Are Knee High Boots Still In Style 2023

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Are Knee High Boots Still In Style 2023

Knee-high boots are the popular accessory that gives the outfit a stylish look. For many fashionistas, they are a test of authenticity in handling clothing rules and accessories. Usually their category includes boots whose length stop just below the knee, models that cover the patella at the limit, but especially items that extend over the knee, to or beyond the middle of the leg. It is a model of women’s boots that, due to its specific anatomy, impresses with its cuts, color, accessories and, of course, with its manufacturing material. They are usually made of natural leather, eco-leather, suede, patent leather or velvet. Are Knee High Boots Still In Style 2023?

They can be wide or tight on the leg, with or without certain folds, arranged with a heel or low, with a sharp, square or rounded tip, equipped with zippers, laces, buckles, elastic inserts, chains and staples or completely without gaskets. Platform models, emblematic of the glam-rock style, are rarer and require specific clothing items such as leather jackets, ripped skinny jeans or light dresses. Long boots in ordinary colors are usually easy to match, but the offer of those in vivid, even flashy shades is rich, in the approach of which it is necessary to respect a style norm: the top of the clothing must remain neutral.


Although they seem difficult to approach by other types of silhouettes than the androgynous ones, a pair of over-the-knee boots can be worn by practically anyone, if they are strategically used by the rest of the outfit. They reveal your qualities and can tactfully camouflage your flaws, so they will quickly become your favorites. A plump figure has only to gain from the association with long boots: the secret is to be worn over the knee, with items that beautifully embrace your feminine shapes, such as a midi pencil skirt. The petite silhouette also has the advantage of a pair of long boots, if you add garments that follow the body line, and the space left between the boot and the hem of the article is as comprehensive as possible. As we anticipated, the friendship between boots and tall women is a lifelong one. Long boots can even help you reduce your height, if you use a light dress or a skirt that touches or slightly exceeds their edge. Long boots are more versatile than you might think. They can be matched with clothing items that you almost would not expect, so they will adapt perfectly to your conformation, for a great day look that works perfectly. They explore your figure in an elegant way, which you will wear with pleasure at the office, because there, with a little tact, they can look extremely good. Your service dress code will not be violated if you choose molded models and wear them with midi skirts or whose length does not allow any skin to be seen. This way your outfit will stay perfectly within the limits of a professional outfit. In a casual outfit, they can be combined with a pair of skinny jeans and a cambered blazer, and in a chic outfit, with a tapered skirt or hood, in the same shade as the boots.

Are Knee High Boots Still In Style 2023
Are Knee High Boots Still In Style 2023
Are Knee High Boots Still In Style 2023
Are Knee High Boots Still In Style 2023

The fashion challenge

Regardless of the chosen model, over-the-knee boots give a sexy and elegant look to almost any outfit, being a trick that many women use to look taller and slimmer. We will see what are the main clothing combinations in which over-the-knee boots occupy a central place. Worn in style, long boots keep you in the trend, whatever the time of day or outfit you opted for. Over-the-knee boots are an acceptance of the challenge of fashion, the guarantee certificate of the fact that you are on the wave.

How to wear long boots: matching ideas

If you want to adopt this type of footwear in your wardrobe, remember to choose a pair of boots that fit perfectly to the shape of your foot and are comfortable, but without being too light and making unsightly creases. You want to get a sophisticated, modern, stylish and charming look. It is also preferable to opt for over-the-knee boots that have a zipper or laces, to make it as easy as possible for you to put on and take off your shoes.

Perfect for work, weekends, nights and more, knee high boots can look fantastic with a variety of outfits. All you need to know is how to combine them correctly. Here’s our guide on how to wear long women’s boots for a gorgeous look.

Knee-high boots matching tights – If you’re tired of skinny jeans, the second option to complete your knee-high boots is tights. And because fashion offers you a lot of tights models, in all colors and materials, there are also a lot of matching options, depending on the chosen model. If it is a pants type, then it will fit with a wider boot and a shorter top. If it is a stocking type, then it is advisable to choose a longer blouse, a longer vest or even a poncho or a cardigan tied at the waist.

Knee-high boots matched with LBD – We know that “little black dress”, LBD (little black dress in international fashion vocabulary) is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. And the fact that you can match it with boots is another reason to buy it. It can be easily matched with boots in any color – they even represent the color spot of the outfit. It looks great especially with boots in nude shades, in the top of this season’s trends. And the best part is that a pair of elegant knee-high boots with high heels can build a charming office outfit or a perfect cocktail outfit.

Knee-high boots with sweater dress – Men’s knee-high or square-heeled boots, in lines, inspired by equestrian fashion, are in trend this season. And they are perfect with a sweater dress. Opt for thick stockings in the same shade as boots and short dresses for an effect of lengthening the silhouette.

Knee-high boots with jeans – Jeans remain the most versatile and comfortable option in the cold season. And skinny or straight jeans go well with knee-high boots, so you can build outfits that suit your personality. You can wear long boots with your favorite jeans for a relaxed, casual look. Choose blue, black or even white jeans, skinny models and to lengthen the silhouette, choose the same tone as jeans-boots, such as black jeans with long black boots. At the top you can opt for cashmere sweaters, t-shirts or oversized shirts, along with a jacket in the same tone, depending on your preferences.

Tips & tricks

– Be in harmony with your outfit. If you are the kind of woman who has a sexier and more playful style, the over-the-knee boots with heels, which can be worn with shorts, dresses and mini or long skirts, are the most suitable for you. Instead, if you prefer to have safe and quiet outfits, find a balance in your outfit. Whether you use monochrome tones or choose to wear boots that show very little skin, you need to feel comfortable in your skin.

– If you want to show off your legs and want to wear a short skirt with long boots, try to combine it with a bell-shaped sweater or an over-sided one.

– The combinations between long sweaters and boots, or closed skirts and over-the-knee boots look great, but be very careful to avoid wearing jeans boots if you have a more voluptuous figure and do not want to draw even more attention to thick legs.

– Choose classic pieces that you can combine with modern ones play with the color of the outfit (an electric blue sweater will look sensational worn with a pair of raw green pants and long boots with heels).

– The ideal combination for any fashionista: skinny jeans and over-the-knee boots. It is probably the most used outfit both by celebrities and by any owner of an over-the-knee boots, because it is very suitable for both day and evening. The most important aspect in this case is to choose only skinny jeans or tights, otherwise you will notice any unsightly wrinkles that you definitely want to avoid.

Knee high boots will always look absolutely wonderful. Regardless of the color, the material, the model, they are a must have of the cold season. If you have a pair of long boots in your wardrobe, you can create incredible outfits for any time of the day. Another important advantage of over-the-knee boots is that they will protect a large part of your foot against the cold and you will not have to wear very thick socks.