Are Kimonos Still In Style 2024

Kimono dress – must have. Timeless and comfortable piece

National costume and symbol of Japanese culture, the kimono is worn for formal events.
Tailored in a T-shape, cinched at the waist with a wide belt (obi), with long, wide cuffs and sleeves and an ankle-length hem, the kimono extends its presence beyond its country of origin and formal appearance.
Today, in its simplified form with its derivative, the Jinbē, the kimono is a versatile garment that can be worn in various environments.
If you want a richer combination of the outfit, layering, even in the summer, you can use the kimono made of thin, unlined material.
The modern kimono dress is an increasingly popular piece of clothing that adds personality to any outfit

It is similar to a loose robe, without buttons, usually mid-thigh length and having three-quarter length sleeves.

Today’s kimono has quite a few elements in common with the traditional garment of the same name, originating in Japan.

But precisely because it is comfortable, versatile and brings an extra femininity, the modern kimono has become a must-have item in every woman’s summer wardrobe. It can successfully complement your daily outfits, but also the relaxed holiday looks or the trendy ones from the music festivals you attend during the summer. Having said that, now that you know the history of this special dress – are kimonos still in style in 2024?

Why wear it?

You feel like you have a friend with you, even when your wide sleeves get caught on the door handle, and especially when going to the toilet turns into a real event where nothing should touch anything that shouldn’t be touched .

I think a lot of people would wear the kimono if they didn’t feel restricted by the fact that it’s a traditional item, that you have to have a certain attitude, a certain body, or go somewhere special.

Traditionally, clothing was made of silk, which made it quite demanding. It is neither easy, nor cheap, nor quick to take care of this material. There is an art behind the kimono, which means “something to wear”. It is said to be a symbol of longevity and good luck; a ritual is required to dress in a traditional kimono; and there are kimonos for every occasion.

Kimono dress patterns

Short kimono dress – A short kimono dress is suitable for women who have beautiful legs, good to show off on a hot day. If you feel that your knees are not too beautiful and you want to wear a kimono dress that is not down to the ground, a model up to above the knees is great. You can wear the dress with a pair of heeled sandals or stiletto shoes if your dress is in a simple and elegant color.

Floral kimono dress – To be closer to the Japanese style, go for a floral kimono dress or one with a Japanese pattern. Regardless of the cut or material of the kimono dress, floral prints will give the garment a completely different look.
Ideal for spring and summer, the floral kimono dress will make you look more cheerful and will be easy to match with sandals and bags. Since a floral pattern will contain more colors on the fabric, you’ll have a wider range of tones to choose from when matching your dress to your bag or shoes.

The kimono dress is an integral part of Japan’s rich heritage, tracing its origins back over a thousand years. Originally worn as an undergarment during the Heian period, the kimono gradually evolved into a prominent outerwear garment adorned with intricate patterns and motifs. The addition of floral patterns to kimono designs reflects Japan’s deep reverence for nature and the changing seasons. Floral kimono dresses showcase a harmonious blend of artistry, culture, and symbolism.

In an era where sustainability and ethical fashion are gaining prominence, the floral kimono dress finds a natural place. The traditional craftsmanship involved in creating these dresses encourages consumers to cherish and care for them for years, reducing the impact of fast fashion on the environment. Additionally, the use of natural materials and dyes aligns with eco-conscious fashion choices, fostering a sense of responsibility towards the planet.

Long kimono dress – You can wear a long kimono dress on hot summer days when you protect your body from the scorching sun. Worn either during the day or in the evening, this dress should be made of vaporous materials to cool you as much as possible. The garment can also be worn at the beach with some comfortable sandals or when you want to go out in the evening for a relaxing walk in which to feel the pleasant air after you have been hot all day. The long kimono dress benefits skinny women who have the right height. If you are very short, you can wear the kimono dress as long as it falls as straight as possible on the body lines. You don’t need rich volumes or prints that disadvantage your lack of height.

The long kimono dress exudes an air of femininity and sophistication, empowering women with a sense of confidence and poise. The delicate draping and flowing fabrics evoke a sense of grace and elegance, creating a striking visual impact as women move with grace and poise. The kimono’s loose and relaxed fit allows for ease of movement, ensuring comfort without compromising on style. This celebration of femininity has made the long kimono dress a beloved choice for various occasions, from casual outings to formal events.

The long kimono dress pays homage to the centuries-old tradition of Japanese kimonos, which were initially worn by both men and women. The kimono, with its T-shaped silhouette, wide sleeves, and graceful drape, reflects a harmony between simplicity and sophistication. Originally reserved for special occasions, the kimono’s timeless elegance caught the attention of the Western world, inspiring designers to re-imagine its form to suit modern sensibilities.

Where are you wearing your kimono dress?

The kimono dress is an elegant option, in trends and otherwise. Certainly, wearing this kind of Asian-inspired dress, you will stand out both at the office and at a party or in a casual outfit.

Kimono dress at the office

Although you wouldn’t say that it is possible to wear a kimono dress to work, well, you can! And still with great style! The advice is to find a dress as neutral as possible. A plain color, without prints, without other details that can load it.

It is enough to add a pair of nude ballerinas. Or maybe a pair of kitten heels. But do not exaggerate with high heels or platforms and try not to match any jewelry or other accessories.

Kimono dress in casual style

You definitely wear it in summer. You wear it casually, until it invites you to laziness and a hammock in the sun. You wear it with a colorful and floral print.

The kimono dress for which body type?

The kimono dress is suitable for most body types. Indeed, its cut and its materials are often fluid and light, which makes it an ideal dress for round, thin, tall or small women.

If you are curvy, the kimono dress hides curves in the hips, buttocks and upper thighs. To wear this dress when you have shapes, opt for a mid-length kimono dress (midi cut) with a V-neckline to draw the eye to the bust and 3/4 sleeves. If you are petite, we advise you to opt for a short kimono dress with heels. If you are tall, the 3 lengths will suit you (short, long or midi cut) and you can wear it with heels as well as flat feet.