Winter Jackets For Women 2020

The winter jacket is a very popular piece of clothing during the cold months because it provides very good protection against low temperatures. Regardless of taste preferences, the market offers variations for everyone.

It should be noted that a women’s winter jacket is elegant, functional and efficient. It’s easy to wear, dark and the models are refined and with a remarkable design. The thick jacket is your price ally during the winter, keeping your body warm despite the cold outside. This can become your enemy if it’s not chosen for sabotaging your silhouette, offering volume to areas where it’s not really needed.

If we take into consideration the shape of your body:

The triangle silhouette – is characterized by large hips, shoulders and small bust, and the prominent posterior. Heads such as Kim Kardashian, Eva Mendes or Jennifer Love-Hewitt have such a silhouette. They know they can put their silhouette in value by putting their small size in value and adding volume to the top of the body. So, for such a silhouette, we recommend jackets in the waist with prominent shoulders. Also, bulky jackets, which are in vogue this season, are suitable for this type of conformation.

Reversed triangle silhouette – this silhouette involves large, bulky shoulders, generous chest and very narrow body of the lower body. Demi Moore, Renee Zellweger and Teri Hatcher are just some of the Hollywood stars who have such a silhouette. To render an inverted triangle look like, you’d better draw attention to the waist and hips to balance the silhouette.
A winter jacket flared at the bottom, maybe even with a cut in the waist down from the waist, will look impeccably in your hand.

Apple shape – have large shoulders and generous bust. Eva Longoria, Jennifer Hudson and Drew Barrymore have such a silhouette.
A winter jacket with a hat cut will benefit you by masking the parts that you do not pride yourself too much and appreciate your feet.

Androgen silhouette – it requires athletic conformation. Because the breasts and the posterior are not protruding, it is necessary to create accented forms with the worn clothes. Cameron Diaz, Natalie Portman and Kate Hudson have an androgynous silhouette. A sporty jacket with many pockets, but with a waistline to emphasize the waist, will benefit your silhouette.

I always start by considering lifestyle and exposure to outdoor temperatures. If in the morning the car is waiting for you in front of the house, in the office the parking is underground and you have no way to do during the day, you can choose a not very thick coat, possibly a gown type, which is only caught in the waist with a cord or a short jacket , a peacock that closely follows the lines of the body without tightening, because you will not wear many layers of clothing underneath. If you are active, you go and bring your kids to school, shop or go by public transport, choose a warm, quilted jacket with a fluffy hood inside and a slightly wider pocket that will give you allows you to make wider movements and will be more permissive with small accidents. Think and what you prefer to wear under the winter coat: skirts and dresses will look better along with coats and longer jackets, from knees to mid-toe. If you do not get out of your jeans, head for aviator jackets, peacock coats or some other short coat.

There are many types of winter jackets for women 2020, camouflage jackets, three-quarter jackets, maxi jackets, hooded jackets, fur jackets, elegant jackets, sports jackets, casual jackets. There are winter jackets for women 2020 that you feel comfortable in and that enhance your femininity and there are oversized jackets in which you look like a penguin. It is of course your decision to decided which is the best for you.