Ripped Jeans

Ripped jeans for women

Every woman who loves diversity has certainly got a pair of broken jeans in her wardrobe. Because they are very stylish, original and comfortable, they give you an air of chic look. If you do not know how to wear them and what to match them, follow the tips below.

The ripped jeans are a clothing detail for all silhouette types. It is important that when you dress them, you know how to match them so that you can hide the defects and highlight your qualities.

– Girls with thick thighs are recommended straight cut jeans. Try to choose a model with fewer holes in vertical direction. This will make you look taller.

– Weak girls can choose any pattern of broken jeans. But they will look best in skinny jeans with some cuts around the thighs and knees.

– Low girls need to avoid cuts and holes in the bottom of the jeans, they give a look distorted to the silhouette.

If you want to add a little bit of color to your picture, choose the bright-colored jeans. You can choose neon or even acidic colors. The rest of the garment must have a neutral, pastel shade to create a balance of look.

You must know that the extravagance of ruffled jeans is to make smoky feet, so it is recommended to wear them on the naked foot.

First of all, whether they’re broken or not, a pair of jeans must come perfectly to you. If you go for a more relaxed look, a boyfriend ripped jeans pair is a good idea. For an arranged, well-arranged look, look for a pair of perfectly molded jeans (but not so much that you cannot move in them).

Are you afraid your jeans will reveal too much skin? Look for a pair of jeans that have a layer of cotton cloth underneath the holes or with damaged, red, but not broken.

For a casual outing, a walk in the park or a coffee with your girlfriends, you can match the ruffled jeans with a vaporous and a warm top. Make the most of the layers and put on top a thin blazer. Fill in everything with a pair of ballerinas and a vintage inspiration bag. Are you a fan of accessories? Jewelry and earrings will do well if they take over the classic retro style, so you can even call your mother’s box to fill your look.

Sexy, in orange. Have you ever imagined that such jeans can fit well with a pair of heeled shoes and an elegant bag? Assort them with an asymmetrical blouse, possibly colorful, bold, and use accessories to give the look a sexy and stylish air.

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4 ways to wear ripped jeans

1 – With a classic shirt

I think it’s my favorite arrangement for spring! Nothing like a masculine-looking blouse to soften ripped denim and give it a nice look. Stylist’s tip: larger blouses are popular – don’t hesitate to take another size!

2 – With a blazer

We are not mistaken with a well-cut jacket that instantly dresses most outfits and structures the silhouette.

3 – With dressed urban accessories

A thin sandal, a high heel with pointed toe, an elegant handbag … Chic accessories add distinction to your outfit.

4 – With flat heels for casual fashion look

Jeans, especially if they have visible signs of wear, remain an ideal casual item of clothing for weekend looks. To ensure a relaxed and stylish outfit, care is taken to add trendy accessories.

The do and don’t for ripped jeans

  • A small cut on one knee, with high-waisted jeans a little vintage of course.
  • Jeans a little damaged on the knees worn with a very chic look.
  • Classic in ballerinas and satin blouse
  • The cool thing about ripped jeans is the rock, wild, transgressive side … So when there is symmetry in trash, it’s not trash.
  • Ripped jeans worn too tight
  • The two large holes placed symmetrically on the knees, not that rock.