a set is similar to the pampering evenings in which we treat our skin with moisturizing oils – the sensation on the skin is the same. Be careful not to confuse satin with truly natural materials.

Fun facts:

Where do we get the pajama sets with the blouse and pants now? – Obviously, from Great Britain, because those settlers who brought with them the trends seen in India also improved them along the way. Thus, a matching blouse, made of the same material, was added to the wide and comfortable pants.

How has Coco Chanel contributed to the evolution of pajamas? – In the 1920s, during the First World War, the great lady of international fashion introduced satin and silk pajamas, consisting of a blouse and trousers in women’s fashion. Thus revolutionizing the look of underwear, Coco Chanel made women give up the traditional long nightgowns, and try much more comfortable pajamas.

How many of us really wear pajamas? – Well, there are extensive studies on the popularity of pajamas in Western countries. For example, in the United States, 69% of men and 86% of women wear pajamas or some form of nightwear. In the UK, 53% of men wear pajamas (while the rest prefer to sleep naked), and of British women, 83% prefer pajamas or other forms of nightwear. Moreover, in recent years, over 80% of those who work from home confess that they prefer to work sitting in their pajamas, thus feeling much more relaxed and considering that they have a much higher work productivity.