White Summer Dresses 2021

Summer dresses 2021

The white summer dresses 2021 are for all occasions. Dressed for work or evening wear, it even turns into a civil wedding dress. To try it is to adopt it.
Every summer, it’s the same catchphrase: white dresses come back to flatter our tan. Haunted by fair skin, they go to everyone, contrary to popular belief.

White summer dresses 2021 – symbol for hot seasons

Symbol of summer, the white dress is your ideal partner. Lace, short, strapless, long, with or without sleeves, it becomes the perfect trendy dress for any lady.

Like the little black dress, the white summer dress has become an essential part of our wardrobe. Shy in winter, she returns every year to the same period: full summer. It’s a festival of white dresses that opens. The models are infinite. Everything goes there. We find long dresses, short dresses, backless dresses or even strapless dresses. All are dressed in white to match the spring, summer fashion trends.

Since the time that the white dress squats the season, it has known how to reinvent itself and find new codes. Lace on the front line. With it, we learn to wear transparency.

White summer dresses 2021 looks very special and helps you a lot to emphasize your femininity. It is a very simple piece, which is perfect for a romantic woman. Of course, when we say simple, take into consideration that a casual white dress could represent the main piece of your look, of course that depending a lot of your inspiration. Indeed, if you manage to find out the proper combination, the white summer dress is a magical piece of your look.

White Summer Dresses 2021

White Summer Dresses 2021

White Summer Dresses 2021

White Summer Dresses 2021

Try combinations with:

– leather jackets , well, this is for sure a romantic, feminine and also very chic combination
– denim jacket, well, that’s a casual and very comfortable combination
– high heels, great and very trendy combination, you will look stunning

Some interesting tips:

  • avoid as much as you can very tight dresses
  • use a lot of colorful accessories, it is a great combo with white dresses
  • wear a fluid model, looks like in a wonderful fairy tale.
  • no visible zip
  • without “weird” holes in the waist, underarms, shoulders
  • no thin straps
  • no lace holes along the dress

Every women’s wardrobe should contain a white dress. It is an amazing piece and you could wear it in various places.

White Summer Dresses 2021
White Summer Dresses 2021

White summer dresses are simple, revitalizing and perfect for summer. However, wearing a white dress correctly is a bit more complicated than the color suggests. But if you know a few basic tricks, you’ll do great.
First, you need to choose a shade of white that suits your skin.
Not all women can wear that bright, strong white, but fortunately, there is a shade of white for every skin type. If you have paler skin, then you can choose the classic white color with silver accessories.
Olive skin also goes very well with white, but also with the shade of ecru, especially when you add golden accessories. If you have pink skin, it is best to go with cream or ivory white and silver and gold accessories alike.
Next step: Choose an opaque white dress made of solid material. You already know that if you have a little sun behind your white dress, you might be able to give the other person a look at your underwear. So, when you go to buy a white dress, consider this factor and place the dress under the light and put a hand under the material to see how thick it is. If you can see the color and shape of your hand under the dress, then your underwear will become just as visible. Choose such dresses only if they still have a layer underneath. At the same time, if the material is of good quality, you are less likely to face the factor of transparency. So choose cotton or light wool.

Choose the right white dress

The rule would be, the darker your pigmentation, the darker the white shade should be. It looks like an oxymoron (dark white), it’s not, I told you that simplicity speaks in sophisticated terms. So, for ladies with skin in cold tones, translucent, pink, with blue veins, you will catch the bright whites wonderfully, while those with darker, warm, yellow, olive skin, your whites for beige, ivory, butter will look good , dirty white tones.
Pay attention to the white dresses through which it is seen, be sure to wear white lingerie and fur or skirt.

Add a splash of color

White from head to toe, it’s not necessarily a solution, except maybe you’re a Creole. But, let’s be happy that white is a neutral that allows us to associate any other shade or combination. Total freedom in choosing shoes, bags, accessories: pink, red, blue, green, etc .. Beware only of the extreme contrast between the intense colors and the white background and keep the excesses in check: Less is more! And no, don’t match your bag with shoes, choose a metallic clutch or another intense shade.
You can make a chic outfit for an evening in the city with a pair of raspberry red stilettos, but for the office, soften the tones and choose camel, light brown.

Jeans with anything

And with a white dress, of course. For the holidays or cold mornings when you feel you should cover your shoulders, keep a faded denim jacket at hand. It is the everyday pair of white dress. You can carefully persuade her to give salt and pepper even to a semi-formal outfit with which you will tick an event. And a khaki parka is just as suitable!