Best Swimsuits 2023


The holiday is at the corner, and the thought inevitably flies for sea or swimming pools, tan on the sand or on the lounger and at the… best swimsuits 2023. Trends in swimwear are in line with those in the fashion world, every time… we would like to have at least one new model. But have you thought about what women’s swimsuits looked like in their early days?


The swimsuit story begins in the ancient period, when the Greeks and Romans relaxed in public baths. While the ancient Greeks used to do this nude, the Romans wore some sort of fissures that covered their intimate parts. After the fall of Rome, however, with the beginning of the period called by historians as the Middle Ages, this habit of bathing was forgotten. Swimming and generally the idea of ​​bathing has become taboo actions in society. At that time, people believed that water was causing illness and infection and that was why they avoided it. In the Middle Ages, the public baths of antiquity continued to exist, somewhat shy. In the 16th century, after the plague epidemic broke out, public baths almost disappeared. The explanation is that in such places the diseases spread very easily, and people started to avoid them. It was only in the early 1800s that people began to look at water as a source of amusement. Not the sun, though. At that time, the tanned skin was a sign of poverty. In the nineteenth century, people bathed the bathroom with the whole body covered. Women were wearing stones in their dresses for not floating in the water. Moreover, bathing in the sea was a private thing. Women, in particular, were calling for a kind of what was being carried in the water by a driver-driven horse. Once in the place of bathing, the women changed into the cabin in some wool suits and went out to bathe. The beginning of the twentieth century changed the public perception of bathing in public spaces, swimming becoming a legitimate leisure activity, and the special outfit for the swamp took shape. From the women’s costume, the hats and gloves were removed, the standard clothing covering only the torso, arms and legs. A decade later, the true transition took place, the sleeves disappearing and the size of the trousers pulled down. Women began to look for swimming not only as a leisure opportunity, but also as a sporting competition. As a result, the swimsuit has been adapted to the new sport so it is comfortable and improve swim speed. Since then, the bathing suit has grown in size and has grown more and more on the body, despite objections from the conservatives and those who support the concept of morality.

How do we choose the swimsuit?

Summer is ahead – the most beautiful season of the year! It’s time to plan your vacation and prepare a list of things you need to travel. If you go to the seaside or on the shores of a lake, it’s time to look for a perfect swimsuit. Swimsuits made of bra and panties are the models that reign on the beaches. They perfectly emphasize the bust, reveal the abdomen and back, thus allowing a more uniform tan. They are also extremely sensual, as they expose all the advantages of a female figure! We present to you, different models of women’s suits in two pieces, so that each of you can choose something for yourself.

How to choose your swimsuit according to your skin tone – Even if we want to wear everything, it is true that some colors highlight us much more than others. Just as swimsuit models are adapted to body shape, colors are adapted to our skin tones. Have you ever wondered if a color matches the tone of your skin? Should it highlight your golden tan or should it be avoided? If you have very white skin and find it difficult to tan, opt for dark shades such as black, dark green, navy blue, purple or even red. The advantage of dark swimsuits is that they are quite easy to find in any store, because they are very popular. Ideal colors for very white skin. If you have very white skin and find it difficult to tan, opt for dark shades such as black, dark green, navy blue, purple or even red. The advantage of dark swimsuits is that they are quite easy to find in any store, because they are very popular. Avoid yellow, orange or beige tones at any cost. The goal is to play the contrast card without emphasizing your pallor. Ideal colors for golden skin. The perfect shade for an enviable tan! It’s only been a few hours since you exposed yourself and you already have beautifully tanned skin? With this shade, everything suits you and you can let your imagination and creativity run wild! You will look great in cold and warm colors, in nudes and neon, in solid colors, as well as in printed suits. You can wear absolutely anything, bright, vibrant and even white colors that will highlight your tanned skin in a very attractive way! Ideal colors for very dark skin. Which color is best for dark skin tones? Well … you would look great in all colors. The white or yellow swimsuit will go great on dark skin! You can also play with contrasts and choose bright colors to make your tan even more visible! Ideal colors for blondes and brunettes. If you have white skin, which is hard to tan, opt for contrast, dark colors that will pleasantly highlight your porcelain look. Navy blue, emerald green or even black and intense purple are swimsuit colors, ideal for blondes or brunettes, which will suit you perfectly.

