Stunning Grey Jeans 2015-2016

Grey is an extremely versatile color if you know to pair it correctly. And because we are talking about the jeans, then it is obvious that it will result a fabulous outfit. Indeed, everybody knows that jeans are very comfortable and loved by all women. Do not avoid wearing grey because it can be very offering.

grey jeans 2015-2016

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Be careful at the color combos including a pair of grey jeans because with a little creativity you can get some extraordinary outfits. And because we are talking about the grey color, there are specialists that say you can wear it during the period between the warm season and the cold one. This is true, but if you find the perfect pairing, you can wear this color no matter the season.
Do not be afraid to wear grey jeans on every moment of the day, even while at work if your company’s dress code allows it. This color is decent and very chic at the same time. You can try some interesting, comfortable and very chic combos. Pair grey jeans with:
– Simple white T-shirt (a very interesting and of great effect combo, in many situation simple is better)
– XXL T-shirt (a very cool and practical option)
– A colorful sweater (could be great for your look)
– Shirt (it can be even a formal one, you will sure look great)
– T-shirt and a cardigan (indeed this is a perfect combination because it is simple, practical, and very comfortable, of course it is also very chic)

As for the footwear, from the most comfortable one (sneakers and casual shoes) to some elegant high heels shoes (in that case you should be careful about pairing with them).
Grey jeans are a very comfortable piece of outfit that gives you the possibility to build some truly spectacular outfit combos. It’s only up to you.