Are Ankle Boots still in style 2023

About ankle boots

It is true that ankle boots or boots can be casual, elegant or edgy, so it is important to choose the right model. Another factor to consider when you want to wear a pair of short boots is the one related to your figure. Be careful, because ankle boots can make you look shorter than you are or if you have long, thin legs, they can exaggerate this feature. Classic ankle boots, from my point of view, are the safest footwear. Why do I think so? Well, please contradict me if I’m wrong. So, are ankle boots still in style 2023 can be combined with anything. Both from a chromatic point of view, if they are black or in other earthy shades, and from a clothing point of view. But I think you already knew this detail too, didn’t you? Or not? I’m waiting for you to tell me in the comments which of the options suits you and in which of these two cases you fit.

There is no doubt that boots have become a strong trend in the fashion world in recent years and it doesn’t seem like they will disappear anytime soon. This type of footwear brings an edgy look to any outfit and, in combination with feminine items made of delicate materials, will make any outfit stand out. Although, in principle, boots should be worn in winter, fashion rules do not take into account such classifications. So, if you match them properly, you can wear them all year round without any problem. Whether they come with a thicker platform or a flatter sole, the boots are very comfortable and versatile, making them ideal for any occasion, from autumn walks to summer dinners on the terrace.

Invest in quality

The secret of shoes that will last you several seasons and look amazing is simple: buy more good quality shoes, with a classic model and wear them alternately. This is undoubtedly true for the best ankle boots 2023.
Invest in classic ankle boots, with or without heel, made of leather that you will wear intensively with a skirt, a dress, or pants. In addition to convenience, some ankle boots seem extremely flattering to those with very wide legs, who want to optically create the impression of narrowness. Look for ankle boots with a semi-long, rounded muzzle, possibly with a darker muzzle than the rest of the boot. With or without heel, in the casual or office environment, the ankle boots are a more elegant option than the lace-up shoe and more comfortable than the heeled shoe.

Perfect footwear model

Regardless of the temperature you feel now and how lively summer seems to be, cold nights are already a sign that autumn is approaching. And how can we better celebrate this season if not with a pair of ankle boots?
The perfect footwear model of the transition periods (and not only) shines this season as well, and the good news is that, in addition to the variants that have already caused a stir, there are also new variants recently launched by fashion designers.

Types of ankle boots

Lace-up ankle boots

We wouldn’t have expected the Victorian period to have the most important say when it comes to fashionable ankle boots this season, but things are exactly the same. The lace-up ankle boots have a pronounced toe, but are brought at the same time due to the applied details or the statement heel. Represents the coolest influence now!

Ankle boots with animal print

When it comes to prints, you have every reason to “go wild.” On the first place in the top of the trends remain the ankle boots with snakeskin print, but those with zebra or tiger prints are also desirable. Opt for sophisticated models with a minimalist design to compensate for the boldness of the prince.

Ankle boots with floral print

If you can no longer wear flowers on light summer dresses, print them now on ankle boots. Floral ankle boots have a romantic look that fits perfectly with the sensitivity of autumn and this is just one of the reasons not to miss it now.

Western ankle boots

This type of ankle boots resists trends precisely because they manage to give a personal touch to weekend outfits. They are comfortable, come in countless leather variants and color expressions and test your creativity. But you have to be very careful with what clothes you associate with them.

Here’s what we advise you to choose depending on your type of compliance:

Cute and slender

If you are cute and have a body pulled through the ring, then it is good to go for a model with a little heel and a boot that covers your entire ankle. Patterned boots that reveal as much of the ankle as possible have the disadvantage of shortening your legs. For a stylish approach you can be inspired by Kate Moss’s choices!

Cute with shapes

To intuit your personal style and adapt it to short boots is a talent. For a shaped body, we suggest you choose a model with a sharp tip to give you an elongation effect. Combine A-line skirts (which stop just before the knee) and avoid dresses that are too long with this type of ice.

Tall with shapes

A woman who is tall and shapely does not have to worry about her height, but she does need to be careful about how thick her leg may look. Avoid wearing ankle boots with cuffs, chains or other details that draw attention to the calf. Capri pants or tapered jeans go great with simple, short boot patterns. A semi-voluminous dress or a long tunic with matte black tights can also look good.

Tall and slender

If you are tall and have the measurements of a mannequin, you should not overdo it. The options for choosing a pair of short boots are unpretentious, unlimited. But this freedom also comes with a price, pay attention to the combination of clothing. Knee lengths are not always good.

Boots depending on the material


Known – for its durability, leather is often the first choice when it comes to boots, because models made of this material are practical and comfortable, regardless of weather conditions, being able to be worn in rain, snow or muddy areas.


Nylon is a material that recently entered the world of fashion. It is used, in particular, for its low weight, but also for the breathability it offers to the foot. If these are the features you want from your footwear, nylon might be the right choice.