Shape of your Body

The apple-shaped body, with narrow hips and waist and prominent bust, will benefit from high-cut suits in slippers for visual stretching of the legs. It is recommended that the top of the costume has a unique print. It also avoids the thin bra straps and chooses a little wider. Swimsuits 2023 offers you a lot of options for that.

If the shape of the rectangle is characterized, when the body has a slightly more masculine and more sporty body, with shoulders, breasts, waist and symmetrical hips, choose full swimsuits with the middle cut to create the impression of a thinner waist. Do not get around the triangle bra, with or without push-up suits, which are feminine and where you can place the cup as you wish, thanks to adjustable strings. Of course we can say that swimsuits 2023 is generous in enough on this.

The shape of the reversed triangle of the body, where the bust and shoulders are protruding, while the waist is small and the narrow hips require a bathing suit with the straps that tie to the neck, with a bra well made to properly support the breasts.

A harmonious look of the body can be achieved even better in this case with retro inspirational suits that emphasize the waist, bust and posterior. To highlight part of your body, choose a strong color or a model suite. To hide a defect, choose one color in one color. If you have open skin, choose black swimwear, dark purple, blue or brown tones. If you have darker skin, the strong colors will put you in the best position. To add volume to the bust or hip area, pick up something with the bumps. An always good choice is to wear, for example, a brightly colored bra that puts your neck in value, and a slip in a single dark color to hide some more bulky hips.

Traditional women’s swimsuits 2023 have been modified accordingly to the current trends and design solutions.This season is full of great and amazing swimsuits 2023.

Basic rules for choosing a swimsuit

First of all, you need to know what kind of swimsuit you want in terms of clothing style! Think about the activities you like to do at the beach, how you want to look and what you want to … transmit!

Feminine style – with ruffles, polka dots, pastel colors, floral print and normal cut

Sexy style – animal print print, low-cut or cropped model, slip string, push-up bra

Classic style – sailor print or neutral colors, simple cut

How to match swimsuits

Even if you could wear last year’s holiday swimsuit this summer, I am convinced that, in general, you would prefer to buy a new one! So, if you haven’t gone on vacation yet, or even if you have already been, you can take advantage of the substantial discounts in stores to buy a perfect swimsuit! Below you will find some basic rules for choosing a swimsuit, a stylistic guide with an auxiliary role, with a focus on clothing style and an illustrated “explanatory dictionary”! First of all, you need to know what kind of swimsuit you want in terms of clothing style! Think about the activities you like to do at the beach, how you want to look and what you want to … transmit!

Feminine style – with ruffles, polka dots, pastel colors, floral print and normal cut.

Classic style – sailor print or neutral colors, simple cut.

Sexy style – animal print print, low-cut or cropped model, slip string, push-up bra.

Once you have identified the style of clothing that suits you at the beach, think about how much you want to cover, what “effects” you want your swimsuit to have and balance the arguments, to reach a relevant conclusion!

Feel good in your body?

  • If you have small breasts, you should choose a headband with gathers that will create an illusion of volume
  • If you have large breasts, choose a swimsuit with ties, a choker and a plunging neckline
  • If you have wide hips, big buttocks? Try to avoid trying to camouflage them at all costs, because in the end it accentuates them: for example, nothing worse than a low waist boxer who kicks the leg. You should rather choose a low-cut panty, if possible with tassels (small laces) which soften the wide hips effect.
  • If you have cellulite on your legs? Just one word: tan! By optical effect, this reduces the orange peel.

Some general recommendations:

– it is preferable to choose parts that allow you to “adjust” them to a certain extent, so that they fit you perfectly – e.g. straps that can be “tightened / widened”, a closure system with several options (like a bra), etc.

– the material from which it is made must be suitable for the context – for example, if you wear it to the pool and you may not even want to make contact with water, you can even choose a crocheted pattern; instead, it would be unsuitable for standing on sand or entering water, e.g.

– the color should benefit you: turquoise highlights the tanned skin very well; on the other hand, if your skin is very white and you do not want to tan, you benefit from pastel colors and black or a too strong contrast should be avoided , this would make you look very pale.

