Winter Turtlenecks For Women

Turtlenecks are becoming more and more common in each of our wardrobes. It seems to me that they have a special air, something that differentiates them from the rest of the sweaters, so every time I wear them with pleasure. I admit that I really like to wear them accessorized with statement bracelets or necklaces, or even with accessories for hair that gives a special look to the outfit.
Turtlenecks should never be combined with a thick, gold necklace. Such a combination doesn’t have to be successful even if your sweater is black. Always choose necklaces as discreet as possible, which do not stand out very much.
Also remember that turtlenecks should never be worn with scarves. These accessories have no purpose, since you already have your neck covered. And no matter how cold it is outside, you don’t have to wear a V-neck sweater over one on the neck. Such an outfit is outdated! Even very soft pants should not be combined with this piece of clothing. You need volume at the bottom, so it’s best to wear it with a skirt!
It is obvious that turtleneck is a versatile piece and can be worn with anything from skirts, dresses, pants or overalls. The most suitable model you should invest in is the oversized neck sweater in shades of gray. If you are cute, pick a normal sweater and wear it with high waisted pants or skirts.
Turtleneck will work great with a pair of leather pants. The skin goes with everything, so don’t hesitate to wear this combination.

Turtleneck is a very useful dress item in the cold season, as it gives you a chic, effortless look. However, you cannot wear it with anything. Be creative and try to feel comfortable with the combo and the success is guaranteed.