Are Hoodies In Style 2023

The history of the hoodies

The hoodie is one of those timeless objects that we rarely think about because it is part of our daily life. It has been (…) a true symbol throughout history “, begins Paola Antonelli, senior curator at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. His speech is almost 4 minutes long and was intended for a TED event, held as part of the “Small Things, Big Ideas” lecture series. Are hoodies in style 2023? Will see if the answer is yes.


Even if it doesn’t look like it, and even if the materials used are often overlooked when choosing a sweatshirt, they play a key role in how you will feel in a sweatshirt. The relationship between two basic materials is important. Although you can find 100% wool sweatshirts, it is usually a combination of polyester and wool. What’s the difference? Polyester retains heat better than wool, so if the weather is colder, you should choose a sweatshirt with a higher percentage of polyester. If you are looking for a summer or sports sweatshirt and you want to avoid sweating, the more wool there is, the better.

Hoodie choosing guide

Few things in this world compare to that feeling of squatting comfortably in a hoodies. Sweatshirts are part of the wardrobe for the whole year, and not just for one season, so the choice is very important, whether it is with or without a hood, with a zipper or any other kind of sweatshirt. In this guide on choosing a sweatshirt, we will present different aspects that you must take into account when choosing your hoodie.

HOODED SWEATSHIRT – Of course, it depends on the pattern and color, but in general, sweatshirts with a collar have much more in common with a formal blouse than with a hooded sweatshirt. A hooded sweatshirt is great. It fulfills several functions, including keeping you warm on a cold day or giving your outfit the necessary vibe.

– Wide front pockets can be very functional;

– It can take the place of the hat;

– The hood can be uncomfortable sometimes, especially when you have other blouses or jackets over;

ZIPPER HOODIE – The zipper on a sweatshirt, has an indisputable quality: if you expect sudden changes in weather and temperature, you can easily adapt just by closing or opening the zipper. In addition, most zippered sweatshirts also have a hood. The more and most incorrectly used, the zipper risks to be damaged, or worse, you risk blocking something in it.

How to wear a hoodie

In recent years, the hoodie has overcome the “barrier” of exclusively sports outfits. It can be worn with a dress, with a skirt, with a shirt, tights or cloth pants. The limit depends only on the aesthetic sense of each and the environmental conditions. It is worth experimenting with unusual but very stylish combinations that have the sweatshirt as a basic element, especially since it is also very comfortable and warm.

It is important to choose very good quality hoodies. As a material, go for either cotton or fibers that ensure comfort, that do not cause and do not retain perspiration. Follow the trends as well, but be very careful to take advantage of them. Do not wear a molded sweatshirt if you have a few extra pounds. Also, do not choose bright colors if you do not have in the wardrobe exactly those items to match or you are not sure that you know how to match them.

You can make a layered look by wearing an oversized hood over your lovely shirt or sweater.
The sweatshirt is an ideal piece for wearing winter outfits as well. This garment can be made of various fabrics, from cotton to heavy knitwear. That’s why many fashionistas wear it during the winter seasons, choosing thick styles of fabrics and combining them with leather jackets and wearing heavy sweaters.

A black leather jacket with a black sweater hood, elegant skirt, black tights and neon green sneakers. A sweatshirt perfectly complements this outfit.

If you have a day off, I recommend keeping things casual and cute by wearing a sweatshirt with your favorite casual pieces. For example, you can wear it over casual casual items or you can keep things fun by wearing your cocktail dress. How about pairing a crisp white body con dress with high platform sneakers and a multicolored hooded jacket.

The best look I really love is a sporty look that consists of sports pants and sneakers or tracksuits. All you need to do is throw a sweatshirt over a blouse and complete the look by adding sports pants such as yoga pants, shorts, sweatpants or leggings and cool sneakers. This is an ideal outfit for ladies who love sports and active lifestyle.


  • More expensive does not necessarily mean better quality, but it is worth investing in comfort
  • Consider the wool / polyester ratio
  • Versatility is crucial
  • Decide on what occasion you want to buy the sweatshirt.

Why wearing hoodie:

It ensures thermal comfort – A good sweatshirt can be worn in many moments, whether you choose to wear it to a friendly meeting or a trip to the mountains. In addition, if it is tailored to you, you will have thermal comfort, especially on those days when temperatures are low.

Very practical – it is easy to maintain and integrate in different urban outfits, so choose with confidence a model that you like and do not hesitate to adopt a youthful style. It gives you freedom of movement You will feel very good when you wear a quality sweatshirt, you will have freedom of movement and you will discover many advantages. If you are a fan of a youthful, urban style, you can wear the sweatshirt with sports shoes. And in the case of accessories we mention the sports backpack and headphones (for those who want to listen to music while walking on the city streets). In addition, you can wear the sweatshirt when you run in the park or do other activities that do not require wearing a formal outfit.

It is versatile – If you choose a basic sweatshirt, which can be worn in different ways, then you will surely discover how useful it is. You can wear the sweatshirt in combination with jeans, chinos, sports pants or other pants that can be easily adapted to this style. When it comes to footwear, it is recommended to opt for sports.

It helps you improve your clothing style – A sweatshirt with a special design will help you update your clothing style and create many outfits worthy of admiration. In addition, it can help you to have more confidence in yourself. A sweatshirt can successfully replace a cardigan or a cashmere sweater, can be worn with a coat or a seasonal jacket and can always be adapted to the outfits you want to create.


These basic items contribute to the creation of casual, smart, sport or urban outfits with personality. Their charm cannot be ignored, with their help you can approach casual, stylish, relaxing or, on the contrary, nonconformist, urban, mysterious outfits.