Women’s Business Shoes Professional Winter

Shoes for Work In Winter

With the cold season comes a slightly different situation. Namely that you need to find shoes suitable for the office and suitable for the outside temperatures and weather.

Fashionable winter work shoes that will not disappoint you on the icy and snowy road or on the slippery business floor are a must. Winter shoes that are great even when you have to sit all day at your office in a cold office for example.

In the cold periods, when the weather is a bit hectic and the snow doesn’t take long to appear, it can be quite difficult to make an office outfit.
You need to make sure that your wardrobe and shoes meet certain criteria specific to the cold season.

In addition to the thick and warm clothes specific to this time of year, you also need boots that match both the clothing style you decide to adopt and the weather outside.

When women think about what they could wear to the office on days like these, boots are the handiest.They are both warm and comfortable and prevent accidents on ice, and can be easily matched with different outfits.
Women’s office boots can be of several types. Either with a 0 heel for the days when the ice seems quite threatening and you want to feel as comfortable as possible, or with a block heel for a shade of elegance but also comfort throughout the day, or with a high heel for an imposing outfit.
The lengths can differ, depending on the preferences of each woman, and the recommended material is leather for its well-known properties, but also for the elegance and refinement that an office outfit needs. So, you should pay attention and to be creative when you choose women’s business shoes professional winter.

Most fashionable professional winter shoes:

Ankle Boots

Women’s office boots can be with zero heel, for more comfort, with block heel, for comfort throughout the day or with high heel, for elegance and prestige at the office. The models can be short, up to the ankle, medium, up to the middle of the calf, but also longer, which can be easily confused with the boots. The preferred material for office boots is natural leather, which, in addition to the practical properties of resistance, waterproofs, flexibility and comfort, also have a generous contribution of elegance and refinement, necessary for the office outfit.
Heeled ankle boots are chosen in office outfits primarily for their comfort, elegance and versatility. Although without heels, these boots exude elegance, satisfying the requirements of every woman in terms of office outfits. They can be worn in light office outfits, with classic pants, jeans, dress, skirt, shirt, jacket, cardigan and coat. Heeled boots are the most sought after, as they are suitable for any type of figure. In autumn or winter, women prefer heeled boots for office outfits, as they exude elegance and style, due to the supple air of the heels. They are not only elegant, but also practical and comfortable. These boots are very versatile, being able to cover a wide range of clothing options, especially office ones. It adapts easily to classic pants, but also to a pair of jeans, along with a knitted shirt or sweater, with a jacket or a cardigan, but they also go great with skirts and dresses of various cuts. Zippered boots are a choice not only elegant, but also very practical, although this year zippers have a more decorative role. If you choose a pair of boots with such a zipper, you will add a touch of originality to your office outfit. You can wear them to skirts and dresses of various cuts, but also to office pants, jeans, along with a shirt or a sweater, with a jacket or a cardigan.

Women's Business Shoes Professional Winter
Women's Business Shoes Professional Winter
Women's Business Shoes Professional Winter

Oxford Shoes

Oxford shoes are classic formal shoes, with lace-up holes very close to each other at the top. They originate in Scotland and Ireland from a type of ice from the 1800s, called Oxonian, which changed its design over time due to the wishes of Oxford students. In France they are called Richelieu shoes, and in Anglo-Saxon countries they are also known as “Balmoral”, named after a castle of the queen. Oxford shoes can be simple or decorated in different ways and proportions.

The embellishments are given by perforations made in the skin of the bomb, on the head or on the sides. In English, the decorated patterns are called brogue and range from fine holes applied to the edge of the bomb (quarter brogue) to “sifted” patterns (full brogue). A well-known variation is the Oxford Wing Tip model in which the skin used for the pump extends to the middle of the sole.

Wear women’s Oxford shoes with denim, in a relaxed look: Whatever model of Oxford shoes you have at your disposal, it is impossible to go wrong when you choose to wear them in combination with a pair of jeans, a T-shirt or a steamy blouse, or a simple, white shirt. Oxford shoes will only better shape your feminine and confident image.

Wear women’s Oxford shoes with dresses or office skirts: For a relaxed style, but feminine and neat at the same time, we recommend wearing Oxford shoes in combination with a simple black dress or a monochrome skirt in office style. Depending on the complexity of the model of Oxford shoes chosen, you can also opt for dresses and skirts with romantic prints. The model of Oxford chosen does not impose any limit on you, given the fact that, after all, the thing we appreciate most about these footwear accessories is the fact that they are extremely versatile. By opting for this clothing combination, you will be able to feel excellent and attract many admiring looks and compliments, wherever you choose to wear it.

Get a festival look with leather oxford shoes: Did you think that women’s oxford shoes are only suitable for office or casual-chic clothing? Wrong! You can integrate them perfectly in a festival outfit, if you choose to wear them in combination with a pair of denim shorts, for example, with a bold top and a sleeveless cardigan with fringes. Imagine how cool you would look if you even wore oxford shoes with leather fringes, along with the aforementioned summer cardigan! And a pair of sunglasses would be the only accessory you need to feel great!

