Are UGG Still In Style

UGG boots history

They come from Australia and are made from sheepskin. They have been used since the 1920s, when they were worn by farmers in rural Australia and New Zealand. But the dispute over the term “ugg” is broad. Fashion continuously evolves, and this boots have changed a lot. We will surely see if are UGG boots still in style? They are very cute, useful, versatile and keep warmth. How this UGG 2023 looks in your eyes? They look very nice and also a little funny.

UGG 2023 are very cute, chunky, squishy. All in one a very nice boot. An important aspect, which, I want to emphasize that a lot of fashion icons and fashion gurus, have in their wardrobe a pair of UGG 2023. Of course, everybody, speaks about them, but the reality is that all of them own and wear these kind of boots. UGG 2023 seem like fashion shoes this winter. Wherever I look around, all the girls have these shoes on their feet, already looks like a uniform. It seems that their origin is both in New Zealand and Australia, somewhere in the same period of time.

For example, in Australia these boots were first used by Australian aviators in World War I and were made of sheepskins. Later, mass production of UGG boots for the general public began somewhere in the 1950s and became famous during the 1960s. Although it all started on the beaches of Australia, it wasn’t long before boots were also adopted in street fashion, laying the foundations for one of today’s most popular fashion brands, UGG Australia. Gradually, the warm UGG boots stormed the big cities, and then all the fashion capitals, making a sensation among celebrities and fashionistas everywhere. The easily recognizable design has propelled UGG boots into the everyday wardrobe, transforming them into a trend with a great influence on fashion lovers.

To this is added the undeniable thermal benefits and the versatility of the tops, easy to introduce in various types of outfits, from sports to boho chic. With a little imagination, the combinations can be innumerable, the UGG boots can be worn both in a casual outfit, with trendy jeans, as worn by Sarah Jessica Parker, and in a chic outfit, with leather pants, in the style of the actress Tara Reid. However, the evolution and the fame of the famous UGG boots was not without controversy, numerous appeals and protests were made against them. Although fashionistas around the world wear them with confidence and attitude, they have been declared unsuitable for the wardrobe of a stylish and elegant woman.


If you invest in a pair of UGG boots, it is important to make sure that you get the quality you pay for. Check your shoes, paying special attention to things like gluing on the sole of UGG boots (there should never be visible glue on the sole of the shoe), threads and holes, scratches, marks on the suede.
If there are any of these manufacturing defects or deficiencies, UGG boots probably do not have such a high quality and will not have adequate performance characteristics.

The story of a brand: UGGs from Australia, straight to Hollywood

The famous UGG boots began their history in the late 1960s on the beaches of Byron Bay, Australia, where surfers wore sheepskin boots to warm their feet after local winter surf competitions. Simple cut, ugg boots were considered ugly at the time, although they were extremely comfortable and practical. At the end of the 70s, the Australian sportsman Brian Smith took with him to America several pairs of boots made of sheepskin that he tried to sell, but not very successfully, because the store owners in California were very reluctant regarding their marketing.

Even the advertisements with various photo models wearing original UGGs in picturesque locations did not bear fruit, so Smith had to change his marketing strategy. He then turned to professional surfers with whom he had partnerships for advertisements, and the positive results did not take long to appear. That season, Smith’s company UGG Australia Footwear recorded sales of $400,000.

Further, Smith focused on the niche of snowboarders and skiers, and the popularity of his products grew from that moment. However, Smith had big plans, dreaming of a global market.

Observing consumers’ interest in the lives of celebrities, including their everyday outfits, Smith discovered an opportunity worth exploiting. He contacted the stylists of some stars and offered them a pair of original uggs for free to be worn by them in public.

It didn’t take long and the sheepskin “uglies” started to be worn massively on the streets of New York, even to Oprah in the studio and, from here, all over the world. Uggs divided the fashion industry into several camps: on the one hand, fashion critics who considered them an insult to style, on the other hand, animal rights activists who demanded an end to animal slaughter, but also the rest of the world who simply adore.

