A few years ago you probably prefer skinny jeans mostly, trying to imagine how you might fit into their strait. After seeing that not only models on the catwalks of fashion with ultra-thin legs bears, you went on the attack, and now certainly in your wardrobe there are several models for every occasion. What’s more, they have become firm friends. The problem is that in a while, skinny jeans have walked off the radar fashion show, models designers looking up to something more… relaxed. Well, yes a wide leg jeans could surely be the solution.

2016 best wide leg jeans

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wide leg jean 2016

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2016 amazing wide leg jean

Their origins are somewhere in the 70s, when hippie fashion was in power and everyone wore them.

Like shoes, you can try:
– Go best with platforms, whether orthopedic sandals or shoes or boots with platform and heel.
– Also, for a chic look, jeans and matching ballet dancers go, that’s only if the length is right and not step on them.
– Wide leg jeans jeans plus sneakers, casual attire combination happily for sport.

As accessories you can choose:
– As long metal chains with pendants interesting, expressing something!
– For most stylish outfits, beautiful chandelier earrings are
– More bracelets and colored aviator sunglasses and funny plastic rings are a must have when you plan to get a sporty outfit full of charm
– Shawls are also in the viewfinder, so wear them with confidence
– Wide Belts, visible, outfits the top is put in pants. Attention to buckles, relies on special models

This type of jeans reminiscent of the hippie years are extremely permissive and favors almost any figure.