– the most important thing is to feel good and confident; if a certain model makes you feel good and you feel represented, ignore all the other things, forget about the “rules” and wear it.

Types of swimsuits

Two-piece swimwear – When it comes to two-piece swimwear, renowned online brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Jolidon, Astratex, H&M, Reserved, Guess try to conquer us with increasingly sophisticated models and suitable for all types body and budget. Some provide us with cheap swimsuits, others more expensive, however, they all have the same purpose, to offer women the best options. A fabulous selection of two-piece swimsuits with floral and geometric prints to choose from, as well as bold colors and neutral shades. Two-piece swimsuit models are some of the most popular styles worn by women on the beach every summer.


– The possibility to make several unique combinations (either you buy your briefs and tops separately, or you buy two or three swimsuits that you combine later, this option giving you the opportunity to show off with a fresh look, leaving the impression that wear a new suit every time you appear);

– They are more practical in terms of dressing / undressing (you are on a beach that does not have spare cabins and the top with ruffles or sponge has not dried yet, and you have to leave? The fact that the bra is independent of the panties will allows you to take it out from under the blouse more easily, after you dress with it);

– A more uniform tan and on a larger surface (you can also avoid the white and unsightly stripes on the chest and neck, if the top has removable straps or you choose to open them while lying on the beach);

– The ease of adapting your beach outfit according to the strengths you want to highlight or, on the contrary, the small imperfections of the body you want to mask.

Disadvantages of the two-piece swimsuit:

– Leaves more skin exposed, thus increasing the risk of burns. Sunscreen should not be missing from your beach bag, regardless of the type of your swimsuit!

– Unlike the whole swimsuit, the two-piece one is less stable, being able to create small unpleasant surprises when getting out of the water (especially if there are waves), if you practice a water sport or swim more energetically.

Printed Swimwear – Prints of all kinds are very popular. Whether we are talking about animal-print, geometric, floral or even fruit, the psychedelic patterns on the swimsuit will highlight your hydrated skin and copper. The deux-piece suit consisting of swimsuit and bra remains the most practical for women who want to spend time in the sun. This year, she wears straps tied around her neck and high-waisted briefs. Printed swimsuit for a small bust – Forget your complexes if you have them, a wide range of swimsuits are available to you. In order not to flatten your chest and on the contrary gain in volume, favor swimsuits with fringes, those with multiple ruffles or even large prints! Creating a real illusion around your chest, it will sublimate your bust even more if you are thin. When it comes to form, almost anything is allowed: just avoid the swimmer style. The traditional triangles and bands will suit you much better! Printed Pattern Swimsuit for Busty Women – If you want to be sexy, black triangle tops will look great on you … but we can’t guarantee a wave won’t win! Woman with large breasts, the best is to opt for a top that will not let you down and for this, whales are very strongly recommended. Bringing you comfort and safety, it will enhance your shapes. If two-pieces aren’t your favorite, don’t forget that cute one-piece swimsuits are waiting for you! With a knot at the back, with ruffles, etc. on Les Petits Imprimés, we offer a whole range of them. Which printed swimsuits for little girls with thin hips? Lucky you can afford anything! Thin hips offer a lot of possibilities at the bottom of a swimsuit and it all depends on what you like. To highlight the delicacy of your hips, you can simply show them off proudly with very beautiful swimsuits open on the sides. You can still bet on a bottom with ruffles, braids on the side and of course on the colors that will attract attention! At first glance, anyone would say that a swimsuit with a floral print requires a caftan or uni beach dress, in a neutral color. Well, you have to be more daring and “play” whenever you have the opportunity with your outfits. So, match a flowery swimsuit with a flowered caftan! It does not have to have the same print as the swimsuit, but it is important to fit in the same color register. Avoid heels or platforms in this case, but choose a pair of beach slippers as neutral as possible. Swimsuits printed with an asymmetrical top are extremely versatile because they can be worn even in the evening, for dinner, as long as they are properly styled.