Practical and versatile

The unpretentious design makes this type of shoe very practical and versatile. For those who want to stand out and emphasize their individuality, the manufacturer has diversified the line of UGG boots 2023 with several decorative details:
Fur – A variety of fur can be located on the top, heave or outer part of the foot;
The straps – One or more thin straps with small metal buckles, which can be decorated with stones, are located on the top;
The cage – Regular lacing as in sneakers allows better fixation of the legs. It can be replaced with satin or leather ribbons attached to the side or front of the upper.
Bend – The elbow is relevant in models that can be worn both over high boots and over classic boots up to the middle of the upper.

Trendy Uggs

Uggs, the world’s most popular winter, first appeared in sunny Australia among sheep farmers. After the first boots were brought to the United States, enthusiasm began around the world.

And this is absolutely justified – fashionable UGG boots have a lot of advantages:

– natural warm sheepskin is used for tailoring;

– soft leather finish for an elegant look;

– simple style, thanks to which winter shoes can be safely called “Unisex”;

– water resistant in wet or rainy weather;

– wide range of styles and colors.

UGGs have become an icon of casual fashion, and this has only happened in just a few years. Extremely comfortable, warm, although initially characterized as “ugly”, “no-form” boots still have a background: they are versatile, they are those pairs of shoes that give a trendy note to casual outfits of the cold season.

Are UGGs still in style? Good news or not, the UGGs are back! And yes, UGGs are still in style 2023. And we are not talking about the fact that we are quickly shoeing a pair of UGGs (the most comfortable and easy to fit boots, in my opinion) for small night shopping, but a new generation of stars that fits in style with a feminine, chic and relaxed outfit with a comfortable pair of UGG, without torturing it’s feet with heels of 5 inches.

Here are some suggestions to wear UGG in style, because indeed, are uggs still popular? – as we stated yes:

– Do not wear UGGs with make-up. A fresh, natural look fits the boot comforters.
– The UGG boots are a combination that you’d better avoid … if you want a stylish appearance, not just an outfit to go to bread or to ride a puppy.
– Try combining it with a wide vintage dress (any length), possibly with a fluffy oversized cardigan on top.
– A shirt or sweater dress with a pair of short UGG boots, hung on the bare foot, is a combination that you can keep in mind when it gets warmer outside.

Choose a pair of UGG boots as simple as the classic or single-button, shorter and neutral color.

Main reasons why you should choose to buy and wear such a pair of “Australian boots”:

  • are made of leather and natural wool;
  • they are fit with, casual outfit;
  • versatile (a very important aspect)
  • UGG boots are durable
  • to compose a casual outfit
  • diversity
  • UGG completes an all black outfit
  • comfort – it’s nothing new, everyone knows that UGG is in the top of the most comfortable footwear models
  • worth mentioning that UGGs are also very warmly

In order for UGG to last as long as possible, it requires adequate and timely care. Here are 7 main rules:

– Do not wear UGG boots in dry weather shoes.
– If possible, clean them only with a dry brush.
– Do not wash them under running water, only wipe them with a damp cloth.
– Do not dry near the battery or with an electric shoe dryer.
– Periodically treat with a water-repellent spray, specially designed for suede.
– It is strictly forbidden to wash them in the washing machine, this will destroy them.
– From oily stains and unpleasant odors, it is better to use specialized products for this type of shoes.

How to match UGG:

Because they are comfortable, modern, warm and practical, they have become some of the most popular casual boots dedicated to the cold periods of the year, they remain valid options for this winter as well.
You can match UGG boots in many variants, but we propose several variants with which you can approach street outfits (casual and streetstyle):
Layers of clothing: a handy option – You can start with outfits with layers of clothing to build a casual outfit that you can match perfectly with a pair of UGG boots. Think about how easy these versatile outfits are to compose (when choosing a whole overlay of various colors and various clothing items) that can be worn in various casual outfits.
The chosen color of UGG boots (which is also the most popular) is a cream, because they can be matched with more winter clothes in your closet, including skinny jeans (especially models in dark shades).

You can wear UGG boots with ponchos – A must-have for this cold season is the poncho that matches very well with UGG boots, because it gives it a chic air, whatever the color of UGG boots.

