Printed Pants 2020

A great trend is represented by printed pants. For sure, they represent a perfect option. If you already decided, bear in mind that it is important to be harmonized from chromatic point of view.
Thinking at which footwear to combine it at such pants, allow me to suggest a pair of sandals. Even with high heels if you want.

2016 printed pants

2016-2017 best printed pants

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perfect printed pants 2016

amazing pants

An interesting idea could be also to combine it with colorful bags. Many women avoid printed pants. Well, if you wonder why did they do that, is because they do not know how to wear it or in which situation are more appropriate.

Anybody could wear such pants but, be careful not with any kind of print. For example, if you have a large hips, printed pants will emphasize your shape and you do not want that.
So try to avoid a little. Anyhow if your body shape is reversed triangle, then printed pants will surely help you a lot. Another issue is to avoid in principle, prints with large geometrical figures.

Try to create and to maintain a harmony in your color palette on your outfit. For example, choose a color from your pants print and introduce it to the rest of your outfit.

Of course, it is more than alright to choose monochrome outfit look. Choose for example white printed pants with black-white print. Could be more than interesting.

Dare to mix more than one print in your look. Try as much as possible a printed blouse in combo with a printed pants.

You can combine your blazer with pants, it could create an interesting image, this is for sure.

Is it not very important how is the print shape, important is to be very inspired in combo’s. Of course being a casual piece of outfit it is important that such pants are also very comfortable, which is great.