Spring Sundresses 2021

Perfect choice – spring dresses

The dress is the star of the new spring-summer 2021 collections, and the friendly outside temperatures make us think about our own dress collection. So, spring dress is versatile, easy-to-wear and cluttered item that can save you whenever you have dilemmas about what to wear. Because spring comes with fashion news and lots of beautiful designs. Remember that a dress will never go out of style, so it wouldn’t be bad to renew your wardrobe. Whatever style of dress you choose, it is important to look good and feel comfortable in it.

Spring Trends

The spring-summer season brings us many interesting trends in the field of dresses: from feminine and delicate models, to the colorful and sporty, minimalist or daring. You will surely find the style that best represents you this season. Important is to be creative and not to be afraid to experiment.

Models of spring sundresses 2021 :

Shirt Dresses

It is a lightweight model, easy to wear, being the perfect choice for hot spring days where you want to look good, but also feel comfortable. Yes, as far as comfort is concerned, this is extremely important. A shirt-type dress is exactly what its name suggests, a longer shirt that can be worn as a dress. Shirt type dresses have become very popular, precisely because of their ability to be extremely versatile. They are available in various colors, patterns and lengths. The shirt dress gradually evolved from the style of boyfriend shirts worn by stars to a piece of clothing itself, which completely conquered the fashion world. Not only does it look great regardless of body shape, but the shirt dress has other advantages that can not be neglected: it is very comfortable, with a light cut, and because it is usually made of cotton, it is cool, being perfect for days hot summer. It is also very versatile. It can be worn with low-heeled sandals, espadrilles, sneakers, but also with high-heeled shoes, boots or platform sandals, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Spring Sundresses 2021
Spring Sundresses 2021

Striped Dresses

Thin stripes have been in trend for several years, and this season is no exception. The striped pattern can vary depending on the style, colors, and size of the stripes. They can be thick or thin, horizontal or vertical. But, when you choose to wear such a dress, you have to adapt them taking into account the shape of your body.
For example, horizontal stripes can make your body look thinner, while a vertical striped article can make it look fuller. And, although the most common color combination is black and white for stripes, there are also dresses with navy blue and white, as well as some colorful ones.
Striped dresses look great on anyone. Depending on the type of dress and occasion, they can be worn with sneakers for casual style, and heeled shoes for office or party wear. Don’t forget the accessories that add to the outfit.
Some striped dresses may also have embroidery or ruffle patterns, which are also fashionable for the spring-summer season.

Spring Sundresses 2021
Spring Sundresses 2021

Dresses In Bright Colors

Intense shades and cheers of yellow, pink, orange, coral are like the stars of spring. Don’t forget to include them in your outfits this season, and a few colorful dresses are the easiest and handy way to wear them. Let’s take as an example, the purple dress, which stands out by color, by the transparent lace inserts along with the slightly shiny, fluid material, but also by the asymmetry of the neckline, slit, drape and sleeve. It is what we would call a dominant dress. However, you cannot attend a special event only in it. In such cases, we advise you to wear a mix of good accessories with a few bold accents. In strong colors, with such high saturation, it counterbalances with nude shoes or sandals. Go for simple but quality shoes. Continue with the clutch: here you have the “good” option, still nude, or a metallic version, for example gold. If your nails are bare, you can choose gold. If you choose nails with decorations or shiny, choose a nude box. In terms of jewelry, such a dress with many asymmetrical details is already accessorized. Since many things happen in the neckline and hands and there is already a center of interest, rely on a pair of earrings. If you chose a nude clutch, choose opulent earrings with stones. If you chose a metal envelope, choose statement earrings in size, but simple in load (round, large, metal earrings is perfect, for example). For occasion dresses in bold colors, with high saturation, the shoes is good to counterbalance the outfit. Thus, it is recommended to wear shoes or sandals in simple models and in nude shades. Thirdly, a colorful occasion dress is suitable for a suitable hairstyle and make-up. If the dress pattern is loaded at the top, then an extravagant hairstyle and makeup is not recommended. Usually, only one area is chosen, maximum two, to capture the eyes of those around. Therefore, the stylistic balance prevails. A simple, summer makeup and a minimalist hairstyle will perfectly complement an occasional dress in vibrant shades and with a special cut.

