Are Midi Skirts In Style 2023

Midi skirt – difficult to wear?

There are many ways you can wear the midi skirt on warm autumn days. The midi skirt is on the wave this year and you can wear it in any season. Combine it with heeled shoes or ballerinas, even moccasins or boots. When it’s cold outside, also wear a blazer or coat to keep you warm. Here are some ideas on how to wear a midi skirt, only good to try. Midi skirts are the favorite of many women, but they can be quite problematic because in an outfit that doesn’t fit, they can look pretty bad. If you are one of those women who love midi skirts, but are afraid of failing with the outfit and everything will be a disaster, this article is for you. Even if you consider yourself too short, plump or any other reason, well, taking into account a few aspects, you can always wear a midi skirt.


The first thing you need to know about midi skirts is that not all of them have the same length, which means that you have to choose your model carefully and if it doesn’t fit you perfectly, adjust it to tailoring. An ideal midi skirt should reach to the middle of the leg, hence the name “midi”. But this length does not benefit everyone and that is why you can wear skirts whose length goes beyond the knees because it will create the same effect and will be at the same time much easier to match. In conclusion, if the length up to half of the leg does not benefit you, choose the one below the knee and you will have the desired effect.

Are Midi Skirts In Style 2023
Are Midi Skirts In Style 2022
Are Midi Skirts In Style 2023
Are Midi Skirts In Style 2023

What shoes do we choose for midi skirt?

Choose stiletto shoes or peep-toe shoes, but simple model, without a strap around the ankle, because this will give the impression that the legs are shorter. We all know that a dress or a midi skirt will look good with heeled shoes, but can we wear ballerinas in such an outfit? Yes, as long as we wear ballet flats with a pointed toe and not ballerinas with a round toe. Indeed, ballerinas do not create the effect of long legs, but if you know how to match them you will definitely have a special look.

Tips & tricks for wearing a midi skirt:

– For a stylish but relaxed look, wear tights in the same shade as the skirt;

– If you choose a midi skirt in the hood, put the blouse in the waistband of the skirt to create the illusion of long legs;

– Do not wear shoes with straps if you are not tall, when choosing a midi skirt. The recommendation is to wear one-piece shoes such as shoes or a pair of knee-high boots, to avoid fragmenting the foot into three distinct sections;

– A tapered skirt can be worn with a pair of sports shoes and you will have a casual, youthful look;

– A high-waisted midi skirt will lengthen your legs, and a peplum skirt will add shapes where it doesn’t exist.