The ideal clothing that goes well with UGG boots is:

• poncho

• skinny jeans (dark colors, blue)

• leather jacket

A smart way to wear leather jackets in the cold season – UGG boots are a modern option for composing the right outfit, when you choose garments like long-sleeved knit dresses. Large scarves combined with light cardigans. To keep the cold at bay, choose black dresses (or other darker colors) and thus you will get a clothing combination with urban inspirations.

Here’s how you can wear UGG boots in modern combinations that will make you feel not only comfortable, but also fashionable:

  • UGG boots and mom jeans – The model of wide, high-waisted jeans with twisted edges above the ankle fits perfectly with the low UGG ankle-high boots. You can choose a pair of coffee boots with milk, jeans in a light shade, a blouse with a collar around the neck.
  • You can wear UGG boots in autumn, matching them with plaid shirts or short sweaters and, of course, skinny jeans. If short tops were worn this summer, now short sweaters are worn.
  • UGG boots and skinny jeans – Tight-fitting pants make the most of any UGG boot model. Choose a pair of skinny jeans and combine them with boots up to the ankles or higher, below the knees. Wear an oversized wool sweater that extends beyond the hips. On top, he wears a winter parka made of waterproof material, with a hood with artificial fur collar. Choose pastel colors: cream, beige or white for sweater and boots, khaki or yellow for the parka.
  • UGG boots and dress – If you think that UGG boots only fit pants, find out that you can combine them very nicely with a day dress. Wear them with thick, dark tights and a knitted or cotton dress. Opt for a wide, above-the-knee baggy dress. This outfit can be combined with longer boots, if you are above average height. Otherwise, it is better to use boots at the ankle to create the feeling of elongation of the legs.

How to maintain UGG boots

If you have chosen a pair of original UGG boots, you do not have to wear socks. They are made of natural sheepskin on the inside that contains lanolin, a natural moisturizing agent that improves blood circulation. In addition, the interior is more comfortable than a pair of socks.

If you want your boots to last longer, apply a silicone-based protective agent from time to time. Once a month should be enough. If it has rained on your UGGs , apply it immediately, according to the instructions on the package (usually diluted with water).

Avoid wearing them in the rain if the manufacturer does not mention that they are waterproof. You may end up with spots, although sometimes it is impossible to save them. You can step on a puddle of water at any time or it can catch rain or snow on the road. Luckily, there are special cleaning products developed by the manufacturer.

Do not wash the UGGs in the washing machine and if you choose to take them to the dry cleaner, ask if they offer special services for sheepskin. You don’t want your skin to discolor and look worn.

Clean your UGGs on the inside as well. After several wears and tear, the skin tends to smell. Although there are special disinfectants for ugg boots inside, you can use a teaspoon of baking soda to distribute evenly inside, let it work overnight and then shake the boots well. If you have pets, especially puppies, avoid leaving them in an accessible place. Dogs are attracted to the smell of boots and will inevitably bite them.

Do not leave your UGGs in the sun or near a heat source (radiator, radiator, etc.). They will lose their color intensity and the material may become dry. It is best to keep them in a dressing room in a dry, cool place. If you choose to carry them around the house, I wouldn’t condemn you for that, don’t cook while you carry them. You can pour coffee on them at any time or sprinkle with oil. Cut your nails and brush them before wearing a pair of UGGs with or without socks.

Store them carefully at the end of the winter season, in the original packaging and fill them with a thick cardboard to keep them in shape, especially if they are long.


Uggs – shoes that cause a lot of controversy. Some people love them, others consider them rude, capable of destroying even the most elegant image. However, these funny fur boots remain in vogue for a long time. Many times in the photo you can see the beauties of Hollywood, which makes them happy. What caused such popularity? Apparently, the first thing is convenience. After all, not only are they warm, even in cold weather, but they are practically not felt in the leg, so they can be easily worn for the longest walks.

Bearpaw vs UGGs – difference and comparison

Bearpaw is a footwear brand founded by Tom Romeo in 2001. Bearpaw products are made of sheepskin, best known for producing ugg boots, as well as slippers and casual shoes for men, women and children. Ugg boots, manufactured in 1978, are sold in large stores such as Nordstrom and Journey’s, sporting goods stores such as REI and Ugg product stores. Both Bearpaw and Uggs are known to use sheepskin. However, Bearpaw generally uses a suede cowhide leather with a sheepskin lining. The traditional style bears come in dark brown, brown, white, beige, black, pink, blue and green. In addition to traction shoes, Bearpaw makes modern-style slippers, high heels, moccasins, sandals and boots, such as motorcycle boots and riders. Outer boots, Bearpaw also makes socks, scarves and T-shirts.

