Women’s Sun Hats 2021

The History Of Hats

The history of women’s hats begins in the Middle Ages, when the church forced them to cover their hair, considered a “weapon” of seduction. Over time, women’s hats are becoming more elaborate depending on social status. An outfit was created around the design of the hat. With the two world wars, however, the wearing of the hat is diminished. Today, sophisticated, custom-made hats can be seen at English high society women at very important events, such as weddings or horse races. However, hats continue to exist in our everyday wardrobe. They overshadow us on a hot day.

The Sun Hat – The Most Chic Accessory Of Summer

Summer is the season of light and heat and we can’t help but feel full of energy and good cheer when we wake up in the morning and see that the sun is in the sky and the birds are chirping so tenderly! Our walks are more frequent, holidays and beach outings more and full of wonderful memories with friends and family. An accessory that you should not miss in your summer outfits, besides the indispensable sunglasses, is the sun hat. Not only does it look chic and give you an elegant look, but it protects your face, hair and shoulders from the harmful effects of UV rays.

How To Choose The Hat According To The Shape Of Your Face

The perfect hat should be complementary to the shape of your face. For a round face, choose a wide-brimmed hat. If you have a long face, choose something small to cover part of your forehead. If your face is square, you need an asymmetrical hat. If you have a heart-shaped face, you can choose any hat model.

How To Choose Your Sun Hat

The sun hat is the accessory that you should not miss this summer. It protects you from the strong rays of the sun and at the same time completes your outfit. Once upon a time, the hat was as important an accessory as a belt or a piece of jewelry, but over time it lost its importance. But it did not stay in the shadows for too long, slowly, slowly returning to trends although it does not enjoy the same popularity. Hats can improve your outfit, but at the same time they can ruin your most correct outfit if the choice is not the right one, which is why few women have the courage to wear them. The models from this summer are diversified, we will find from the most elegant pieces to their most modern adaptations. But, the model is not the only criterion that we must take into account when choosing a hat.

The material from which the hat is made, as well as its color, is also important. Hats made of thin materials, such as straw or cotton, are preferred to allow the hair to “breathe”. We don’t necessarily have to match the hat to the outfit. As long as the color of the hat is complementary to a shade of clothing, the choice is right. However, care must be taken that the shade of the hat matches the skin.

If we have to take into account the high temperatures outside, it would be advisable to opt for light colors, such as white, cream, gray, pale yellow and beige, because they will reflect heat and will not absorb it. The right hat is chosen depending on the shape of the face. People with an oval face shape are the luckiest because any hat model fits them.

The same cannot be said of those with a round or square face shape. Ladies with a round face can opt for a hat with a high cap and wide brims, and those with a square face for an asymmetrical one. For people with an elongated face, round hats are recommended.

3 Colors To Consider: Light Brown, Cream and White

It’s the hottest season, so the colors you have to choose for a women’s hat are light! We keep the dark colors for the colder seasons, although I am also a fan of them. We often compromise the outfit and its harmonious matching because we end up mixing the wrong colors. A neutral hat for women is matched with an outfit of the same type. You are a more non-conformist and you want to highlight the hat, you can use a color contrast and orient yourself towards a darker color outfit and a light colored hat.

Sun Hats For Women

The Wide-Brimmed Straw Hat

The wide-brimmed straw hat is an accessory that you will surely appreciate in the summer season. This article primarily protects your shoulders and face from the strong rays of the sun. In addition, they give you a special elegance. You can enjoy this perfect element by the pool, the pool, the sea or simply when you walk quietly in the park. Straw hats match simple, steamy dresses made of melted cloth, linen or cotton. They are also exceptional when worn with a swimsuit or steamy dress by the pool.

sun hats for women
Women's Sun Hats
Women's Sun Hats

The Narrow-Brimmed Straw Hat

This ensures a non-conformist air. Therefore, if you like to enjoy freedom and elegance, choose from the models of women’s hats available, the one with narrow edges.
You can match it with short jeans and a simple shirt, espadrilles and a dress made of thin and soft denim or with straight cotton pants and a T-shirt with horizontal stripes. This accessory ensures a playful and confident image.

Women's Sun Hats
Women's Sun Hats
Women's Sun Hats

Straw Hat Decorated With Ribbon

It is intended for elegant women. Therefore, if you want a chic and at the same time comfortable outfit, choose a simple dress in nude colors and a hat decorated with ribbon. You will enjoy confidence and at the same time you will feel comfortable and chic.

Women's Sun Hats
Women's Sun Hats
Women's Sun Hats