Wedge Sandals 2020

Wedge sandals 2020

Quite popular in recent years, wedge sandals are in vogue this summer too. This sandals are a perfect way to go because they add a certain height without causing you difficulty in walking. One thing I really love about these shoes is that they are exceptionally fashionable, can suit any style from extreme elegance to those who love to wear them on a variety of occasions and yet show off absolutely beautiful.

Attitude – an important key element if you wear platform sandals

Any clothes you wear look good on you if you have the right attitude. You’ve probably seen hundreds of guys by now wearing a pair of jeans that are just plain banal, but they look great with the flower hat. Or wearing an eccentric dress that you would like to have the courage to wear. Their secret lies in the attitude they have when they leave their house dressed in a certain way. If you assume the outfit and if you do not feel awkward wearing that piece of clothing, if you know you are beautiful, if you know that you stand out, but this is exactly the effect you wanted to achieve, then your success is guaranteed.

Very stylish

Wedge sandals prove to be more comfortable than stiletto shoes, but they lengthen the legs as beautifully, adding centimeters and style points, equally. Whether they are cork, rubber, wood or plastic, with heel and platform or just platform, these sandals will help you design stylish outfits, along with items you already have in the closet.

Why are wedge sandals easy to wear

Platforms are the type of shoes that most often creates confusion. Often this term is associated with orthopedic footwear. The platform is basically that high sole with a few centimeters so that it is reduced from the heel height of the heel, making walking a much easier activity.

Wedge sandals are among the top favorites of millions of women around the world. These are great ideas to have an attractive outfit and to be in trend. An advantage of the sandals with the platform is that they have the possibility of providing high stability and optimum coverage. A very important factor for cheap and sexy platform sandals is that they have a more robust and long-lasting design and construction. These can support the shape of any body but also any kind of weight.

Women often look for this type of shoe, especially the woman always goes for heels and wants to be elegant and fashionable. The best choice for comfort are these platform sandals. Each woman must follow the fashion trends and purchase the platform sandals that are closest to her tastes. The platform has a projection of maximum efficiency because besides the comfort offered they can also transform the woman into a modern one. A variety of outfits can be made starting from this type of footwear. The difference between the platform sandals and the orthopedic soles is that the first ones have a thick heel that extends with a sharper or wider angle. Your height will increase significantly as long as you wear platform sandals. Stability and comfort do not tend to disappear. These can give you a look with a valuable look and by wearing sexy sandals you will be sure that the world will turn your head on the street to admire you. Platform sandals are made of various materials and come in many designs and colors so you will definitely find some to your liking and fully satisfy you. Cork sole sandals are some of the most sought after. They offer a relaxing look, are easy to wear but also very comfortable. You can wear it in combination with skirts, dresses, long or short pants but not at the most elegant outfits.
The heel and sole sandals made of transparent material manage to bring elegance to the outfit you wear. You can wear these types of sandals when you try on formal outfits, but you also need a tailor made accessories.
You can find sandals with a platform made of rubber or wood. These clearly cannot be combined with elegant outfits, but you can be sexy by wearing jeans and tops.
Summer is announced to be a retro one and the platform sandals should not be in any form missing from your wardrobe! Try any type of platform sandals and make sure you match them properly so that your appearance is a remarkable one!

Ideas on how you could combine them with your outfits

1. You can wear them with black pants and an oversized white t-shirt, along with a black leather jacket. For accessories you can use a pair of sunglasses and a spacious bag.
    2. Black platform sandals can be combined with a sky-colored leather jacket, and you can wear a black hat on your head.
   3. Platform sandals can also be integrated into a beach suit: combine them with a pair of shorts, a pink slim blouse and a beach bag.
   4. Being available in many colors, you can wear them in office or more casual outfits, but also when you go out in the park for a walk with friends.
    5. Platform sandals can also be worn in combination with a dress, thin striped pants and a light jacket.

Platform sandals add extra inches to your height, so you’ll definitely enjoy this, especially if you’re a shorter person. They can be worn anywhere, whether you go to work, walk or a place. Since they are a retro dress, you should not wear them in a very elegant outfit.

What to wear with wedge sandals

Wedge sandals are a perfect way to go because they add a certain height without causing you difficulty in walking. One thing I really love about these shoes is that they are exceptionally fashionable, can suit any style from extreme elegance to those who love to wear them on a variety of occasions and yet show off. absolutely beautiful. They look great on any length of clothing you might choose to wear; If you like long skirts or dresses or you prefer shorter lengths, the platforms will easily complete the look. So, let’s talk about how to wear summer shoes like a pro.
Platform sandals look great with both long and short dresses. When it comes to how to wear platform sandals, jeans are a classic option. However, it is important to note the style of the jeans. The jeans are perfect for showing off your sandals, but if you’re wearing jeans make sure the hem covers most of the platform as it will create the most streamlined silhouette.