Traditional uggs are made of two-sided sheepskin, which means a large piece of sheepskin instead of two melted together. They also come with kangaroo fur and other leather. Tan is the classic color, but pull-ons come in a wide variety of colors, even metallic and patterns. In addition to running shoes, Uggs makes slippers, high-heeled boots, modern styles, such as motorcycle and rider boots, moccasins, Oxfords and snow boots. Uggs makes handbags, scarves, vests, jackets, clothing and loungewear, in addition to boots. Both brands create styles for men, women and children. One difference is that Bearpaw customers tend to be price conscious, while Ugg wearers tend to build brand loyalty. One even said that people always say they wear Uggs, even when they are actually wearing teddy bears.

Users mention that Bearpaw boots are heavier and more resistant. Some of them claim that the upper part of the sheepskin does not last as long as Uggs. Others say that Bearpaw does not have an extra layer of wool, which makes them less comfortable. However, there are several customers who claim that Bearpaws feels as comfortable as Uggs. Uggs are said to be lighter. Some of them claim that the heel is worn faster because it is softer and lighter.

You can wear UGG boots in modern combinations

UGG Boots with shiny pants – These furry winter boots go well with a pair of shiny pants. Choose dark, navy or black UGG boots, and pair them with shiny, skinny, medium or high waisted black jeans. On the upper part of the body, she wears a beige or white sweater, which you can easily put in your pants at the front. Complete the outfit with a dark jacket, a Burberry-style geometric scarf, and a matching scarf hat.

UGG boots and shorts – This is probably the most controversial combination of all presented. Looks absolutely outstanding.

UGG boots and little black dress – The black dress is the most famous piece of the smart-casual style, on which the UGG boots fit perfectly. So a combination of these is more than winning. Accessorize a statement necklace and you can be sure that your outfit will be suitable for the occasion you choose to wear it. The famous little black dress can be easily found in women’s wardrobes. Whether it’s an office or casual dress, it will give a casual look in combination with boots.

UGG boots and long sweater – Autumn or winter is the perfect time to match a long, fluffy sweater with a pair of UGG boots. Choose a knitted maxi sweater model so you can go to a party, a walk or a mall without suffering from the cold.

UGG with black dress and cardigan – Did you think you could pair a little black dress with a pair of UGG boots? Despite the diametrically opposed styles, you will get a very interesting outfit, especially if you complement it with a thick cardigan.

UGG and plaid shirt – Plaid shirts and UGGs have at least one thing in common: they will never go out of style. So joining them in an outfit is a success without a doubt. Checkered shirts will always be in two colors, so our recommendation is to find a pair of UGGs either in one of the colors found on the shirt, or in a neutral color. You will certainly not fail with such an outfit. The perfect time for this is autumn and late autumn, as well as spring.

UGG boots, shirt and leather pants – Want to get a casual outfit, ideal for walks in the park or going out with friends? Wear a pair of leather pants, a plain white shirt or a plaid pattern, and a pair of UGG boots. This combination never goes out of style and is extremely chic for spring, autumn or winter.

Outfits that don’t match a pair of UGG boots

Although UGG boots are very versatile, they do not look great in combination with any clothing item. Thus, it is recommended to leave aside the UGG boots when you want to wear extremely elegant dresses, made of sequins. This type of footwear is quintessentially casual, so it can’t be associated with the items you would choose for a fitting event. Moreover, UGG boots do not fit with too wide items, whether we are talking about jeans, sweatshirts, coats or bags. You will get a much too careless effect, which you certainly do not want, and which does not benefit the figure. Last but not least, UGG boots should not be included in outfits made of shorts or cotton models, which are too thin for the material from which the shoes are made. With the help of UGG boots you will get impeccable outfits, which will make you stand out at any time of the day. Wear them according to your preferences!