Vintage Style for Summer 2015-2016

2015 best vintage dress

In the past it was a time when women began to feel more relaxed and have become bolder. They started to wear dress cut below the bust, pencil skirt, nylon petticoat to support dresses and flared mini skirt. The waist of the ladies was always marked, the colors began to be increasingly desirable and women used to wear sunglasses with rounded nose wings. And because fashion always returns, in the recent years the vintage fashion became more and more present.

Tight waist dresses are a true delight if they are worn in the evening, when you go out to a restaurant. 50s dresses are feminine and delicate, let the shoulders to be sighted, well defined waist, while the bottom is very broad and rich. Think how nice it would be to dance in such a dress … everyone would notice you. Choose a plaid dress, white and blue, a pair of elegant stiletto shoes in a neutral shade and catch your hair in a bun high, which will definitely get you out of the crowd. Opt for a pair of sandals with applications or some high platform sandals.

Nowadays vintage trousers of our days are very cheerful, they can be made from cool materials, high-waisted or long, straight or three quarters. Prints should be very interesting and trendy for example flowers, geometric shapes with peacock feathers. They can be worn with a pair of flat shoes intensely colored,or with a pair of platforms and a wide blouse, shoulders sagging. They are absolutely fabulous and more than adequate for vacation. Again the horizontal stripes are very interesting, especially if you accessorize your look with a style scarf style “thrown” on the shoulders and some long beads.

Vintage style is great and could be very expressive, you also should have a huge self confidence and your image would be perfect.