Summer Fashionable Skinny Jeans 2015-2016

Whatever the season or situation, we want to look better, that is clear. We follow trends, fashion and try to align to them. However, when we we have to choose an outfit, we feel how all the good ideas run. And the situation is repeated endlessly, outfit after outfit.
Only fatigue or boredom in the worst case we do get out of the house without thinking that we have not observed any rule when we got clothes. And most important, we have passed without taking into account the rule number one: you have to feel good in clothes that we choose.
But nothing. Anybody can happen. It is important to make a habit and we forget how important it is to feel good in our skin.
A versatile piece of a woman’s wardrobe is definitely a jeans. And skinny jeans are a trendy model that has been preserved and still does not want to descend from trends. This jeans save our day, we feel good wearing them, they are chic and elegant and even we do not want to give up on them.

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Skinny jeans were born somewhere in the 80s, with the outbreak of rock tendencies. Jeans boom took over the whole world at that time and two cuts were part of fashion: either up or very tight and very faded color.

Currently, skinny jeans are the first in the top models of jeans, and they seems that never go out of fashion. It carries in various shades and, more recently, cut allows anyone to build their original outfits with them.

Although jeans are very modern, versatile, and looks so chic, there are some places that where you should not wear them anymore. They are too relaxed, so should not wear them to a job interview ever. You may think you’re cool and seeming to defy the label, but your potential employers might feel offended. Choose, instead, a pencil skirt or a pair of elegant black pants.