Womens Hiking Boots 2020

Love hiking or just love to walk a lot in the winter, then it is clear that you need a pair of proper boots. This boots should be comfortable, safety and stability. Comfort is, without any doubt, and the important issue, because your feet should be in good condition.
Efficiency, is a characteristic which you must take into consideration. In order to be efficient, your hiking boots should be appropriate to your main activity. Your boots should be also waterproof. Indeed due to conditions , the must be able to protect your feet, water resistant abilities should be a very light level.

3 tips when choosing a pair of hiking boots:

  1. The first pair of boots must be in the “3 seasons” category. If you are in the situation of buying a single pair of mountain boots choose from the category “3 seasons” (you can wear spring, summer and autumn) and do not approach winter boots (4 seasons – heavy and really good only at winter tours), but not for mountain boots, no matter how much the manufacturers praise them. Mountain boots may be the second pair of mountain shoes, but never the first.
  2. Do not go to the mountain with new boots. Wear them at least 40-50 hours before leaving with them on the mountain. Do not buy boots that have been on the store shelf for more than a year.
  3. Do not appreciate the quality of the mountain boots by price. Price is a good criterion, generally, but do not choose your mountain boots only by price. There are brands that offer exceptional quality and comfort at a price that can be 10-15% lower than other “famous” ones. What matters is: the materials used, the quality of the sole and how you stand with them. Often smaller manufacturers have exceptional quality products at lower prices than similar products of big names.

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