Summer Sandals for Women 2020

As the weather looks increasingly gentler, the clothes they stayed hidden all winter are beginning to come to light. But for many of us, the real spring comes only when we can walk out to our beloved sandals.
Summer sandals you wear it must be very comfy and match your outfits. For the approaching hot days, you clearly need sandals in which you feel comfortable.

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The sandals are timeless and they are honored every summer. However, you should know how to wear them and what patterns match each outfit. Especially low sandals worn with skirts, shorts or dresses loose. There are specific style casual daytime. We can combine with bright and trendy accessories. A beautiful necklace, bracelet or ring colorful sea! If your shoes are already decorated with sequins or pearls, put them in value by a camel dress, dark gray, satin, cotton or gauze.
Heeled sandals worn with straight pants, especially if the frame is fine. However, if the frame is thicker, square, trousers, high waist, hippie style, will be very well put out.
For evening: you want to be chic and glamor? Choose the right dress and tight style femme fatale. Opt for envelope and you will be very seductive.
Want to turn up the heat on the dance floor? Baby doll dress flaring is ideal outfit for you. At home, you can sample without problems heeled sandals amazing. Warning: do not play with your leg length and pair very high heels with a short skirt: you will not get the effect chic and sexy that you want.
Do not overdo it with accessories. High heels already feminized silhouette, especially if you have a colorful dress. Choose a sober shawl or a precious jewel. Avoid sandals with heel in the days of shopping with girlfriends. You’ll end up with huge pain in your feet. But if you really want to wear them, make sure you protect your feet.
Regarding their color if your shoes are golden or black will match almost anything. If you choose a glossy color: electric blue, bright green or red fatal, counting on colors that match or do not choose more than one color. For example, blue sandals go with a straight jeans and a white top or pastel.