Choose a nude men’s suit below which to wear the asymmetrical top of your swimsuit. Add a pair of oversized round earrings and a gold necklace as long as possible and you will be sexy & stylish! Swimsuits printed with an asymmetrical top are extremely versatile because they can be worn even in the evening, for dinner, as long as they are properly styled. Choose a nude men’s suit below which to wear the asymmetrical top of your swimsuit. Add a pair of oversized round earrings and a gold necklace as long as possible and you will be sexy & stylish! A high-waisted, retro-style printed brief can be worn with a white shirt knotted at the waist. This will have the effect of shorts. If you are not comfortable with this option, wear printed swimsuits, retro style, with a long dress made of mesh or silk veil. The swimsuit will look discreet under it and your outfit will be wow!

Tank Top Swimwear – A tank top swimsuit is similar to a sports bra, except it covers less area. Tank top swimsuits are not normally worn alone, but rather under a wet suit or speedo. Although tank tops aren’t necessarily intended to serve as swimsuits per se, they do provide excellent support for active lifestyles. Many companies now produce tanks that include built-in bras, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of a supportive garment without worrying about exposing themselves. While tank tops are more affordable than others, they tend to run smaller sizes, so it’s important to check sizing before ordering. Plus size women should consider going sleeveless to avoid showing off large arms.

High Cut Bathers – If you want full coverage without having to sacrifice comfort, high cut bathers may be the right choice for you. These bathing suits often feature a higher waistline (or bandeau) that provides support for a woman’s curves. High cut bathers are becoming increasingly popular again due to current fashions. Some designers are combining traditional elements of the bather with modern styling and materials. Since the mid 1990s, many manufacturers have begun offering products based on retro looks and updated silhouettes.

High-waisted swimsuits – I think this is the trend of the year. Although it still appears in the collections of designers for a few years, I have rarely seen on our beaches or in the pools a cooler girl or sometimes totally uninspired. This is the retro-inspired swimsuit that covers more than we used to at the bottom. If you want to adopt a retro look, don’t hesitate to wear a model with a gingham print. We will not hesitate to opt for floral patterns, animal print or even tie dye. The less daring women will be able to bet on simple models without any artifice: black, white or even navy blue. But whoever says summer, also says bright colors and ultra glitz. The high-waisted swimsuit in fuchsia pink or “Illuminating” yellow, Pantone’s color of the year, are two great choices. I think this is my favorite trend this year and I still think it helps when you want to mask a more “unworked” abdomen. Hence my prefecture for this brief model. Or it may be age. Do you know?

Asymmetrical swimsuits – I don’t know if this trend has been around in the past few seasons, but this year I’ve seen a lot of models both on catwalks and in stores, so I’m sure it’s a thing. Some simply have an asymmetrical cut, others have ruffles on the top, others have a shoulder strap, they are either whole or in two pieces, in any color and print. They look very chic to me, but I would wear them all after I got tanned. At the same time, they seem to me to be integrated in summer outfits, not only at the beach or at the pool.

Full swimsuits – The full suit is back in fashion! If you want to be in tune with the trends, be careful not to miss your wardrobe this summer. Opt for vintage swimsuit models, which echo the times when voluptuous divas like Marilyn Monroe made the law in the fashion world. Don’t miss the cut-out costumes, which are a must-have. It covers our imperfect abdomen. There are a multitude of models, with straps, with down, with staples, with chains, with a neckline, on the neck, in a word: madness. However, admiring them, we realize that we do not know where we could exhibit such a suit in the summer. They are great for indoor pools, but in the summer, when do we wear them? When do we expose this madness? It is clear that we cannot wear them once we reach the seaside to go to the beach because after a few hours we will discover that our tan is a striped, uneven one. They will add sensuality to the tanned body and give a note of modernity. All the complete models, but with cutouts, are in great demand this year. And precisely because they are so in demand, the designers thought to offer the widest possible range of this trend, meant to satisfy even the most demanding claim. Choose a full swimsuit that will highlight your figure. Keep in mind that it is not recommended to expose yourself too much to the sun, given that you risk getting an uneven tan. In recent years (probably decades), the swimsuit has undergone smaller variations in shape and color rather than structure, background. Like any piece of clothing, however, the swimsuit undergoes a facelift more or less every season, depending on the inspiration of the designers. These costumes attract the eye and pamper the figure. This type of print conveys femininity, sensuality and candor. If you are a skinny woman with small breasts, then we recommend the models of full swimsuits, with oversized floral pattern. Otherwise, if you are a plump lady or young lady, then go for the model with a small, fine print. Whole swimsuits flatter any figure. So, no matter if you have some coils that you want to hide, this summer you will feel sexy and beautiful on the beach, because you will choose the most suitable full swimsuit. Obviously, these suits can also be worn by ladies who do not face this small problem.

