Are UGGs In Style 2023

About UGGs

Very popular among teenagers today and not only, UGGs, a kind of sheepskin boots, most often, specially treated to be waterproof, have an older history, part of it similar to that of moccasins. with whom they are very close relatives. Being a shoe made of animal skin, it caused countless scandals among the profile associations and animal lovers, who jumped to defend their rights.

Australians and New Zealanders alike today claim ownership of so-called uggs, footwear whose history is lost in the past because no one can say for sure when the first sheep was slaughtered for its skin to take a destination it had taken. before her the skin of other furry animals. Are UGGs in style 2023? We will see that.

They look like tall ankle boots sewn on the outside by an unskilled shoemaker. He doesn’t excel at tailoring either, somehow covering the ankle and the pulp of the foot up to the knee. For fastening they can have buckles, bows attached to the back or cords. They are furry or not, depending on the season. If they are summer, they may have broken embroidery that allows the foot to be ventilated. They are worn both outside and inside, and their history is mixed. Some women (and of course we are talking about the stars of the moment) dared to wear them even in evening dresses, rather controversial, the message being, as one Australian stylist observes: I am so beautiful that I can put on any spinach.

Australian Origin

Legend has it that UGG boots were invented by an Australian surfer, who created them to warm his feet after coming out of the cold ocean water after a fight with the waves. In 1978 they arrived in the United States and since then the madness with this model began.

Being made of fur and sheepskin, they can be worn both in summer and in winter. Strange, isn’t it? That’s because this fur actually keeps cool in hot weather and warm in cold weather. Few people actually know that, and now you’ve learned that secret. Now that we’ve gone through a brief history of this shoe model, let’s see some combinations which you can wear them. Of course, whenever you wear them you have to keep in mind that they are not the most discreet model of footwear, and this attribute of statement should be taken into account. These boots can be worn by both women and men and children. In today’s article, however, we will refer to combinations of outfits for girls.

are uggs in style 2023

Ways to match UGG boots 2023

Of course, we must also take into account the season we wear them when creating the next outfits.

Black dress – You definitely have a black dress or little black dress in the closet – as it is generally known – whether it’s an office or casual. To create a light outfit, add a pair of UGG boots 2023 to give a light touch to the outfit. This combination can be used both in summer, without other additional accessories; as well as in the cold season, if we add a cardigan or coat and a pair of thicker socks.

Here are some ways to effectively pair UGG boots with a black dress:

Classic Short UGG Boots with a Mini Black Dress:
Pair classic short UGG boots with a black mini dress. This combination is simple and timeless.
Add a belt to cinch the waist for a more defined silhouette.
Accessorize with silver or gold jewelry to add a pop of shine.

Tall UGG Boots with a Maxi Black Dress:
Opt for tall UGG boots with a long, flowing black maxi dress.
This creates a bohemian-chic look that’s perfect for casual outings.
Layer with a denim jacket or a leather jacket for extra style.

Short skirt – An advantage that both short skirts and UGGs have and that I have exposed above is that they are perennial. In summer you can wear boots without thick socks, while in winter they are welcome. Along with the short skirt, the outfit will be a delicate one, even if the appearance of the boots is not the most discreet.

Jeans – A combination that no one will ever be able to use is made up of jeans and UGGs. That’s because both elements are in the range of those that never go out of style. And if UGG boots are not necessarily found in every home, we can’t say the same about jeans. The good part is that no matter the color – whether they are blue, black or gray – they will match perfectly with any pair of UGGs that would fall into your hands. UGG can be worn with several types of denim. UGG boots and mom jeans – the model of wide, high-waisted jeans with twisted edges above the ankle fits perfectly with low UGG boots up to the ankle. You can choose a pair of coffee boots with milk, jeans in a light shade, a blouse with a collar around the neck and an asymmetrical sweater, open at the front. She wears a pipe scarf around her neck and a tasseled fez. You will get a youthful, playful and comfortable look at the same time. UGG boots and skinny jeans – tight-fitting pants best highlight any model of UGG boots. Choose a pair of skinny jeans and combine them with boots up to the ankles or higher, below the knees. Wear an oversized wool sweater that extends beyond the hip line. On top, she wears a winter parka made of waterproof material, with a hood with a faux fur collar and a drawstring at the waist. Choose pastel colors: cream, beige or white for sweater and boots, khaki or yellow for the parka. It’s the simplest outfit and combination you could make. If you have a more sporty-casual style, it will be very easy for you to integrate UGG boots into any outfit you wear. Think that you want to be comfortable, to feel good and to be warm. This way you will get over the bad ideas and comments of others. It doesn’t matter that they are not the most beautiful shoes ever created, it is important to feel good. In addition, some of them can be accessorized with fur, sequins or metal applications, so you can’t say that they don’t stand out or that they all look the same.

Checkered shirt – Plaid shirts and UGGs have at least one thing in common: they will never go out of style. So joining them in an outfit is an undoubted success. Plaid shirts will always come in two colors, so our recommendation is to find a pair of UGGs in either one of the colors found on the shirt, or a neutral color. You will definitely not go wrong with such an outfit. The perfect time for it is autumn and late autumn, as well as spring.

Wear an oversized checkered shirt as a tunic over black leggings. Roll up the sleeves and layer on some bracelets or cuffs for a relaxed yet stylish look. Complete the outfit with UGG boots for a comfortable and laid-back vibe.

There are several models that have survived all these years since the ’90s:

– Jeans skirt with staples or buttons on the front for a retro look
– Mini jeans skirt that looks perfectly worn with a denim shirt
– Midi jeans skirt (those that end between the knees and ankles)

Do not wear it if you are petite because this type of skirt visually cuts your legs and your legs will look even shorter. Jeans skirt with worn areas-perfect for a casual and sexy outfit. It looks sensational if worn with espadrilles or even sandals with a low heel.

are uggs in style 2023
are uggs in style 2023

How UGG boots are maintained

If you have chosen a pair of original UGG boots, you do not have to wear socks. They are made of natural sheepskin on the inside that contains lanolin, a natural moisturizing agent that improves blood circulation. In addition, the interior is more comfortable than a pair of socks.

If you want your boots to last longer, apply a silicone-based protective agent from time to time. Once a month should be enough. If it has rained on your UGGs , apply it immediately, according to the instructions on the package (usually diluted with water).

Avoid wearing them in the rain if the manufacturer does not mention that they are waterproof. You may end up with stains, although sometimes it is even impossible to save them. You can step on a puddle of water at any time or it can catch rain or snow on the road. Luckily there are special cleaning products developed by the manufacturer.

Do not wash the UGGs in the washing machine and if you choose to take them to the dry cleaner, ask if they offer special services for sheepskin. You don’t want your skin to discolor and look worn.

Clean your UGGs on the inside as well. After several wears and tear, the skin tends to smell. Although there are special disinfectants for the interior of some UGGs boots, you can use a teaspoon of baking soda that is evenly distributed inside, let it work overnight then shake the boots well.

If you have pets, especially puppies, avoid leaving them in an accessible place. Dogs are attracted to the smell of boots and will inevitably bite them.

Do not leave your UGGs in the sun or near a heat source (radiator, radiator, etc.). They will lose their color intensity and the material may become dry. It is best to keep them in the dressing room in a dry and cool place.

If you choose to wear them around the house, I wouldn’t condemn you for that, don’t cook while you wear them. You can pour coffee on them at any time or you can skip drops of oil.