Women’s Cardigans Fall-Winter

Versatile and comfortable, the cardigan is well known and much loved all over the world not only by men, but by women as well. Its history is quite long. The so-called father of the cardigan is considered to be James Thomas Brudnell, but maybe you would like to know who this gentleman was. Well… it was a former British military commander. It looks like the sweater he used to wear under his uniform resembled a lot with the cardigan we know today. Still, the great popularization of the cardigan was made by the British fishermen. They had worn it for practical purposes because it was protecting them very well from cold and the wind the whole work day.
Modern, simple but also chic, the cardigan is a piece of wardrobe absolutely sensational. At the same time, it is also a very useful casual element from any woman’s wardrobe.

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Having in mind how versatile and practical this piece of outfit is, it is very hard to imagine how you are able to create a casual style without it.
I was talking above about its versatility. This should be a characteristic for everything that is designed for the casual style. The cardigan is much more than just versatile. It is a piece of clothing that seems simple but if well used, it can create some very interesting and chic casual outfit combinations.
The casual style is a very common one and the cardigan does not make an exception either. Still, it is certain that the cardigan does not belong only to the casual style, but it is the place where it feels the most comfortable. Responsible for this aspect is precisely the comfort that this piece of clothing can offer.

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The cardigan can be worn in any season but probably the fall and the winter are the seasons when we congratulate us the most that we have at least one into our wardrobes. Indeed, along with the qualities that we have already discussed until now, the cardigan can protect you very well from cold.
You can also wear it in a multilayer outfit combination. In this respect choose a pair of ankle boots, a pair of skinny jeans, a white guayabera shirt, a cardigan of course and a coat. You will create not only a casual outfit but a very chic one too.
If you need an idea of a casual outfit combo, one more relaxed and more comfortable, you can try wearing a pair of boots, boyfriend jeans, a T-shirt and a cardigan of course. Now you will feel even more comfortable in any situation.

The wrap cardigan is a type of cardigan open in the front that can give you a plus of style. Some specialists are saying that this type of cardigan is more elegant. My opinion is that it depends on how you look at it because if you know how to match it right, it can become a staple for your casual wardrobe.

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A casual style is characterized a lot by the level of comfort. And we can say without worrying to be wrong that a cardigan is for sure very comfy. In addition, it is also extremely easy to be matched with various other pieces of outfit. This aspect gives you an advantage when you are creating your outfit, no matter the time of the day or the event you are attending.
The cardigan can be the key for a modern and very practical outfit. In time, ever since the time of the commander Brudnell and up to now, the cardigan has suffered many upgrades. Obviously, today the market offers a large variety of models and colors.
Perfectly completing almost any type of outfit, the cardigan is a piece of clothing far from being only practical. On the opposite, it is a piece of outfit that can be worn by everybody, no matter if you are a bold, delicate or conservative woman. It really does not matter how your personal style is, the cardigan is there for you.
I was saying above that a cardigan is a very versatile piece of outfit. This is noticeable very well no matter the place you want to wear it. You can wear it at the cinema, at the market, when going shopping, when going out with your friends to have a coffee, when going in a trip to the mountains, at a picnic and even in a club. Obviously, this depends a lot on how you will be able to create the perfect outfit combo for each event. You have to have the ability to find the most successful and proper associations between the pieces of your outfit.
The cardigan is your best friend when you are trying to create a stylish outfit but also when you try to highlight the best parts of your body. I am saying this because women should not consider the cardigan to be just a knitted sweater that can protect them from cold. If it is properly associated, it can get out of the crowd any woman.
The cardigan has another huge advantage and I am referring to the fact that it can be worn by a large area of ages, from the youngest ones to the older ones. Whether we are talking about the young students that are walking within the campus or going to classes wearing it, about the housewives when going shopping, or about the older women having a walk in the park, the cardigan is equally cherished and loved by women of all ages and occupations.
It is said that simple is better, which is absolutely correct and undisputable in the fashion world. Still, we can’t say that this piece of outfit, the cardigan, is just a simple one. Well no, it is not just a simple piece of outfit. It can become the base for many extremely complex outfits.
Elegant, modern and versatile, the cardigan is a mandatory piece of clothing for any woman’s closet no matter her age, education or personal style.
Be inspired, use it into the most appropriate combs and you will get a stunning look, that’s for sure.
If you look into your wardrobe and you don’t find not only one, but many model s of cardigan, you should definitely do something about this. A casual style is mandatory to include some interesting cardigan models.