Two-Piece Swimsuit Vs. Full Swimsuit

Two-piece swimsuit

– It is perfect for a fuller tan, but there is also the risk of burns on larger parts of the skin. Don’t forget about sunscreen!

– I’m easier to get dressed and undressed on the beach than a one-piece swimsuit. However, there is also the risk of slipping and being left with certain parts uncovered if you are not careful.

– They can be combined as you wish, for spectacular appearances.

One-piece swimsuit

– Covers unsightly parts, which you do not want exposed: operations, stretch marks, coils. However, much of the body remains untanned.

– It reduces the risk of getting naked on the beach, but it is harder to get dressed and undressed. Think about when you want to go to the bathroom…

– It is more suitable for swimming, swimming pool and reduces the risk of sunburn.

Whichever model you choose, you need to know how to highlight your strengths and hide your flaws. Click here and buy a swimsuit for your body. You can remember some useful tricks to make it look sensational! A high-waisted brief makes you look slimmer as it covers the curls. Vertical stripes are perfect for women who want to look slimmer and horizontal stripes are suitable for skinny women. To give the feeling of a more generous bust, the tops with folds and ruffles are recommended. To alleviate an oversized bust, bustiers are recommended.


Not all bikinis look great on everyone, so finding the right size is essential. While most manufacturers will offer sizes based on bust, waist, hip, thigh and sleeve measurements, knowing what kind of body type you have helps narrow down which styles work best for you. If you usually wear a small, try going with a medium instead. And if you typically prefer larger items, consider opting for large-sized ones. The same goes for bottoms: avoid anything that looks overly tight because they’ll cut off circulation. Also, don’t forget about the accessories! They add variety and individuality, plus they can easily be swapped out according to mood or occasion. Accessories aren’t always necessary, though; sometimes less really is more. For example, the bandeau bikini top trend came from the fact that they were easy to put on/take off yet looked very stylish at pool parties. Similarly, micro-bikini bottoms are perfect for keeping things simple since they’re barely even covering any skin.


There are so many ways to spice up your existing wardrobe with swimsuit essentials. A bright red halter tankini set is sure to turn heads no matter where you choose to get it, whether it’s a department store or online retailer. Or perhaps you’d prefer a more subtle approach? There are plenty of cute two-piece sets available nowadays that feature fun prints and colors that would complement almost any outfit. One word of warning: When choosing between color schemes, stick to neutrals unless your personal style involves bold accents. Otherwise, you might end up with tons of mismatched hues that leave you looking like you bought everything at Target. That said, colorful swimsuits are definitely worth considering. Just remember that brighter shades should probably play second fiddle to darker tones. After all, a splash of vibrant pink shouldn’t overshadow a solid black turtleneck.

2023 Bikini

An icon in power, the 2023 bikini is both a weapon of seduction and a tool of liberation; beyond trends and fashions, its history is intimately linked to the evolution of modern society. A fascinating story that two enthusiasts and experts in the field Ghislaine Rayer and Patrice Gaulupeau tell through a fascinating book. Without forgetting the retrospectives and special events that will continue until the fall.Like most fashion stories, it was in Paris that it all started, in the unique setting of the Molitor Pool, a masterpiece of Art Deco architecture from the 16th arrondissement. Inaugurated in 1929, it hosted the very popular Fêtes de l’Eau in the 1930s, where all of Paris gathered to discover the latest seaside creations of the moment. On July 5, 1946, the knitwear specialist and pioneer of the swimsuit Louis Réard presented a brand new creation, the revolutionary potential of which he was the only one to grasp. It was by playing with shapes and silhouettes that he finally found the right concept: a two-piece swimsuit, the smallest ever seen, which he named in tribute to an atoll in the Pacific Ocean that would become worldwide famous after nuclear tests in July, the Bikini Islands.

