Spring-Summer Oxford Shoes for Women 2015

A sensational casual pair of shoes are Oxford shoes. According to wikipedia.org an Oxford shoe is characterized by shoelace eyelets tabs that are attached under the vamp, a feature termed “closed lacing”. This contrasts with Derbys, or Blüchers, which have shoelace eyelets attached to the top of the vamp. Originally, Oxfords were plain, formal shoes, made of leather but they evolved into a range of styles suitable for both formal and casual wear. Based on function and the dictates of fashion, Oxfords are now made from a variety of materials, including calf leather, patent leather, suede, and canvas.

In 1800, at Oxford University, appear a comfortable and original shoe model , made entirely of leather.In time it became very popular. Oxford shoes becoming the favorite casual footwear for both men and women worldwide.

Today, their resounding success, both on the catwalk and street fashion, makes Oxford shoes unmissable pieces from many wardrobe combinations.They are ideal for transition between spring and summer.
Many women avoid wearing shoes that Oxford because they are not be sure how to pull a nice and in the same time feminine outfit. Surprisingly, Oxford shoes can be worn by women who prefer a casual look with jeans but also by women who prefer girlie style with the dress.
Oxford shoes are very easy to wear but to follow some rules of style.

When choosing an outfit with Oxford shoes you have to keep a balance. Although these shoes were adapted to women’s fashion, they still have a very male influence that is why you should combine them with very feminine clothes and accessories. So they go great with skirts, especially the large and dresses. And regarding dresses you may try to combine them with elegant dresses because it could create a very chic look. Bear in mind that they are also extremely versatile and can help you a lot in creating amazing outfit combinations.

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