Spring Sundresses 2021
Spring Sundresses 2021

Dresses With Bare Shoulders

A dress with bare shoulders, regardless of the model or print you choose, will give you a relaxed look, which is great with this season. What do you need to remember about this cut?
– optically enlarges the shoulders, so if you already have shoulders that are wider or larger in circumference than the hips, this volume at the top will stand out more
– emphasizes the arms; depending on the cut, it can highlight the arms – in which case you have to be in full harmony with their appearance; or hide them, depending on whether they are not so toned and it bothers you to see that area
– the ruffles in the chest area give volume, which is ideal if you have a small or medium bust, but it may not look harmonious if you have a large or very large bust
– the cut itself is wide, so if you have a mesomorphs or endomorphic body structure, the chances are high that the garment will not benefit you.
Bare-shouldered dresses are a special category of clothing and should not be missing from your wardrobe in any form, if you want to always be dressed in style. There are 5 reasons to wear dresses with bare shoulders, reasons worth considering, because they offer clear advantages.
1. Dressed in a dress with bare shoulders, the woman exudes sensuality and elegance alike. You have probably noticed that the dress with bare shoulders makes you look more delicate. Moreover, such a dress accentuates your femininity, ie the most precious gift that a woman has.
2. There are many models of dresses with bare shoulders, with various cuts, in countless colors and made from a wide variety of materials. This means that you can choose the perfect dress without looking too much.
3. Almost all dresses with bare shoulders can be worn both as day dresses and as occasional dresses. They are special clothing items that can be easily worn at festive and casual events.
4. Bare-shouldered dresses are always in trend. From the times when queens flaunted their extremely elegant outfits, in which the dress with bare shoulders was itself a queen, and to this day, this model has never really disappeared.
5. Bare-shouldered dresses distract attention from the parts of the body that the woman would like to hide. As long as the skin of the shoulders is bare, the eyes will hardly be directed towards the breasts that are too small or towards the slightly embossed belly.

Spring Sundresses 2021
Spring Sundresses 2021

White Dresses

Why is the white dress perfect? Well because it highlights your perfectly tanned skin, and secondly because white is the best choice to protect yourself from the sun’s rays on hot days. Such a white dress should not be missing from your wardrobe in this summer. It is an ideal garment for boho-style holiday outfits. You can choose both a short and a very long dress, with interesting lace details in the shoulder area and you will get an excellent look for the holidays on the beach. Pair it with boho-style jewelry, such as metal chandelier earrings, multiple bracelets or statement necklaces. Such a dress is a perfect option for the day events you attend this summer. The cut in the shape of the letter A is one of the most suitable choices, being a classic and elegant one, but you can also try a block type dress, which will give you a modern and interesting look. The white dress will have a long life in the wardrobe if you look at it creatively, playfully and take it out in the frequent wear sector all spring and summer. Plus, dressed in white you instantly have a chic, fresh air. Choose the right white dress – The rule would be, the darker your pigmentation, the darker the shade of white should be. It looks like an oxymoron (dark white), it’s not, I told you that simplicity speaks in sophisticated terms. So, for ladies with skin in cold tones, translucent, pink, with blue veins, you will catch the bright whites wonderfully, while those with darker, warm, yellow, olive skin, your whites for beige, ivory, butter will look good , dirty white tones. Add a splash of color – White from head to toe, it’s not necessarily a solution, except maybe you’re a creole. But, let’s be happy that white is a neutral that allows us to associate any other shade or combination. Total freedom in choosing shoes, bags, accessories: pink, red, blue, green, etc… Beware only of the extreme contrast between the intense colors and the white background and keep the excesses in check: Less is more! And no, don’t match your bag with shoes, choose a metallic clutch or another intense shade. You can make a chic outfit for an evening in the city with a pair of raspberry red stilettos, but for the office, soften the tones and choose camel, light brown.

Spring Sundresses 2021
Spring Sundresses 2021