Know your body type – This is the most important tip. This is the most important tip. Knowing your body type is key to identifying your strengths and showing them off, as well as your weaknesses and ways to hide them. This will help you choose the right design for you. There are five main body shapes: hourglass, apple, rectangle and inverted triangle. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses. It’s important to know your body type before spending money. Choose modest designs instead of sloppy ones.

That’s it! You decided to dare the bikini. Here are 5 tips to choose it well … and wear it!

1- Before you go shopping, determine what your body shape is, ie the shape of your body. Now, many shops allow you to pair the top and bottom of the bikini as you wish, allowing you to choose the appropriate cuts for each part of your body.

2 – Arm yourself with patience and try several types of “top”. There are various cuts that modify the effect it will have on you. The colors and the fabric also influence your look. Think about it! A crush, it’s great, but it still has to really suit us. For a small bust to which you want to give volume … Avoid: black and dark colors Choose: white or lighter colors. For a more imposing bust … Avoid: a top that does not support your breasts well, headbands and stripes Choose: black, dark colors and tops with whales that provide good support.

3 – Now, head to your buttocks to choose the bottom of your bikini. But beware, the bottom of the bikini can also attract – or not! – the attention on your legs. To give them the impression of being longer, opt for high-waisted briefs. To highlight your buttocks, wear a light color, a more cut cut or even mini shorts. To camouflage your butt, black is to be prioritized, avoid stripes and patterns. Resist the temptation to choose panties that are too covering, because you will make your buttocks more imposing and attract all eyes precisely where you do not want. Also, panties with elastic bands or drawstrings that you can adjust on the side are good options, because you can attach them as you wish, not too tight to avoid marks on the skin and especially the formation of small unsightly beads.

Some advantages of best bikini 2023:

– is suitable to hide the belly or other imperfections of the upper body;
– gives you more lightness;
– is ideal for you to move around and practice various sports! You will not care that you are without top on you.
– is suitable for any form of body;
– has a wide range of colors and beautiful prints for the summer;
– offers coverage – it does not expose a lot of leather so if you’re a shy one, tankini is ideal for you
– the top often includes extra support for the bust;
– can offer you a sexy, comfortable and feminine look;
– you can have several patterns of slippers to combine them with the tank top.

Reasons to wear bikini:

  • because they are very hot – so try to wear it as often as you can
  • they come in different colors and patterns. Some designs even include bows and ruffles which add extra sparkle to your appearance.
  • it’s hot – It doesn’t matter if it’s winter now or it’s summer – every person wants to feel cool under the blazing sun. And nothing makes you feel better than putting on your favorite top and bottoms which show off your best features
  • they show off legs
  • the bikini is definitely the most practical and pleasant to wear – Your tan has been already more uniform. The skin and folds we can have breathe better. If you suddenly want to go for a walk, you die 10 times less hot than with a room or a tankini. What’s more, you will dry much faster than with a one-piece.
  • help accentuate curves and slim down waistline
  • you send a message to everyone around you and participate in changing mentalities – What if we said that you could greatly participate in the positive body movement without having to post a single photo on Instagram? All the complexes young girls who will look at you, all the men who think that the rounds are so complexes that they don’t show up, all the women who refuse to reveal their bodies… By simply wearing a bikini on the beach this summer, you will teach acceptable to all of these people. And the following year, they may dare to put themselves in a bikini and / or take a different look at obese or rounder people


Just because you’re looking for a good pair of swim trunks doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice style. In fact, the opposite is often true. Many brands are beginning to embrace fashion over function by creating pieces that look sleek and modern even during the summer months. Of course, comfort is still important, especially when it comes to fabrics. Cotton fabric tends to hold moisture better than spandex does, although both can feel nice and soft against the skin after extended use. However, cotton fabric is prone to developing rashes, so if you do decide to go with it, it’s recommended to treat it gently. Synthetic fibers are another popular choice among buyers due to their lightweight nature. These materials are generally durable and won’t stretch out much under pressure, making them suitable for sports activities. Spandex blends are also common options for swimwear, particularly those made from polyester. Polyesters are known for their breath-ability and ability to wick away sweat. Additionally, mesh panels on lower back and sides are becoming increasingly popular lately because they allow air to flow freely underneath the garment. Mesh material is also ideal for anyone who wants to show off their figure without having to worry about showing cleavage or flashing bare midriffs.