Are Ponchos In Style For 2022

Useful but feminine

A very feminine and warm piece of clothing are ponchos 2022 that can easily be matched with a large number of outfits no matter which is your favorite trend. If you want to successfully cope with the low temperatures without sacrificing your style, find out how to wear this poncho convenience.
Of course during time, this pieces has suffered a few changes from his original shape and model. But are ponchos in style for 2022? In our days we can found a large numbers of models, colors, and patterns no matter how demanding you are.

Adds volume

A simple poncho in a neutral color fits many kept and it’s easy to match. Here’s how you can wear and how you can improvise a poncho if you have one. Keep in mind that a poncho adds more volume in the upper body, so you have to wear something molded in the bottom. The easiest is to choose skinny jeans with boots or tights, ballet shoes or Oxford shoes.


Poncho’s has revived in the last years and, behold, this season, has become one of the must have pieces in the wardrobe. Comfortable and versatile poncho can bring a lot of color and originality on any outfits being reinvented by designers and overcame borders and to enter the sphere of casual fashion giants. It is a great piece no matter which is your style because can me matched with multiple choices from your closet, and could be it can be worn in various situations.

are ponchos in style for 2022
are ponchos in style for 2022
Ponchos 2022
Ponchos 2022
Ponchos 2022

So, among those with whom you can wear poncho 2022, the following combinations are clearly distinguished:

-short skirt, knitted jumper and tight opaque headphones. This perspective should always be complemented by high-heeled shoes, which will accentuate the femininity and elegance of a beautiful lady and accessories in the autumn color palette. The best choice would be elongated knitted gloves and a burgundy, dark brown or light blue loose scarf;

-pants or jeans, ankle boots with thick, stable heels and a knitted sweater. This casual set will look great in combination with a bright poncho and voluminous genuine leather accessories;

-leather jackets, high quality leather boots and a classic white cotton shirt. This is one of the combinations with which you can wear a poncho in autumn and winter. So, in a half-season, this set can be completed with a knitwear, and in winter – with a warm bridle-poncho made of natural rabbit fur;

-the elongated pattern of the knitted poncho dress looks very interesting and original, so it should not be supplemented with other clothing items. In this year, extended poncho dresses will become one of the main trends of the season, so that fashionable images based on them can be found everywhere;

-in addition, in the hottest period of the coming season, on the streets of the city you can find a large number of summer variants of this wardrobe item. Among what you can wear with a poncho made of thin materials are straight and tight pants, miniskirts and classic jeans, not loaded with decorative elements.

Are ponchos in style for 2022

There are various patterns from the simplest to slightly more structured patterns, there is something for everyone, from solid colors, fur, military style, floral prints and embroidery, with gold buttons, neon colors, abstract prints, sequins , ethnic or checkered prints, leather and combined with leather. If you are a woman who takes into account trends or you can not resist clothes that tend to be sold more with each season, we must tell you that to be fashionable in 2022, it is necessary to wear a poncho.

This season, designers such as Tommy Hilfigher and Michael Kors, presented other proposals on the podium and combined ponchos with the most emblematic clothes of the season, such as knitwear. In addition, ponchos are presented not only in solid colors, but also in trival or “mosaic” style in which several tones are combined with more daring results.

The trends for this year are characterized by the fact that they are loaded with different colors and silhouettes. Ponchos are no exception, we can see tribal models, which accompanied by a hat, will generate a bohemian and trendy look.

Ponchos have become a staple for many of today’s fashion bloggers, they can be combined with dresses, pants, sneakers, even with well-known over-the-knee boots, it’s about taking risks and getting a comfortable look.

Indeed, it is seen as an important clothing accessory, which should not be missing from a woman’s wardrobe. Last year, the poncho was considered a must have. A poncho can be matched with almost any garment, which is why it is a pleasant clothing accessory for millions of women. A poncho with a pair of jeans, pants or even a skirt, fits perfectly. But it is very important: you have to take into account the colors and the combination made.