Women's Business Shoes Professional Winter
Women's Business Shoes Professional Winter
Women's Business Shoes Professional Winter


Boots are the most common type of footwear due to the variety of models. There are boots made of various materials, natural or synthetic leather, short, medium or long, with or without heel, with platform, with laces, with zipper. Every woman will find her ideal model no matter what size she wears or what tastes she has. The boots will always look sensational in a day or evening outfit, especially if they are matched correctly. Although they are very simple footwear, they can help you create a very feminine, sensual and attractive look, and a pair that benefits you will definitely help you make a fuss when it comes to fashion.
Office outfits give women great freedom to experiment when it comes to the cold season. They can create various styles depending on the shape of the body, what benefits them and especially the existing trends.

Interesting combinations:

Oversized jacket: If you do not want to wear one of the chic dresses you have, go for an oversized jacket, which you can wear as a dress. Add a wide belt at the waist, your favorite pair of long boots, and a bag with an unusual color. This outfit is ideal for bachelorette parties, a regular club night or a night of stories with friends at the most popular bar in town.

Wear them with short skirts: The combinations with short skirts are very successful, so you can create a lot of stylish outfits. You can wear them with skirts in seasonal colors (from gray or dark green to shades of brown) or in lighter shades, such as neon yellow or neon blue. Although long boots match very well with short skirts, such combinations are not suitable for the office, no matter how much you respect the proportions. Also, if you want a more stylish look, it is recommended to wear tights in opaque colors.

Wear them with a midi skirt: Because they are very high and molded, it is good for the boots to be the strongest part of the outfit. Thus, you will be able to draw attention to your legs and you will have an extremely sexy look. Long boots are best matched with midi skirts or slim fit pants. You can also wear them in combination with a long dress, but the visual effect will not be the same. If you don’t want to attract too much attention, you can wear boots with a long skirt, about two or three centimeters above the knees.

Wear them in evening outfits: If you want to draw attention to your boots when you go out in the evening, focus on colors, materials and textures when you buy a new pair of boots. You can choose boots with high heels or thick heels, depending on how comfortable you feel in them. Also, long boots with metallic details or other design elements will definitely help you to attract attention. Avoid boots that are too wide. Over-the-knee boots, for example, should be wide enough to allow you to wear them with pants or tights and tight enough to stay fixed on the foot. Avoid buying boots that slip off your foot when you walk or that make a lot of creases on the top, because they are not aesthetic at all. Avoid boots that are too short. If you do not want to draw too much attention to your feet, whether your legs are too thick or your legs are not your strong point, it is good to avoid too short boots.

Choose boots suitable for your height. High-waisted women can wear both over-the-knee and short boots. Instead, shorter-heeled women should wear high-heeled boots, especially thin-heeled ones, because they create an elongating effect. Also in the case of short women, molded boots are recommended, and wide ones should be avoided.

Choose the right colors. It is quite difficult to choose the right colors when it comes to boots, especially since they are found in many models and shades. To make it easier for you, choose long boots in colors that predominate in your wardrobe or that match the outfits you have. For example, if you like to wear clothes in shades of brown or beige, then you can choose boots in close colors, such as brown or dark green. Of course, black boots will always be a very elegant and inspired choice, as they are very easy to match.

Women's Business Shoes Professional Winter
Women's Business Shoes Professional Winter
Women's Business Shoes Professional Winter

Common mistakes in choosing office shoes:

If we were to make a top of the most dressed outfits, surely the most usual outfit is the one you wear to the office. Hence the importance you must give to business attire. This represents not only you, but also the company where you work, and depending on the latter you can compose your office outfits, more sober or more relaxed. Because shoes are essential in the final look of your outfits, I suggest you see together what mistakes you should avoid when dressing for the office.

Shoes that are too high – Whether you have a job that involves office work or one that involves travel, you will wear shoes that you leave home with for at least 8 hours. Shoes that are too high are not indicated at the office because inevitably, at the end of the day, they will become uncomfortable, and you will end up with foot pain. In addition, shoes with very high heels are more suitable for elegant outfits, to go out in the city. They can be too ostentatious for an office outfit.

Ultra-colored shoes – YES, colored shoes are worn, but for the office, it is preferable to choose a uni model, if not one in a neutral shade. If you are bored with the eternal black or nude, you can choose a pair of colorful but plain shoes. Go for shades of green, yellow, blue (be it blue, navy blue or deep blue), pale pink, etc. and keep shoes with a strong color scheme for a city outing.

Sport shoes – here I must mention that not every sports shoe is considered a mistake or rather, there are models that you can wear to the office, especially in the already classic “Casual Friday”. What you should never wear in office outfits are the classic sports shoes, the ones actually intended for sports activities. But you can choose sneakers, with a modern look, which fit perfectly with a pair of suit pants and a matching jacket. Moreover, with them you will get a successful and original look, suitable for work.

Shoes with metal accessories – Another very cool and modern item, which you can have in your wardrobe, but which I do not recommend at the office. Metallic applications (staples, targets, buckles) are a bit aggressive for an outfit that is desired to be sober and neutral. But they are ideal for a hot weekend party! You can choose instead a pair of classic shoes with a subtle metallic detail, such as a logo.

It’s no secret that shoes are an important accessory and that women simply love them. Whether it’s boots, ankle boots, boots, with or without heels, invest in quality shoes, practical and easy to match, to help you build an impeccable outfit. The variants are countless this season as well, so you don’t have to worry that you won’t find the right shoes.