Shoes to Wear with Maxi Skirts and Dresses

Every day we want to look good, which is why we carefully choose the clothes we are going to wear. Skirt is the piece of clothing that most expresses our femininity. With her help we fill our outfit with romance, elegance and modesty, highlighting the strengths of the figure and hiding the small imperfections.

But for a harmonious look of the skirt, a correct choice of footwear is required. For this you need to consider not only the style, the color and the material of the skirt, but also the basic rules of choosing the footwear according to the length of the skirt. Here are some important recommendations.

Here are what shoes to wear with skirts and maxi dresses:
Flat sandals
An ideal summer outfit is composed of a maxi dress or skirt in combination with low-heeled sandals, such as those in Roman style. It is not too good if you are cute and choose a dress to the ground. It is preferable to wear sandals with low soles and thin straps with dresses and skirts that reach your ankle.

Sports shoes
Maxi length casual skirts and dresses are ideal options for your relaxed day outfits. And if you pair them with sports shoes, you will get a comfortable, lightweight, yet modern look.
Wear them either with classic white sneakers, or with massive sports shoes, which are in trend this year.

Sandals with heel and thin bars
Medium heeled sandals, slim straps and a square toe are the shoes that are raging this summer. They are worn by most fashionistas and look great in combination with a maxi dress or skirt. They will help you create refined outfits for the day, but also sophisticated looks for the evening. Opt for a medium or kitten heel, which are comfortable and give you stability.

Espadrilles platform
The espadrilles, whether they are high platform or low sole, look great with summer steamed dresses and skirts. They will perfectly complement your holiday or day outfits. Balance the outfit when wearing a maxi dress to help you get a refined look, but that doesn’t look too sophisticated for a day outfit. The Duchesses Kate and Meghan often resort during the summer to the combination of maxi dress and high-heeled espadrilles. These shoes are not only comfortable but will help you look taller when wearing them with skirts or long dresses.