Smartwatches For Men 2016

A Smartwatch is a very useful gadget that can be easily matched. Here are a few reasons to buy a Smartwatch:
– In meetings / discussions / presentations. I find it easier to see a notification or a calls and see if it is necessary to respond or not.
– I drive a lot, and I find it easier to see what notifications you receive.
– When I go to the gym I would like to monitor my exercises, I think that would give a better yield.
– For those who depend notifications pretty much think that helps a SmartWatch, you can even leave your house in one room and still see the busy calls and notifications on SmartWatch if you are in another room.

Sony Smartwatch 2 Metal Band – Silver
smartwatch 2016

Watch case wants to inspire as much of the design of mobile phones signed by Sony. Button on the right side, placed exactly where remontorului, has become a design element common to smartphones manufacturer. The frame is metal and has a very thin edge polished, framing a square of 40 mm. The watch has a thickness of about 9 mm, and the back cover is plastic, a very simple reason. Connecting the phone is facilitated by the NFC module, and it does not work well in a metal casing.
Sony SmartWatch wanted to use two to be as simple and familiar, so he put three specific buttons Android operating system display screen. They are not illuminated. Above the display, Sony logo on the left, is a sensor that seems to be light. Very stylish package, the clock is supplied only a short microUSB cable.

Aipker 1.56-Inch Touch Screen Smart Watch Phon

2016 best smartwatch

It can make phone calls, hands-free calls, call recording, phone book; Bluetooth phone, SMS, MP3, MP4, AVI format for local playback; Bluetooth music player, calls to remind, pedometer, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, camera, alarm clock ; calendar; stopwatch; a calculator, but also help you to receive QQ, micro letters, Twitter, Facebook and other timely information.

Alcatel One Touch Medium

The Alcatel OneTouch Watch has an attractive design, long (for a smartwatch) battery life, has a built-in USB charger in its band, works with iOS and Android phones, and includes basic fitness tracking. Is a slim, stylish, affordably priced smart watch for everyone. Compatible with both Android and iOS smartphones, the Watch packs an array of easy-to-use apps for tracking your health, monitoring alerts and controlling your music and camera.

Samsung Gear S2 Smartwatch
smartwatch for men

Gear Samsung S2 is the first round of the Samsung smart watch and the first really looks like a watch, not a smartphone that comes wrist. Gear Samsung S2 is the first smart watch that I really like the South Korean company and the first real competitor to Apple’s Samsung and watches Watch Top Android.
This watch is the proof that Samsung has begun to address things differently in terms of its products, which had begun to see since the Samsung Galaxy S6 here. It seems to be designed for user comfort and to meet their needs.
Perhaps more important than anything, Gear S2 is the device that was able to draw my attention to the Tizen ecosystem and showed me his true potential. Let’s see, however, what makes him so special on a complicated market, but is in full swing.

AmanStino Wireless Smartwatch
2016-2017 smartwatch

It has amazing feature like appearance vogue, extreme thin.
Sedentary reminder, sleep monitor, remote camera,music player, calendar, calculator, alarm clock,web browser and video recorder are waiting for you to discover and experience,
primary drawing stainless steel surface, prevent sweat and hard surface processing.

Bluetooth Smart Watch, Haier G6 Water-Resistant
best smartwatch

The colors on the display are sharp, and bright. The size is fine, and the silver finish, in mine, is made of actual metal and not just plastic. It is quick to charge and comes with a bunch of cool features.