Spring Major Trends – Skinny Jeans 2015

In the spring-summer 2015 season denim is on power! Pictures of street style outfits and catwalks trends confirms this without question.
Some if the fashion specialists try to impose the fact that skinny jeans are falling. Absolutely not true, in order to see that just take look on the street. The trends you are not sure about you can confirm it or not in the street.

2015 skinny jeans

2015 2016 skinny jeans

skinny jeans

skinny jeans for ladies 2015

Skinny jeans moment of glory was in the 80s, but really in the spotlight have been since 15 years ago. Along the way, they became a real trend and do not seem to go out of fashion anytime soon.
Skinny jeans have saved you many times outfits, whether you’ve worn with a blazer for the office time, with heels for a cocktail party or just for a walk in the park. This kind of jeans can be easily reinvented depends on how you are able to “customize” and pairing them.

So I present you a couple of methods which can help you rediscover the skinny jeans:

– Zipper on the side. Jeans that have zippers at the ankles will give your outfit air rock, especially in combination with a leather jacket. If jeans come a little longer zipper loosen only halfway the zipper.

– Tuck in. Wear shirts and blouses tucked in jeans and for air adds a stylish belt. Your legs will look longer immediately and you will look amazing for sure.

– High boots. For a more dramatic look and very chic look, wear a pair of high boots, over the knee, with skinny jeans.

– Bend them. If you come with your jeans few centimeters longer, you should not go to the tailor. Bend them a few times and wear them with a pair of heels. In this way, the effect of “short legs” will disappear and the new jeans will show your legs longer.

– Patches…add them. If your skinny jeans just faded in places or want to cheer them a bit, apply a few patches. Combine them with simple shirts and do not overdo it with accessories. Indeed this outfit combo is not supporting extra accessories, maybe a delicate bracelet and some earrings.

– Wear them with high heels, not only at parties, but also if for example you go shopping at mall (but only for a limited period of time, too much hours will become inconfortable.

Well… as you can see there are multiple methods on how to wear and reinvent your skinny jeans.