Besides the fact that they are extremely comfortable, the rubber boots are water resistant and easy to clean, being a perfect choice for rainy days. Wool Boots made of wool are perfect for winter, as they help keep your feet warm. Also, the material gives them longevity over time. Boots according to the model

Style guide

Ankle boots, boots and … jeans

How can you wear ankle boots and boots? Well, it’s simple. Ankle boots and jeans or boots and jeans. The safest option you can opt for. And one of the most famous. It sounds familiar, doesn’t it? I definitely know her and I actually refer to her. Frequently. This variety is also one of the simplest and easiest. How do I choose to wear ankle boots with jeans? Very often, even when I’m in a hurry, during autumn, but also in spring, I prefer to wear a warm blouse, a jacket to cover my back and through the prism of which to I make sure I’m not cold… and? What’s left? A belt! I love belts and this outfit is just one of those that I accessorize with a belt.

Ankle boots with beads or other details

What do you think about ankle boots and boots with pebbles or different details attached to their material? Are you their fan or not? Even if they are not my favorites, I always appreciate ladies and gentlemen who know what to match them with.

Ankle boots with …dresses

What if the ankle boots match the dresses and skirts? What do you say? I think this is one of the most popular outfits. Dress and ankle boots or shirt, skirt and ankle boots! Have you ever worn this combination of clothing elements? I certainly did and still do, especially when I’m in a better mood or have more time to prepare. I don’t opt for an outfit like this when I’m in a rush, but when I want to make sure I 100% look good, that’s the time. Time for ankle boots and a dress. Time for ankle boots, shirt and skirt.

Ankle boots come in a wide range of styles, allowing women to express their individuality and complement their unique fashion sense. Some popular styles include:

a. Classic Leather Ankle Boots: Timeless and sophisticated, leather ankle boots exude elegance and can easily be dressed up or down. They are perfect for formal events or adding a touch of sophistication to everyday outfits.

b. Suede Ankle Boots: For a more laid-back and bohemian vibe, suede ankle boots are an excellent choice. Their soft texture and earthy tones create a stylish yet relaxed look.

c. Chelsea Boots: Characterized by their elastic side panels, Chelsea boots offer a sleek and polished appearance. They are a great option for both casual and formal occasions and look fantastic with dresses, skirts, or skinny jeans.

d. Chunky Heel Ankle Boots: If you desire a bit of height and stability, chunky heel ankle boots are the way to go. These boots provide comfort and style simultaneously, making them perfect for all-day wear.

e. Pointed Toe Ankle Boots: For a touch of elegance and sophistication, pointed toe ankle boots are an excellent choice. They elongate the legs and add a refined touch to any outfit.


– Rely on the office and elegance with a rectangular tip. This model of ankle boots exudes an air of “working girl”, which makes it perfect to highlight your seriousness at the office. Pair it with a pencil skirt and an oversized blazer.

– Don’t give up cowboy boots. They were worn during the summer and will make the transition in the fall as well. Compose a casual look with their help, using straight jeans with an ankle view and a top that is as comfortable as possible.

– Put your pants in ankle boots if you are tall and thin. One of the trends of autumn is to wear pants in high and thin ankle boots. Opt for flared pants models, such as high-waisted “paperbag” type, but only if you have a figure that does not involve defects.

– Don’t throw away your white ankle boots, but mix them with summer prints. Take the summer dress you love, pair it with a pair of white ankle boots and a light coat. It’s one of the winning looks of the moment.

– Keep animal print ankle boots as a centerpiece. Do not associate them with other prints this fall, but wear them with a nude dress and trench coat. You will find in the online environment countless models of natural leather ankle boots in tune with the trends. This item with laces and fashionable print is for sale!

– Don’t get too complicated. If you want a simple outfit, aim for perfection with stilettos, a pair of skinny jeans and an elegant shirt or a silk dress. A quality coat will complete this ensemble.

– Colored or printed ankle boots take casual outfits out of anonymity. The combination of oversized jeans and jacket that you end up using in any fall will simply be ideal if you add colorful ankle boots or a pair of shoes with a snake print.

– Use denim to counterbalance ankle boots with a bright look. Do you have a pair of ankle boots that you don’t know how to wear? Insert them in a very simple denim outfit; jeans and shirt or skirt and jacket. The effects will be seen!

– Your midi dress and ankle boots. The outfit that has been wreaking havoc for years will be reinterpreted in this fall with a pair of white ankle boots and a trench coat with fancy details.

Ankle boots have proven themselves as a versatile, stylish, and comfortable footwear option for women. Their ability to elevate any outfit and seamlessly transition between seasons makes them an indispensable addition to every woman’s shoe collection. So whether you’re heading to the office, going out with friends, or attending a special event, ankle boots are sure to become your go-to choice, allowing you to step out with confidence and flair.