Spring casual outfit for job

If you are lucky enough to be allowed to go dressed casual at work, then it’s just perfect. If not, maybe you have “Friday Casual Day” so at least one day a week you can go to work dressed more relaxed.

If you are a woman, I recommend you the following pieces of outfit:

– jeans – comfortable and versatile, always at your disposal (however avoid ripped jeans or the ones that fit better in a club and stick to the classic ones since you are still going at work)
womens jeans for spring 2015

– cardigan – perfect for spring, it is decent and comfortable at the same time.
ladies cardigan 2015

– casual shoes – yes, they are perfect because it is important to feel comfy.
casual shoes for women 2015

If you are a man, then try the next pieces of outfit:

– jeans – yes, jeans again because they are irreplaceable.
mens jeans 2015

– checkered shirt – it looks chic, but it is extraordinarily practical too.
checkered shirt 2015

– running shoes – they are comfy and your feet will definitely thank you.
running shoes 2015